July 3rd Update: Community Server Fixes and Feature Improvements

(Stokes) #21

If merc stacking is a big issue then why can’t you add in the feature to shuffle different mercs? I almost always feel like when I chose what mercs Im using, then that shuffle happens, then Im stuck with playing those mercs for the match and I can’t change my merc for the appropriate map I’m playing. It’s frustrating. How do You know what side you’re on before the match starts? When I play underground I usually will pick my proxie if I’m on attack, then it shuffles me to defense then I’m stuck with her for the duration, I’d rather have a defensive merc to counter attacks. Hope I’m making sense.

(Runeforce) #22

It should be communicated better (i.e live in game), that merc stacking is happening and that it is a thing.

F. ex. having a small red font under the abillity cooldowns warning: “A (percentage) penalty is aplied to your cooldowns because your team has (a number) (merc name)s.”

(Ptiloui) #23

Thing is, this should be the other way around. The game is and has always been advertised as competitive. The main mode should be the competitive one and community server should be here to offer a more fun/chill gameplay by cancelling competitive restriction.

But here we are, the main mode being the casual and “fun” one, while competitive players having to seek community servers or external ways (PUG discord) to enjoy the game the way it was designed to be played.

(Thisoneguy) #24

You’re limited to three mercs going in blindly, not know what anyone else has and going to get penalized for stacking? My merc selection is based on the map selected. I’m sure a lot of other people do the same. Does not sound just.

(_charon_) #25

You are right and ofc map based merc selection is important. As well which team you are on in case of obj server play. So in fact i like your idea to select mercs after teams are fixed :hugs:
Sorry if my post has led to missunderstandings, i was just happy that SD is doing anything at all…

(Xenithos) #26

I absolutely love every single thing said, though I do think the ability cooldown scaling in effect if CHOSEN to on community servers isn’t an issue at all. I personally would take it and enable it.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #27

would rather have merc penalties on the custom servers only