Summer Art Competition - 2018

(Code Name Yas) #6

I call it Phantom in vacation!
I’m not that good at drawing , so yeah.

(Skorpion0072) #7

Phoenix on the Beach Digital Art :slight_smile:

(Spanman) #8

Heres my entry!

(Qweeli) #9

Here we go!

(Tempuralicious) #10

My entry for this contest, poor phantom got rejected out of existence

(Andarne) #11

Here’s my half-assed attempt. A heartbeat sensor-flavoured ice cream cone :wink:

(Amimik) #12



This is entry by my 8 yrs old daughter Sofia. She will be so happy if she can buy Obsidian Proxy :)))

(Your worst knifemare.) #14

It needs to be summer themed.

(When an 8 year old can draw better than me.)

(Spanman) #15

Aw its cute <3

(Andarne) #16

This has my vote. It’s adorable!


Dont you see all the summer colors? xD

(klondaik (Konrad)) #18

Alrighty, here’s my entry!

The theme was Summer, so I thought… pool party! Excellent, how hard could that be?
2 days and SEVERAL hours of editing/learning Hitfilm later… I have the final product! (and also a SpeedArt vid)

Sparks, takin’ a selfie w/ the crew. SFW, as requested :smirk:

(this is where the speedart link would go… IF I COULD POST IT!)
The link’s pinned to my Twitter profile, @klondaik_draws.
The title’s [SPEEDART | “Evening Splash” Dirty Bomb Summer Art Contest Submission] if anyone’s interested.

Aight, that’s it for me! Good luck to everyone who enters (and the judges who have to sift through all the comments!) GRANATEN!

(IamJesoo) #19

This is my entry! hope you like it

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #20

Dis my entry.
Diver Stoker vs The Shark… On Land… With a pool noodle…
(btw those are supposed to be burn marks on Stoker’s arms, not slices of beef)


Well, it is DONE, made an account just so i can post this.
I really didnt know what to do with the backdrop, thats why it looks… not so great.
(also hidden Phantom in the pic)

(The Irish Scot) #22

Probably one of my first actual pieces of digital art! I’d encourage anyone and everyone to look in the details, like the trinkets on the cabin, the heli, Bushwhacker doing his job, and (psst the cabin window!)

Anywho, good luck to everyone who takes part I guess

(Lifeissomess) #23

Proxy with ballons! :smile:

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #24

(Lukas) #25

going for that refreshing dive, after an explosive day at work. :cake_proxy::orange_octo:

@ Canary Wharf Station:metro::fire::man_playing_water_polo: