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Hello,I just want to say Hi to all members of this forum!

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Perhaps you’re right :tongue:

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[QUOTE=imm0rtalmask;188114]Hello,I just want to say Hi to all members of this forum!
:stroggtapir:[/QUOTE]In that case you are way off track - there is an “Introduce yourself” forum to do that.

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Nice thread with very helpfull tools.
Wasn’t aware that it exists.

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An update on the ET Model Tool… version 1.3.0 now

  • .MAP to .MD3 conversions should now have correct texture-coordinates…
  • Added some extra options to handle tags
  • Added some shortcut-keys
  • Disabled cleaning-up the temporary directory


I made a demo-map with some converted models too…
More downloads on the website


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The ET Model Tool version 1.4.0 is out…

I made a webpage with documentation, step-by-step and lots of images
You can also download the latest version of the tool from this website:

Some new features:

  • Surface smoothing. To make rounded, curved looking surfaces.
  • Closing “Cracks & Gaps”… much like welding vertices.
  • Editing & adding tags.
  • Show normals.

The examples used in the documentation can also be downloaded (complete with source-files).

Worth mentioning: There was a bug with normals, causing incorrect lighting/shadowing effects… This is now corrected…

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I finally released a Beta version of ETScript 4, the advanced script editor!

Get the download, and links to more information, here:

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ETScript 4 - beta 2 has now been released here. Try it out!

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is there a final out soon flippy?

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Sorry man I stopped actively working on this a long time ago. I just felt there wasn’t enough interest for the effort and time it takes me so I kinda lost interest in it too. As far as I know there shouldn’t be any major bugs in the beta 2 (are there?) except maybe some minor nuisances… If interest is high enough I might consider fixing some stuff but I probably won’t be adding more functionality.

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ok, i thought this was cool :smiley: but i understand

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Hello, everybody, I am new here. Here is something might be helpful for (many movies to download)

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I really appreciate your help, it is very useful for me,you will get good grades!

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Before it gets lost in the Current Maps thread I’ll post it here again.

This is my own basic BSP parser written in Blitz3D to create the geometry, reading vertex colors, normals, textures and applied lightmaps and put it all together (excluding patches - so patchmeta is needed). I am too lazy to draw a city map from a tracemap so I used my B3D programming skills and an older parser I’ve written months before to make it easier for me. It creates a topdown view of the map and outputs a colormap and a lightmap in TGA format. I am using an orthogonal camera with a zoom of 1.0/mapsize which matches exactly the commandmap / tracemap. You can even fly through the map in 3D. Shaders are not supported (I need to parse them and choose a texture and that’ll make it very complex - feel free to add it - Blitzbasic 3D Source is included). Don’t miss my readme.txt in the ZIP which has much more informations than this post. Runs without Blitz3D, a compiled EXE is included.

Download (1MB):

Screenshot from within Blitz3D window (colormap mode)

Colormap output

Lightmap output

Combined output

Final pimped commandmap using the first two images

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Sweet thanks for this nifty tool !

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Can someone give me a link to editor for Wolf:ET?
Or maybe i can use zeroradiant for W:ET mapping? If so, then how?

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Hi V0yager,

Maybe the best one is GtkRadiant 1.4.0 to begin. Latest is 1.5.0, ZeroRadiant is pretty dead, and NetRadiant is still in dev but seems to be much better.

Just Google 'em :wink:

And please make a separated thread for questions, this thread is made to list tools, not their related questions.

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Thank you very much! NetRadiant works nice, i make map for warsow in netradiant and just forget to add etpack to it :slight_smile:
Tnx again.

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Add new things, adding shimmer