Melonpopr Dirty Bomb compilation Megathread!

(Melonpopr) #22

thank you, I’ve been enjoying learning how to edit and adjusting for best clarity on youtube. 1440p version should be up soon and be even clearer.

(Melonpopr) #23

1440p version is up!

(DarkangelUK) #24

Hey there! Rather than a single post for every video, I’ve moved them all to a single thread that you can keep bumping with new montages to keep the place a little less cluttered. Keep up the amazing work!

(Melonpopr) #25

less cluttered? nobody else is posting anything, also the videos are no longer embedded, just links with no description or picture to go with them. I cannot make heads or tails of the layout, it’s a mess now :frowning:

(DarkangelUK) #26

I do apologise, I generally check on forum fidelity but I’ve been working away a lot and only just got back to a point where I can be on here again. Generally if you’re going to be posting a regular series of videos then we’d suggest a dedicated thread that can be bumped to the top with newer posts, and the original entry updated with the latest videos so they can all be found in order from a single location. I completely agree that activity in here is stunted, but browsing this section should provide variety rather than a page or 2 of the same user posts.

Unfortunately (and annoyingly) the adjustments haven’t parsed your video links and for that I can only apologise, I went through each link and at least changed each entry to the title but sadly the thumbnails haven’t displayed.

(Melonpopr) #27

how can you expect variety in here if nobody posts content since 2019? what harm was it that I had a thread for each video where people could discuss each individually? isn’t that the point of this section? combining everything into one thread makes it look so confusing I doubt anyone including myself will use it anymore. Please reconsider rolling it back to how it was before.