A 30 second guide to every merc

(Your worst knifemare.) #1

As in I took that long for each one.

Skyhammer: strike EV back to front for maximum damage
Kira: You can move the laser if you respawn, but it goes in a random direction.
Arty: spam = longer time before you can use a new strike.
Stoker: covering c4 with fire right before death helps stall enemies for your team.
Javelin: rocket can switch modes during flight, also unlimited ammo from her rear.
Fletcher: leading stickies = more direct hits
Bushwanker: Turrets better as an ambush weapon than front lines.
Proxy: Uninstall
Turtle: Protect your shield from damage until up.
Pheonix: try to die behind cover instead of in the open.
Sparps: charge revivfle before the teamate dies.
Sawbone: Dropping medpacks before firefights gives the team a healthy supply to fall back too. (Also get out of Fraggers rear and heal other people)
Guardy: Skyshield can now set up quicker than arty strikes, use that to an advantage with the ev.
Aura: idk, press q behind cover.
Rhino: Your a fat meat shield, protect the medic.
Fragger: Nades are also useful as temporary c4 area denial
Thunder: Dont have to kill everyone you bang, most people hit will usually hide from you and the area you’re near.
Nader: kill all the generators.

(K1X455) #2


  • Vassili = V 2 1
  • Aimee = V 2 2
  • Redeye = smoke the enemy, not the team
  • Phantom = I don’t see a cloaked Phantom, I smell him
  • Hunter = … EMP does things to Aura’s health station and if you’re really good, even Guardian’s Skyshield.

(Your worst knifemare.) #3

I didnt have enough time for them. It was an ironic paradox.

Ember: destroy health stations before you burn everyone.
Scubby: gods dont need advice

(ASD) #4

I see… you hate pancakes :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mc1412013) #5

Actualy smokibg team can be usefull. Ive seen it cover there person repairing or defusing long enough to finish

(Your worst knifemare.) #6

Redeyes pretty much like thunder. Just bang/smoke everyone you can.

(K1X455) #7

That’s not smoking the team.

That’s concealing the objective specialist, which is a support action