Stream Round-Up: 4th July 2018

(Kirays) #1


  • Shoe. confirmed that 1.0 will not be published in July. There are still a few features and tweaks here and there the devs want to implement beforehand to make the release the best it can be.
  • No real word on what else will be done to advertise Dirty Bomb aside from faceit and another yet unannounced partnership.
  • None of your progress will be wiped, everything you have achieved so far will remain.
  • A livestream will showcase 6runk shaving his beard.


  • At the moment a crash is happening whenever the devs attempt to load into the maps, therefore they can’t estimate how much work it’s going to take to get Execution back up and running before that is fixed.

UPDATE: The crash has been fixed and we’re continuing to investigate getting Execution up and running.


  • Currently SD is waiting on guidance on what changes have to be made to prevent running into problems with the netherlands’ regulation about lootboxes.

Generation three of loadout cards:

  • Although some work has been done on them, the devs intend to swap around weapons and give mercs additional variety which means that more guns have to be introduced. What guns they are thinking of hasn’t been revealed.


  • In-depth merc lore will be added on the website soon, albeit not in-game.


  • The devs are happy with the tutorial as it is, if they feel like they want to add something they will do so via another tutorial video.
  • There are no plans on distributing Dirty Bomb to platforms other than Windows pc.
  • Skyhammer’s obsidian is ready to go, they are currently deciding when to release it.
  • No sneak peeks on what specifically the next balance patch contains.
  • An SDK is off the table because the game hasn’t been built with that in mind so the amount of work that would be required to develop it is enormous.
  • In the past the devs experimented with a potential pve mode, but the idea was scrapped since it didn’t fit.
  • There are no plans for Phantom to undergo another major overhaul.
  • Shoe. is going to ask around if it’s possible to add an option to alter the default 50% cooldown penalty that was recently introduced to combat merc stacking in community servers
  • Shoe. dislikes Javelin and Rhino.

(Jigstraw) #2

I’m really hoping they add more LMGs and heavy pistols and not more shotguns when they start adding new weapons.

We’ve got… 5 SMGs, 7 ARs(counting dreiss/br16/stark) 5 light pistols, 4 machine pistols, 3 heavy pistols, 3 shotguns, 2 LMGs.

The issue with shotguns is that the 3 we currently have are already pretty much the same, functionally, but with slight tweaks to the stats. And i don’t think they want to add full-auto or semi-auto shotguns into the mix, as i know most players definitely don’t want that. so unless they did one of those two very bad ideas, it’d just be a rehash of the same thing with more tweaked stats. Unless they go for a break-action double barrel or something that can fire two shots rapidly and then has to reload, but i don’t see that fitting well into the rest of the futuristic game. But then again, double barrel shotgun worked just fine along side plasma guns in Doom.

(AlbinMatt) #3

So there’s a chance that our Execution is being resurrected?

(Nail) #4

only on community (rented) servers

(Stokes) #5

Kind of sounds like a bait to get servers rented.

(AlbinMatt) #6

True, but come on, it might have been poorly implemented the first few months, but Execution is really fun as a side dish.

(Nail) #7

It was an asked for Feature, would you rather they said no ?