2nd Stage Dome Redux

(-BigRed) #1

We were pugging last night and came to the thought that the 2nd stage has too many opening to control with 5 people. Theres the mg side that you can hold by playing mg but the mid is hard to control because y ou can run up top or under and thrpough the tunnels.

(Max Plite) #2

I agree. While 1. and 3. objectives are quite good the 2. has way to many open spaces. Ive never seen match ending at 2. objective it was always getting destroyed despite whichever side i was on.
Attackers have too many ways to get to each pylon and can easily ninja-plant the bomb cause there is never enough people to guard them all effectively. And if attackers manage to take control over roof thay can guard both bombsites when bomb is planted cause there is no cover for defenders to come even close to the bomb.
Also when enemy plants one bomb and 4 people defend it after Defenders defuse it there is ALWAYS this one guy who instantly plants on the other bombsite.

They should either make both bombsites much smaller delete some ways to them and make more ways between bomsites or just make 2nd stage single bombsite.

(Demolama) #3

I like the 2nd stage because of the variety. Both sides have to make a choice, either split up or group up. Both choices have consequences because you never know what the other team is doing.

(FalC_16) #4

2nd objective on dome is very hard for the defenders to defend. Especially on 5v5 or even 6v6. Feels way too open…I’d rather see a single objective and not two for the second part.

I think dome still needs more work.

(Demolama) #5

Hard, but not impossible. RTCW’s mp_base has a similar split between 2 main objectives. It arguably one of the most balanced and fun maps because it provides the ability to use strategy, which is sorely lacking in the more linear designed maps in DB.