ET: Legacy

(Shownie) #261

Do you have Intel based mac support? :slight_smile:

(Radegast) #262

Not yet, but Morsik started working on Mac OS X support a few days ago.

(100zherBG) #263

Difficult installation for Debian amd64 (from new git repository - deb package): you need to download “libcurl3-gnutls” and “librtmp0” for i386 arch, unpack and copy “”, “” and “” to “/usr/lib32”… at Debian repository isn’t an official ia32 package for this files.

(Radegast) #264

Wow, is it that hard? I thought about creating a fake 64bit package for Debian 6 with libcurl compiled in statically, but I couldn’t figure out how to pass arguments to the build system when using cdbs together with CMake in automatic OBS builds. If anyone knows how to solve this, here is my rules file:

#!/usr/bin/make -f
include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/
include /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/ #CMake hidden magic

By the way, do you have this bug on Debian?

(100zherBG) #265

Just tested at etpub server… don’t appear to me this bug. My system is a Debian testing with ET:Legacy 2012-06-17 22:48:37 from

(Runeforce) #266

I have the same bug as 100zherBG (Ubuntu 12.04, amd64.)

(100zherBG) #267

Hmmm, very interesting… Ubuntu only related bug. Please, check at GNOME settings (“Keyboard” and “Region and Language”) for LeftShift+Space key shortcut (binding) or something else suspicions.

(Runeforce) #268

No I meant I have this problem: [QUOTE=100zherBG;402130]Difficult installation for Debian amd64 (from new git repository - deb package): you need to download “libcurl3-gnutls” and “librtmp0” for i386 arch, unpack and copy “”, “” and “” to “/usr/lib32”… at Debian repository isn’t an official ia32 package for this files.[/QUOTE]

Game does not run, because of this. I didn’t feel like fetching and placing “” manually, so I never got it to run. So it’s more of a dependancy problem then a bug in etL. And so I don’t know yet if I have the running bug.

(100zherBG) #269

Debian wheezy (testing) amd64 (64-bit) directory structure:

/opt/enemy-territory/games/ (or /usr/games/ or /usr/local/games/ or non-root user home ~/Games/)
            video/ --link--> ../../etwolf/etmain/video
   (ET:Legacy library)
            default.cfg --link--> ../../etwolf/etmain/default.cfg
            language.cfg --link--> ../../etwolf/etmain/language.cfg
            mp_bin.pk3 --link--> ../../etwolf/etmain/mp_bin.pk3
            pak0.pk3 --link--> ../../etwolf/etmain/pak0.pk3
            pak1.pk3 --link--> ../../etwolf/etmain/pak1.pk3
            pak2.pk3 --link--> ../../etwolf/etmain/pak2.pk3
   (ET:Legacy library)
   (ET:Legacy library)
            z_european_style_fd+rg.pk3 --link--> ../../etwolf/etmain/z_european_style_fd+rg.pk3
            z_european_style_sb+so+gr+wr.pk3 --link--> ../../etwolf/etmain/z_european_style_sb+so+gr+wr.pk3
            z_hdet.pk3 --link--> ../../etwolf/etmain/z_hdet.pk3
        etl (ET:Legacy client binary)
        etlded (ET:Legacy server binary) --link--> (download i386 arch: (download i386 arch: --link--> ../etwolf/ --link--> ../etwolf/
            video/ (rename to "video.bak" to disable et-intro movie)
            default.cfg (see attachment)
   (see attachment or download:
            language.cfg (deprecated, see attachment)
            z_european_style_fd+rg.pk3 (optional European Style main maps:
            z_european_style_sb+so+gr+wr.pk3 (optional European Style main maps: same link as above)
            z_hdet.pk3 (optional High-Definition ET main maps:
        pb/ (download Linux files:
        ... (disabled with .bak extension or remove x-attribute permission) (see attachment)
    et --link--> (see attachment)
    etl --link--> (see attachment)

Download ET:Legacy and other Debian package (see links above), right click with mouse and “extract here” somewhere outside game directory three. Copy all files to recommended folders, check owner:group permissions (root:root for all files) and also turn-on x-attribute permissions (-rwxr-xr-x) for all .sh scripts and game binaries! Don’t start a game under root for security reason!!!

Other sound problem under Debian wheezy (testing) amd64 is a missing lib32asound2-plugins package at repository. Download from Debian squeeze (stable) amd64, extract somewhere under root and copy “…/usr/lib32/alsa-lib” to root “/usr/lib32” folder.

See explanation of Clean-ETMAIN section from “” script at SplatterLadder forum. Shared libraries “” and “” is an used via LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

All files (attachments from this post) released under GNU General Public License, Ver. 3, 29 June 2007 except “” library released under GNU General Public License, Ver. 2, June 1991.

(Radegast) #270

Hey, this is actually a handy way to test 2.60b and ET:L side by side. I just want to say that there is no need to use et-sdl-sound hack with ET:L, because it is already based on SDL (one of the reasons I started working on ET:L).

Ubuntu/Debian users: 100zherBG pointed out that our nightly DEB packages have wrong version string and I wasted 5 hours finding out that OBS doesn’t create usable DEB packages from git repo because ‘set_version’ only changes version in etlegacy.dsc and not debian.changelog from where the resulting DEB package gets its version string. So, if you want to update our DEB package you first have to refresh the repository. I renamed the package from etlegacy to etlegacy-git, so it won’t conflict with the final release.

Maybe it will be easier to create nightly DEB packages using Ubuntu’s Launchpad. I don’t know - never used it.

(100zherBG) #271

I don’t start et-sdl-sound hack with startup script under ET:Legacy… By the way, sound at ET:Legacy is a more louder according to ET:Main SDL-hack and I needed to decrease volume before starting of etl. Normal level of my master channel is a 63, for ET:Main I have use 53 and for ET:Legacy - 43. My sound cvars is a s_volume “0.6” and s_musicvolume “0.2” (default for game: s_volume “0.8” and s_musicvolume “0.5”).

(rorgoroth) #272

Hey, Radegast, whats with the blacklisting//ignore of /usr/lib ? I almost had to set all my libs manually - luckily my brain kicked in for once :cool:

Alright, you fixed that up pretty fast, thanks!

(Dragonji) #273

Hey Radegast,
I am afraid this thing hasn’t been fixed yet. PK3s that I download while connecting to a server are still saved in APPDATA, but in another folder (it was “ETlegacy” before, now it’s “Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory” - same name as my main W:ET directory).

(morsik) #274

Sound volume code was slightly changed.

(Dragonji) #275

One more thing, rcon doesn’t work in ET:L…

(cheesy) #276

you probably need to set the rcon cvar

(Dragonji) #277

rcon/rconPassword doesn’t work. At least on Windows binaries. I tested it with every combination.

(Radegast) #278

Solchannel commited a fix for that some time ago. Windows binaries haven’t been updated since then because that fix broke mingw builds (Visual Studio builds work or so I was told).

I’ve never used rcon, so I don’t know how I should test it, but typing rconpassword test and then rcon say Hi works on a devmap on linux.
Everyone is now busy with work or other stuff and I have to study for a couple of resits that I will have to take in September, so I guess …

… the development of ET:L is now halted SUP[/SUP].

(Shownie) #279

… the development of ET:L is now halted SUP[/SUP].[/QUOTE]

Hehe, didn’t see that coming did you? No harm or rage but… when will you guys learn? It is great to see new projects, it gives hopes but they all end up like this, so sad :frowning:

(rorgoroth) #280


I shall patiently await for you guys to finish having a life so more can be done, good luck and well done :cool: