The Battle of Monte Cassino , first beta

(Onkelb0b) #1

Hi, i released the first Beta of my map , The Battle of Monte Cassino.
first i must say, its the first beta, so there are many things to do.
Also i m on the memory limit for compile that map, if i have more Ram later in the year a can continue the work.
Now the compile Quality is a bit low.
but look yourself

you can test it here if you want

you can contact me here

ETc|OnkelBob , thats me :smiley:

The Battle of Monte Cassino Beta 1

Ps. the file size is a bit bigger than usual :smiley:

here s a faster Download :
smaller version : (200mb)
with botfiles included : (repack)

ps. if you want the end video play to the end, you must add g_intermissiontime 240

thanks to wolffiles especially Wolf enstein for his bot files

(ronboy) #2

It’s always nice to see other mappers contributing to keeping Wolf ET alive. Nice work! :+1:

(Onkelb0b) #3

Now the Release is official and i want to say thanks to wolffiles for the great news article and especially Wolf enstein for his Bot files.
so heres the link to wolffiles (botfiles included)

the news article

happy fragging grin.gif

(ryven) #5

It’s a quite heavy map taking into account its relatively small size, not that there should be any limitation when it comes to a creation process. However, i didn’t play the map with real players so i can’t say how well it is balanced, i just noticed that some spawn points are very narrow, have single exit point and should cause bottlenecking for sure.
Also, you DON’T need to include normal maps along with the pack, unless you ship it with map source file, you could easily shave another 50mb from the pack probably. I would actually suggest to avoid using normalmapping at all, it never gives a good result without manual adjustments.

(Onkelb0b) #6

thank you ryven for the tip, i never thought about, but its logical, the normalmaps are baked into the lightmaps.
Its the first Beta, and we had yet no Maptesting with much players.
Also some things are planned for future, so the size of the Pak will not significantly change, with or without Normalmaps. Because on one side, some things i will remove, and on the other side, some things will also be added.

for example , what is planned
more Rooms
more Details
high res skybox maybe
and many other things i forgot to say :smiley:

but later in the year, no time the next months

Its Beta , so its a Test if the concept works.

(jay1110) #7

At Sunday 03.03.2019 we wanna do a maptest with more players, your welcome to join us. We will begin 16:00 gmt+1 .


(ryven) #8

Since you are compiling using vanilla q3map2, i would suggest to switch to either:

Both will significantly increase lightmap compiling times. Which is crucial in your case.
Which samplesize value are you using btw?

(Onkelb0b) #9

nah, at the moment i use very low compile settings, because i have not enough ram, if i have more later in the year, i will compile with higher settings.
The compile Times are Ok, takes bit more than 3 hours with the actual settings.
But i will try out netradiants q3map2 or the other compiler, if it works
i searched a while before for alternate compiler, does it have a better memory management
thank you

like i said, i have no time for the next months, so development continues later in the year

Edit: @KeMoN
whats with ET-Legacy , a newer opengl renderer uses Realtime Bump/Normal Mapping through pixel shaders. For that case, the Normal Textures are required. It would be nice if you can take my Map for testing these features. Idk how you want to implement this, but i have a normal Folder in the textures Directory and a _normal extension for the textures itself, so they could be loaded automatically if they exists. Its just an idea, so dont kick me :smiley:

(Onkelb0b) #10

i repacked the Map and here is it

file size is now 200mb
this one is only the pk3, without botfiles

Wolffiles link : (with Botfiles)

its not a new version, both are compatible, and the botfiles too

(KeMoN) #11

I’m a bit late to the party, sorry.
Like I told you before, the map design is quite nice. It’s clearly visible that you used this map to test several different visual effects, which I think is a good thing to do as a mapper. The map layout is potentially a bit flawed here and there, because of single and narrow exits and passages from spawns and to objectives, like others pointed out. Of course, this requires gameplay testing with real people, however I do have the impression that it would benefit the map flow if there were some more routes to take to the objective.

Regarding ET: Legacy, as you can see on our YouTube channel, we are already experimenting with normal and specular maps. You can find them in our asset repository. We could run a test on your map as well, however, our main renderer coder is currently busy. I’ll let you know here, if we have some tests on your map.

Congratulations on your map release.

(Onkelb0b) #12

The ET Legacy Renderer in Action :smiley:

some with hdr, some without
edit parallax seems not work yet, needs some testing

(ronboy) #13

That looks amazing! I’m looking forward to the day when both Rtcw and Wolf ET make a permanent switch to the superior new renderers instead of the outdated old renderers. :sunglasses:

(KeMoN) #14

Those are great and promising tests. Renderer development is currently done locally, but I will let you know once we have an updated build to share. Looking forward to the tests you could run with it then.

(Onkelb0b) #15


(Loffy) #16

Super duper nice indeed! Impressive!