July 24th Update: Weapon Case Keys for Credits, Obsidian Operative Skyhammer and Fine Tuning

(henki000) #21

Skyhammer is turning to Warframe. I like this design.

(DB Genome editor) #22

While I have to appreciate that there is finally an outlet for unwanted Weapon and Special Edition Loadout cards, I hope this is just a first step in the process. The biggest issue for me is that you are trading apples for oranges: fragments can only get you standard skins, but if you don’t care much about those, there is still no mechanism to polish or trade up your weapon skins or craft new ones, or convert / re-purpose your Special Edition cards.

For me, standard skins have no significant appeal past Silver, so fragments have no value right now. Yet there are a lot of weapon skins I’d be interested in pursuing if there was a mechanism to do so other than buying lottery tickets which will largely result in more stuff I have no use for. Even if I had to scrap a dozen crappy weapon skins to get a slightly better one, that’s still a path forward and an outlet for unwanted stuff. But converting that unwanted stuff into different unwanted stuff is not a progression path…

(Your worst knifemare.) #23

For making Guardy more offensive, I wouldve decreased her drones deployment time instead of increasing its HP.

(SckatCat) #24

Absolutely purrfect. SkyHammer Obsidian, changes to shotguns, and a lot of complaints being addressed! Now all ya gotta do is make do on the weapon polishing,the lodout rework, and a few other bits and bobbles.

Good shit overall. Looking forward to playing SkyHammer for the first time in a year. :wink:

(Mc1412013) #25

Ome question wtf are the deployables on sky hamers hips. They dont look anything like ammo packs and there not in game. Or is there a skyhamer rework comming.

(DarkangelUK) #26

They did

(D'@athi) #27

A generator every 35secs, a bit toooooo much, eh? :slight_smile:

(Ptiloui) #28

I’m pretty sure @Lord_Coctus meant the time between throwing the skyshield and when it is active being shorter, to make it an even more reaction tool than actually.

(DarkangelUK) #29

yeha that makes more sense. It takes so long to deploy that you’re hoping you time it right and you can’t react effectively with it.

(Mustang) #30


(Your worst knifemare.) #31

Probally hold his infinite airstrike markers.

(ASD) #32

looks like this is only for 2ndary obj. primary obj generators need more than one rocket… or i didnt hit correctly every time i shoot the genarator on bridge for example

(Flickanger) #33

You are aboslutly right. I play quite a bit of gaurdian and to make her and offensive character, she needs to be able to make clutch plays with her skysheild.

(D'@athi) #34

Yep, you were right, finally was able to play as an Jav on offense on (DE_)Bridge these days. It’s 2.something rockets, so probably 1000hp.
Killing this generator in 70 seconds with two rockets and a few bullets, is only a bit slower than some engineer having to get in and plant, after the generator-room was cleared, and the dyn was completely defended.
Not mentioning the chaos this creates on underground (probably the same as an Arty on trainyard, 2nd obj).