Spotting Suggestion

(DarkangelUK) #1

So I’m entirely against spotting, I’m not a fan of seeing where players are through walls, especially with the likes of the HBS that takes literally 0 skill to deploy but gives a massive benefit for use. I know SD won’t remove it entirely so, my controversial suggestion is… move the spotting to the mini-map.

Yes I know the mini-map is a bit poop, but you get the general idea from it and having spotted enemies show on there still gives the tactical info, but now requires the player to pay attention and take the eyes off the main screen to determine that information, basically risk/reward rather than all reward and no risk. Much like how CoD uses UAV spotting, stick the enemy as a dot on the mini-map and remove the wall hacks.


(Jigstraw) #2

It’s a shame i can only like this post once.

(HadronZodiac) #3

Eh i think its fine tbh, spotting is quite helpful and rewarded accordingly

although aimee should only get ~70exp
and vasilli should get ~60exp

(henki000) #4


Recons are already in difficult position. I could pick any other class and play better than with spotting/sniper rifle. Their risk is already losing a match. Tryhards disparage and votekick casual players in public enviroment. So, I assume you give something for them in return?

(DarkangelUK) #5

If it causes less people to pick recons in general then that will be my gift to the DB community as a whole :grinning:

On a more serious note, wall hacks is a team buff that requires no effort to gain from, its not like aura station where you need to go and get healed etc, its so low effort and too high reward for the team in general.

(henki000) #6


I dont support this idea. Think about new player life cycle in Dirty Bomb. Someone who likes to play “sniper” in other FPS games. They launch game and notice that no sniper is available. They spare some credits for Vassilli and then this votekick/disparage starts. It wont be a great player experience. It does not increase playerbase. If you want to play sniper, Dirty Bomb is not for you. I support idea for more versatile and new player friendly enviroment, rather than recon ban. They are easy picking in public anyway, where you cant find good coordination.

(DarkangelUK) #7

The sniper is still a sniper, you dont need a wallhack for that, in fact i’d say its a disgrace to the class to say it requires it in the first place… I see no way what so ever how removing a wall hack stops a sniper from sniping.


It’s an interesting idea, might give the minimap an actual purpose then, but idk how much people would like to adapt to it so it’s probably better to leave it as is lol

Also worth noting, spotting XP needs to be massively reduced as it is but if this happens it should probably be reduced even further, since it would be much less useful

(henki000) #9


There are “wallhacks” in real life too. They have thermal scopes, radars, drones and devices for communication. Dirty Bomb would have more unrealistic atmosphere, where you dont have to worry about tactical spotting. After all, philosophically thinking, people play this game to stimulate their combat instincts.

(DarkangelUK) #10

Ok gonna cut you off right now at the first sentence, this is a game, dont do the whole ‘real life’ thing. Secondly, if you think the spotting is what makes the sniper a sniper in DB then i dont know what to tell you, it’s a shitty ability that ruins the game IMO and should be removed. At least my idea is a compromise, i’d say a huge number would want all recons removed completely (which i do too, but i was at least being a little realistic)

(henki000) #11


I completely agree you with that statement: current playerbase wants to get rid off recons. Thing is, players who professionally play recons and support spotting abilities dropped long time ago. They have become so uneffective after jump snipe removal. Of course I dont support jump sniping, but it’s a long list of nerf after nerf. When Dirty Bomb finally comes out, there will be huge numbers of snipers arriving to game. Dont repel them, when you could help them to find fun and balance in all classes. It’s just wrong to have nerfed class in this game that increase saltiness among the players.

(DarkangelUK) #12

That tells me that ‘pro snipers’ had complete apathy towards spotting and removing it would’ve had no baring on their leaving or staying, currently though, those of us that are here think it’s a bad mechanic for the most part (with exceptions obviously)

(HadronZodiac) #13

What if the spotting didnt apply depth perception?
Such as it was the same size symbol no matter how far someone is, you know someone is in a certain direction without being wallhacked to death

(Nail) #14

agree big time, HBS should have been that way from beginning


You’d still be able to figure out roughly how far away someone is based on your and their movements, it would just be more annoying and less user friendly, so it’s probably better as is.

(K1X455) #16

while you’re at it, give airstrike and artillery marking queues for Skybro and Arty.

(bgyoshi) #17

I always laugh when people call spotting “wall hacks”

It always makes me wonder just how much you have to hate a game before you legitimately feel that way about a mediocre ability that nobody needs in order to know where enemies are

The radius on spotting is so tiny it’s already 96% worthless anyway.

Move it to the minimap? At that point you should just remove it and give recons an extra 60 xp every 10 seconds

Now what WOULD be sick is if enemies in your line of sight showed up on the minimap, regardless of class

Been dying for that for eons

(Xenithos) #18

I think I would be for this if the spot lasted a wee bit longer so it would be easier to glance between the minimap and the game, and if the minimap were a little less poop.