A better Rhino concept

(watsyurdeal) #1

So, this is gonna sound super weird, but I’m gonna give this a go. So, here’s my thoughts on how to make a tanky merc like Rhino interesting

  • HP is 120, or even 110 if the speed is good enough
  • His First Ability is Nano Tech Armor, basically he becomes super tanky, and reduces his speed for increased armor for a period of time, reducing all incoming damage by a certain amount, let’s say 33% for now.
  • His Second Ability is Body Armor, which he can toss out to allies, which reduces damage on them for a period of time, or gives them a temporary hp buff, sorta like the Overheal in TF2.
  • He has access to a new LMG, the Stark, and Herstal

The goal is to make a super tanky merc, that can also provide his team with temporary buffs to their health. Allowing his team more hp for the initial push, or allowing them to stay alive for longer while protecting the bomb.

(Navypanda) #2

I think he is fine as he is, since he is after all an assault class merc. “Tanky” in the context of fast paced first person shooters like dirty bomb isn’t not dying from being shot for 10 seconds straight, but surviving a lucky shot to the head or explosions, his miniguns while underwhelming due to it’s terrible range and spin time, when defending a choke point there isn’t a better choice then aura rhino.

(MuddyGrenade) #3

I feel like he may be a little too strong this way. A character with that level of mobility and firepower, defense, AND support ability would be way OP. There’s a reason that only Fragger and Thunder have LMGs. A better idea might be:

  • 130-140 health
  • Armor Station: Deployable object similar to an Ammo Station that supplies armor that slowly depletes over time (let’s say a 15 point health boost), similar to Lucio’s Sound Barrier in Overwatch. It doesn’t heal necessarily, that’s the health station’s job, but it can grant you those 15 points of health, and those 15 points of health take reduced damage. This would be used to grant flank characters like Fletcher and Proxy a bit of extra health while they’re away from the team, but it is not permanent so they have to play smart when they grab & go. The armor would be supplied at a slower rate than an ammo station so it doesn’t just give you a rapid supply of damage reducing health.
  • Keep the new LMG, add maybe the Timik and the BR-16 or something.

Admittedly, this would slow the pace of Dirty Bomb down even more than Turtle and Guardian already do, but it’s just an idea. Maybe if the Armor Station only had a certain number of armor packs to give out before it has to recharge, I don’t know.

(TheStrangerous) #4

So basically Droideka from Battlefront series, nice!