$A$ Clan - New competative DB team

(HeroBeuro) #1

Hi all,

We are $A$ aka Dollar A Dollar. We were a Wolf ET competative team a few years back. We have recently come back to competative gaming (CS:GO) and we are looking to set up and support Dirty Bomb competative team/s. We dont accept everyone however so keep reading and if the below applies to you then post here and we will give you our discord link.

In order to apply, we do expect something from you to represent us as a member of a prestigious group:

  • Be active, loyal and committed to the group;
  • Must keep a friendly environment avoiding toxicity towards others;
  • Being able to speak English properly as communication is important;
  • Decent level of maturity.

Also the Recruit must be a Team Player, which means he should be:

  • a good listener, but also give feedback and transmit ideas;
  • motivational/confidence booster/have the habit to encourage;
  • cooperative;
  • able to adjust to whatever decision is made;
  • respectful;
  • reliable/coordinated;
  • up to solving problems in group.

Think you can top that? Before you decide, let’s talk about what we offer you:

  • Fun, chill and judgemental-free environment amongst friends;
  • Participation in competitive activities
  • Skills & Experience development;
  • The chance to feel a teamplay flare.

If you are not sure then keep checking this thread, we will be updating it. To be continued…

(Yompix) #2

I am interested, I would like to join but please bear with me for my pc is very bad. I am saving up for a better pc so I will improve but for now I would like to meet new people and hope I can help out :smile:

(Yompix) #3

Hi could I get the discord link I have been playing this game for a while I think the above applies to me :smile: I would like to tryout and see if your schedule fits me and stuff we could do this in the dms if you want Discord is Chompy#8443

(HeroBeuro) #4

Hi Yompix, Thanks for your message. Apologies about the late response. I will send you an invite link and hopefully we will see you there. There are a handful of us now but we are growing quickly.

(widows_son) #5

Hello, I have been playing for a couple years and am trying to team up with some people. My discord ID is: widows_son#4278.

(-Maple-) #6

Hi, I’d like to be able to join, I’m typically a medic (Sawbonez) but use different mercs if and when the situation calls for it. Discord: 月詠#6665

(Renegadeops8) #7

Hey there interested in joining a group/team. Main medic and willing to play any role if needed. Discord ID is Pengzeus - (Austin)#5043. I have competitive experience in other fps games.

(HeroBeuro) #8

Hi Widows_Son, -Maple_ and Renegadeops8. Thanks for your interest. I will send you guys messages and we can take it from there.

(TheManBehindTheMask) #9

Sounds good. I am a team player my usual mercs are Turtle,Phoenix and Nader/Phantom. My steam is: ReXenderTzAr and my Discord is ReXenderTzAr#1949.

(HeroBeuro) #10

Hi ReXenderTzAr - Thanks for your interest! Will PM you. R. Hero

(Sri17) #11

i would like to be in the team , have been looking for a group to join, i am a team player can i join as well?.. my discord id: Sri1718#1794 and my steam id: Sri1718