Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Dark Army

(ronboy) #301

[QUOTE=colvin3001;567539]i really wanna play this under the engine of BETA 1.0 REMAKE , BUT it has been failed from the first time i tried, it always reveals “ITEM NULL” when i get started the engine
can someone help me solve this, thank you:D[/QUOTE]

Hello, Colvin. This is impossible, because TDA: Uprising runs on the RealRTCW mod, which is currently not compatible with the Berserker@Wolfenstein engine, which is the engine that the Rtcw Remake Mod uses. Maybe compatibility will be added in the future, but for now, you’ll have to play TDA: Uprising as is. :slight_smile:

(ronboy) #302

The demo of version 2.0 of The Dark Army: Uprising has been released! Check my website for more information:

(ronboy) #303

Juho has uploaded a playthrough for the demo version of The Dark Army: Uprising, version 2.0! You can watch it on my website here:

(ronboy) #304

William (Titeuf-85) has upgraded the official website of his company called 85 Productions! Check my website for more information:

(Nerwitz) #305

Such a tease :smiley: Update on remake progress incoming, then?

(William Faure) #306

Maybe… :wink:

(Nerwitz) #307

I knew Karl Villigut had more to say… shhh… don’t mind what I say, Agent Blazkowicz preparing himself ready to fight back again. Okay, okay, I’m givin it more hype. :eek:

(William Faure) #308

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