The definition of an unbalancedz match

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Because I took 50 here but I watched the curve again, and it’s more old level 25 and it’s more today’s level 75 than 50 (75-100).

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It’s not like my aim suddenly improves or Fragger nades don’t hit me anymore when using voice chat, either.

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Just joined a random Game on Dockyard, we as Attackers had literally 4-5 Engineers in the Team which Players didn’t use and when they picked them they didn’t do the Objective. I repaired the EV as Guardian.

Then my Team jumped on me for being useless and shit and claimed i played Sniper even though i don’t even have a Sniper in my Squad or we had one in the Team. In the Screen you can see that i have Guardian, Sky and Javelin.

Sorry to say that but Players are actually stupid and don’t understand the Game one single bit. the 6 Minutes of this Game already triggered so much that i basically could delete DB once more and call it a day, what i probably should finally do.


Oh yea, most of the Players with an Engineer left the Game and People did the usual thing… unbalanced blabla while they go 1/30

I get it that these Peeps are most likely new and shit but they didn’t play the Tutorial or paid any attention during it or just left it.

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nop they dont

and it is still not fixed… suddenly lag starts for all players… even if the server is autorestarted every 12h

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Thread cleaned, no need to get into a slinging match of who hates who more please, take it to PM if you must, lets try to keep it to the thread topic chaps.

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That’s great to hear!
I nearly skipped posting something in this thread again but I wanted you to know just how awesome it was to see this communication from you guys! I was aware of most of it and it’s been a long shared community belief that individual player skill (or “levels don’t matter after x#”) plateau’d around level 20-25 of the old leveling scheme but you directly sharing this information and the rest in such a clear-cut way is the kind of communication I’d love to see more often! Well done! Thanks!

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What recovery are you talking about?? …

You’ll recover nothing until you make all servers min level 75 and max level 75. Merging new and old player is killing the game since years now. When will you understand this? When player base reach 0?

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There are still issues of hit registration.

Do I need to make another video?

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50% is a tad too big to be a factor.

A better method is by bracketing, considering that SD is always aiming for higher player participation (which can even be tuned per region given low player population of DB).

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On a realisitic note, rng is always bad and should never be trusted

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this is the def of an unbalanced match actually

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Good, you had Proxy in your squad, no reason to punish more teamates.

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Only noobs put proxy mines next to their damn teammates, i hate when people do that…

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Its statistically proven somewhere that Proxys are 5x less likely to play the objective than other mercs.

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It’s also been proven that 95% of facts are made up on the spot.

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An unbalanced game is when HadronZodiac is in your team.

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Doesnt facter in its in the morning, i joined late, and i havent used redeye in weeks

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Late? … By the way, you mainly played Skyhammer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Come on guys, we don’t really need one of the few active threads on the entire forum descending into personal attacks or shaming KDs…