So it died?

(Mc1412013) #2

Sd gave up people are pissed.
Multiplay gave us the finger.
Sd suprised us and spent time and money to get us new rentable servers.

they removed any ability to support the game with real money
Games still going fairly strong i do se new players.

Sd renamed db youtube channel to splash damage deleted all traces of missmurder raziel and any thing involving nexon.
every comment on the new videos they post on the channel are 99% of the time people bashing them for abandoning db.

Oh and we can trade load out cards now.

(Diosito) #3

SD likes to see us mess with the corpse.


(ThePigVomit) #4

not dead, plugging along, not growing and thriving, but satisfying those to whom the game means something.

I’ll keep at it every day till there isn’t a server to play on.

(Mc1412013) #5

Ive had a few matches lately with mostly level 20 and lower players

(Press E) #6

DB servers are usually filled with lots of low levels and just a few high leveled ones, but I’m actually noticing a lot more high levels. Sometimes half the team will be level 100+, whereas previously you only got around 2 or 3 at most even in an 8v8 server

(K1X455) #7

8v8s still exists?

Did they put it up for some sort of XP harvesting thing?

(ASD) #8

sure they are pure fun! join us to see yourself

(K1X455) #9

I’ll try to hop on when I can… it doesn’t appear on my filter probably because when I’m on, there’s no one on it.

(Press E) #10

Just join it with another friend or two, then other people should join in shortly. I’ve resurrected a few servers that way

Usually takes around 5-10 mins for someone to join even if you just do it solo, then 2 or 3 matches to eventually get a full server.

Obviously it’s not as good as joining an already full server, but might as well when you’re talking about 8v8

(Your worst knifemare.) #11

Heros never die

(Jl001) #12

I can’t see any 8v8 servers on my browser (any status, all regions), it is possbile to show me the server id of such servers (except the 2 [AUZ]

(Press E) #13

Honestly I haven’t been playing much lately, and when I did I wasn’t really digging for 8v8 so I don’t know if there are any up currently. Last time I checked a few weeks ago I remember seeing a couple in NA but that was it

(3D Printer & Splash Fanatic) #14

The game is still pushing around 600~ players daily, so it’s far from dead. Still quite a lot of community servers running and the few times I’ve played recently, I’ve always got a full game.

(Nail) #15

there’s these 3

(ASD) #16

whats wrong with my two servers?

(K1X455) #17

too far from Australia

(Lora9x) #18

In Viet Nam,it not loading.

(ASD) #19

but near to austria… but we dont have kangaroos :frowning:

(Mc1412013) #20

When ubsay not loading do tou mean game wont open or cant load into server

(Jl001) #21

Nothing wrong except"

  1. I already know they were 8v8
  2. Too high ping for me…lol