> 3 days Credit Boosters

(Jl001) #1

I suspect that the following Credit Boosters are no longer available from Advancement Crates and In-game STORE:

07 days credit boosters
14 days credit boosters
30 days credit boosters

after RADs cancellation.

Are there anyway to get them now ?

If I still have some of these. when will they expire ?

(Mc1412013) #2

They expire if sd shuts the last server down in distant future

(DarkangelUK) #3

These are all the potential rewards for advancement crates, obviously rads aren’t there anymore


(Nail) #5


edit, spelling fixed

(Smooth) #6

As DA said, it’s only possible to get these via Advancement Crates now when you level up, these crates include:

  • 2,000 Credits
  • 3 Day Credit Booster
  • 1 x Loadout Case
  • 5,000 Credits
  • 500 Fragments
  • 5 x Loadout Case
  • 1 x All-Merc Prime Loadout Case

We did consider leaving them in the store and purchasable with Credits (instead off RADs) but that seems kind of counter-intuitive…

Here’s what they would have cost:

  • 3 Day Booster - 4,000 Credits
  • 7 Day Booster - 7,300 Credits
  • 14 Day Booster - 12,000 Credits
  • 30 Day Booster - 17,000 Credits

(Jl001) #7

I really hope that 7 Day Booster, 14 Day Booster can be obtained via Credits.
I think existing players will also enjoy them by keep playing. As it is quite easy to gain back the Credit costs within the boosting period.

I hope they can be introduced again.

(Jl001) #8

P.S. enabling > 3 days boosters , will be another great celebration for DB

(Press E) #9

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone here celebrate over credit boosters lol

(DarkangelUK) #10

I did when they counted down gametime only and I had accrued about 3 months worth :smiley:

(Nail) #11

too bad we can’t trade/sell them, I got a 3, a 7, a 14 and 16x1day boosters

(Mc1412013) #12

Kinds sucks we cant trade every thing i got almost 2.4k credits and my kids needs a few more mercs

(Press E) #13

I think I have enough credit boosters to last until DB’s servers shut down but I keep forgetting to use them lol

(Mc1412013) #14

Think im gonna wait till 3 k then blow them all on keys to open the 40 lock3d cases i got

(alphabeta) #15

I mentioned this in a separate post. Lots of us still play this game fairly intensely, rent servers, and would love to have more credit boosters available; either to buy with money in the store or to obtain some other way (i.e. to spend credits to buy boosters). I am trying to get more ShellShock loadouts which are my favorite but at 50,000 per pop you have to grind hard to get them.

(Your worst knifemare.) #16

I’ll take all your scared bronzes.