Starting Over?

(SM83 Power Operative ) #1

Any way to completely wipe game history that’s bound to a Steam account? Or rather any possibilities of a function like this being implemented in the game? Think of the old CoD games with Prestige, I suppose. Long story short, I’m bored and I want to start over. Entirely meaningless, no doubt, but it’d give me somethin’ to do and likely restore that DB itch I’ve been missing for a good while. Initially made my current account as a dedicated one for Ranked a year or so ago, but it gradually became my primary over time. No, I’m not into ‘smurfing’ and ‘pubstomping’. Just bored. Want to play for something.

(ThePigVomit) #2

Yes search dirty bomb account on Google.

It’s the first link

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #3

Don’t forget to give me all of your weapon cards first

(SM83 Power Operative ) #4

Every duplicate Rhino is all yours, free of charge! I’ll even toss in every PDP Aimee. Guess I’m the only one that thinks a feature like this would be pretty cool, though. Lol…

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(Teflon Love) #6


This feature will let you delete your Dirty Bomb account and Dirty Bomb account information.
After you click the “Forget me” button above, we will permanently delete your account information within 28 days.
Caution: You are about to delete your account and account information. This means that you will lose any progress made in the game and any purchases ever made via your Dirty Bomb account (be it with real money or in-game currency). If you want to play Dirty Bomb again in the future, you will need to create a new account

(SM83 Power Operative ) #7

Thought this was a joke at first.

To clarify, I assume this doesn’t mean a new Steam account entirely, correct? If so then this is awesome and exactly what I was looking for.

(HadronZodiac) #8

hmmmmm my steam data for DB was wiped the first time, so im assuming just keep playing until DB feels like fucking up and loses ur data


You can absolutely do this, but there are a few things worth mentioning:

  • When you submit the request, you’ll need to wait for 4 weeks for the changes to go through
  • Once the 28 days have elapsed, you will have lost everything. If you start having regrets, there’s nothing we’ll be able to do to get your previous account back, as any records that associated your account will have been destroyed - this is because our account closure process fully complies with GDPR

With that said, you can manage your account here:

If you’d rather not take the risk, you could create an alt account and start that from scratch.

(HadronZodiac) #10

I never requested to have an account wipe, yet in 2017 my account data was still destroyed, do you have any idea how this may have happened?

(SM83 Power Operative ) #11

Thank you for the response. Last question. Will any activity (say I login and play at the two-week mark of my 28 days) revert the process? Is it like an email that HAS to stay inactive for that time period before deletion or am I free to play the game as usual during the 28 days?

I’m shocked this is a feature I haven’t noticed before. Nice work, SD. Kind of a ‘quality of life’ type of thing. It’s nice to have when you want it.


If you try to play the game whilst the deletion is pending, you’ll come across an error informing you that your account is marked for deletion. You can go back to the account page at any time within the 28 days and cancel this - then you’ll be able to play the game again with your existing account.

As that was before the GDPR changes, this shouldn’t really be possible - the only plausible explanation is that you’re not playing from the same Steam account. Feel free to contact our support if you’d like someone to look into this for you.