2cm Flak model - preview

(ischbinz) #1

wintertime - modeltime :slight_smile:
I m just working on a new model for et/et-xreal

i m still working on a texture - i hate it :S
but the model is showable now:

and a little flash vid - just to show how it works :wink:


now i wait on your comments :wink:

(Magic) #2

Holy Macgyver…that is one awsome model.
You got great skills Ischbinz.:slight_smile:
Is it expensive to use? looks very detailed.

(UJERebel) #3

Whaaaa :eek: You did it again Ischbinz :smiley: congrats :smiley:

Looks very nice :slight_smile:

(zenith-ply) #4

Looks good. I remember throwing a flak bit on the 38 a while back. Tags for the rotaing motions were a nightmare and the little mechanical bits were hard to keep down on polys at the time…

(Mateos) #5

Just “good”? You mad :eek: Stunning is a better word!

(ailmanki) #6

LOl the 3 . pic are screenshots and not fotos… Excellent work Ischbinz!

(ischbinz) #7

thx for the warm comments :slight_smile:

@magic - i think you mean “expensive” with polys/vertices - well quite, high detail model will have around 8000 polys/4000 vertices
but it will have 3 LOD levels - lod 1 - around 4000 polys, lod 2 around 2000 polys - hope its not so fps killing then :wink:
(the tiger tank i did woks fine with et - and got 40000 polys/25000 vertices)

@zenith-ply - i think its easy to animate/tag it together -no diffence to a tank - you ll see m8 :wink: (adding the animation for the gun foward-backward; and the outflying bullets will be pain in my ass i guess)

@ailmanki - the pics are rendered with lightray 3d - so they are better than in et i think :wink: i think the flash is more reastic for et engine;
maybe x-real gives better results

i ll add a little demo map when i release it…

(nUllSkillZ) #8

Nice model.
Very good work.

There’s a (not so detailed) model of a FLAK 3,7cm in the map “Sperrkreis 3”.

(zenith-ply) #9

Yeah that’s way more complex than the 2-3 piece I did. I like the depth of the mechanics. Afaik Rtcw/et LOD’s models automaticly, unless you are talking about diff complexity versions…or rendering decimation of some sort…anyways…good to share the work.

(ischbinz) #10


i can see the difference with different md3’s - but not without :wink:
[ /r_lodbias 0 /r_lodbias 1 /r_lodbias 2 ]

(ischbinz) #11

finally i can give you a 1st sight to that model -
move it shoot it !
the pk3 contains the flak model, 4 box models, 1 fuelcan model
everything is early alpha stadium -
but shooting the gun is nice :>

plz give me some constructive critism, so i can improve it soon -
maybe someone can help me to improve the script - so the movement is smoother?
but enough talked about it - here is the DL:


tagging it together is not soo hard - have a look into script and map - but writing the script made me a lot of headache :slight_smile:

for those who don t know how to:
/g_gametype 2
/sv_pure 0
/devmap flak_test

(UJERebel) #12

Whaa just played it :slight_smile: It’s awesome mate :smiley:
So nice model and nice detail so far :smiley: there is even a bullet inside :smiley:

I noticed 2 small things: the crosshair is a bit to big? and the gun only reloads once before firing multiple shots? dunno if this is normal for this kind of gun :smiley:

And if you need some scripting help, i am willing to dig up my scripting :slight_smile:


(ischbinz) #13

Ah -
crosshair - i forgot to change that texture :S opsi - thx
the reload - i fires now 9 times - and a little break and shoot again,
in reality i was able to shoot 40 times before reload - so it can fire around 220 round per minute - think this is useless for et :S

the angles for shooting - i changed the angles a bit, normally it can shoot +90° and -20° - i did +90° and - 30°

(Eonfge) #14

ischbinz, the real challenge has just begun… Imagine what you can do with a normal map and a specular map. you can add detail to every small nob and bolt, small scratches, dents and minor metal imperfections. All possible with ETX :wink:

I hope you can work on that, because new high quality models are always welcome. Also, if you would like to work on guns, players and more, feel free to contact.

(B0RG) #15

Really really a great job, guy. Keep on.

(ailmanki) #16

Btw… Those Soldiers on the first photo… They are smiling as much as we do when we will be using Ischbinz’s gun in map.

(vicpas) #17