mds Export Guide

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Yeah, I’ve followed all the steps in the importer readme, but it says the utility itself should appear above or below the MaxScript rollout, and it’s not appearing. Don’t worry about me “feeling insulted” :] I really appreciate the efforts you make to help everyone. I’ll try to get Gmax and see if the plugin works, so I can check if the problem is Max itself or my system.

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Nice job Pants looks like a very concise guide.


(Hewster) #23

Thankyou Pants :smile:

For some reason i missed you posting this !

I will most definatly post if i manage to
convert my animations, but as i said in
my last post, I no longer have access to Max.
ahhhh i hate my creativity being hampered
by money issues.

Gmax doesn’t have a skl exporter as far as i know :sad: just md3.

DiaZ, I beleive Pants has written the way to
use the mds importer pretty clearly…
I notice you are from Spain, and
maybe you do not understand fully?
I have translated what Pants has written
into Spanish.
I cannot say if it is translated properly,
as I cannot speak Spanish, but i have a
program that does :smile:

“Diaz, no tengo ninguna pista porqué se está estrellando. Si usted upload el fichero, podría hechar una ojeada él e intentar ciertamente ayudar hacia fuera. Siéntalo libre al E-mail (no se preocupe filesize alrededor) a mí si usted no puede encontrar un lugar para upload. Por lo que sé, no hay manera específica que usted tiene que constitución su modelo. Utilicé sobres a áspero él todo hacia fuera, después fui detrás por la cima que necesitó ser ajustada (las piernas internas y tales). Pues el hewster mencionado, usted no necesita exportar una pista o cualquier cosa, incluí eso solamente tan si usted deseara a, usted tendría cierta referencia como cómo a hágala. En cuanto a instalar al importador de los mds (esperanzadamente esto no suena como estoy hablando abajo con usted como no sé que su experiencia con 3DS. no sabía cualquier cosa sobre las escrituras hasta como hace un mes, satisfago tan no me insulto si digo algo obvio). Ponga el MDSImporter.mzp en su [ 3d carpeta máxima del estudio dir]/scripts/startup. Cuando usted carga el máximo la próxima vez, va a la tabulación de los utilitarios, hace clic MaxScript (usted puede ser que tenga que hacer clic más para conseguir a esto), después hace clic encendido rueda -hacia fuera y el importador de MDS debe estar allí aquí es un cuadro…”

Could you let me know how well this has been
translated ? or if it helped at all ?



(DiaZ) #24

LOL! I understood english better than that translation, it’s really funny :] Anyways, I got the importer to work - when I downloaded other importers like the MD3 and MDC ones, it suddenly decided to load properly. When I just had the MDS one it just wouldn’t work… strange eh?

(Hewster) #25

hehe :grin:

I’m glad to give you a good laugh :smile:

If I had been thinking, I would have remembered
that when you only have one script,
to activate it, you must highlight it from
the drop down menu and press return (bug I guess)
I’m glad your now up and running.


(Eugeny) #26

Here that has turned out at me without animation…

For comparison, the original

(FFSturm) #27

[QUOTE=Eugeny;240792]Here that has turned out at me without animation…

For comparison, the original[/QUOTE]

Hehe, It doesn’t even show like that to me. I mean, it’s like invisible…
About your problem, I guess that it’s wolfanim.cfg fault

(ronboy) #28

I’m sure you’ll get it working since the source code was released.
Good luck Eugeny.

(Eugeny) #29

source code here there is nothing…

(sd2009) #30

[QUOTE=pants;404]It is with great pleasure that i post this message. My .mds Export Guide is complete and ready to be viewed.[/QUOTE]

Sorry I did not find the link for the mds export guide!?

Could you please, help me?

(FFSturm) #31

Can someone make a tutorial for playermodel exporting?
It export everything wrong… without bones…

(vicpas) #32

Try here:

(Nail) #33

or here:

(vicpas) #34

Thanks Nail.
In second link the “TOOLS” is Full.

(FFSturm) #35

ok cool, now i can read it all


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It’s interesting how flexible Rtcw customization is. :cool:

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As requested by someone in the Rtcw community, here’s a link to download an old but reliable .mds file importer/exporter:

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Ah good times opening this thread. Saving in case gets lost. Thx, Ron!