ET Mappers Bible and Guidelines

(-SSF-Sage) #21

[QUOTE=Blowfish;186315]Ok, after two fails, I tried to make an ET map, but now with some good help.

Question : Can I use anything from the basic ET maps into my own maps ? Ofc, maps made by others, first ask permission. :cool:[/QUOTE]

Taking stuff from the 6 standard maps is widely considered acceptable, but be careful that it doesn’t look too much like a standard map, that might cause “damage” to the whole community (ppl stop downloading custom maps).

And ofc as you said, taking stuff from custom maps, ask for permission, then give credit in the readme.

(Blowfish) #22

I won’t be copying entire pieces of the basic maps, but maybe just a little part, like (part of) a building or so. New maps should be orginal, not a clone :-).

Once you know how to use radiant, its getting veryyy addictive !

(Pande) #23

BlackOps? HI!

Using parts from source maps are ok, but obviously its better to make your own stuff. Stuff you could use from source maps are for example complicated engines or something, a catwalk, or for example the scripted garage door from Fueldump (recent topic).

What would be considered lame is for example copying the ally spawn building you start off in from Radar, or the bank from Goldrush.

(Blowfish) #24

I followed the tutorial of 2bit, which is veryyy good. And after following all the leasons (and some good help by mapper Sylar), I finaly have the idea that I can make my own. So I probably wont need to copy things from the basic maps anymore. Its wayyy more fun to make my own now. Still hard, but I am going to give it a try. Already have a nice idea for a map, which will be played in the Dutch canals. Mission, destroy the Axis drugs lab. So first thing now, is to start drawing a map on paper I guess. Any help would be nice, but Ill open a new post for that.

(-SSF-Sage) #25

It is clever to let us see the plans, so we might see if there is anything wrong with it. Most common is the layout for the performance (visibility) and problems with it. Guessing the gameplay is hard from the plan, but atleast it should cut of the totally bad stuff, if there will be any.

(zstarsales04) #26

Hello, everybody, I am new here. Here is something might be helpful for (many movies to download)

(ballking) #27

Well… I am trying to get it as close as possible to the actual original map of another game… So I am pretty sure that some, if not all major structural brushes will be exactly the same…

(BMW) #28

i did that tutorial too!


(Teuthis) #29

In case there are still mapper out there which want to sharpen their scripting skills. I made a series of Pro-scripting tutorials. Not all uploaded yet but there will be at least 16 parts in this tutorial series.