Thunder VS Fragger

(Floris) #21

I don’t mind if SD evolves the game by adding content, it keeps the pub play interesting. In that case I do think SD should implement some new settings for limiting spam like their other games have (which were added by the community). Of course I agree with you that whatever they add needs to be balanced and should fit with the current maps, something DB has had issues with in the past.

(geefunkster) #22

It’s not that I think DB “should” change, just that some abilities I feel are counter to the kind of DB I want to play. Of course that’s just my preference, but perhaps more pertinently I feel that fast, aggressive gunplay mixed with the movement/parkour is kind of the unique selling point of DB and is what appealed to many, not just me.

The FPS market is crowded these days. If you want ability spam, Overwatch, low ttk, COD, vehicles n shit, Battlefield, tactical, counterstrike etc.

Again, just in my opinion, SD would have done well to focus more on DB’s strengths and USPs and less on pleasing everyone.