So it died?

(Mc1412013) #5

Ive had a few matches lately with mostly level 20 and lower players

(Press E) #6

DB servers are usually filled with lots of low levels and just a few high leveled ones, but I’m actually noticing a lot more high levels. Sometimes half the team will be level 100+, whereas previously you only got around 2 or 3 at most even in an 8v8 server

(K1X455) #7

8v8s still exists?

Did they put it up for some sort of XP harvesting thing?

(ASD) #8

sure they are pure fun! join us to see yourself

(K1X455) #9

I’ll try to hop on when I can… it doesn’t appear on my filter probably because when I’m on, there’s no one on it.

(Press E) #10

Just join it with another friend or two, then other people should join in shortly. I’ve resurrected a few servers that way

Usually takes around 5-10 mins for someone to join even if you just do it solo, then 2 or 3 matches to eventually get a full server.

Obviously it’s not as good as joining an already full server, but might as well when you’re talking about 8v8

(Your worst knifemare.) #11

Heros never die

(Jl001) #12

I can’t see any 8v8 servers on my browser (any status, all regions), it is possbile to show me the server id of such servers (except the 2 [AUZ]

(Press E) #13

Honestly I haven’t been playing much lately, and when I did I wasn’t really digging for 8v8 so I don’t know if there are any up currently. Last time I checked a few weeks ago I remember seeing a couple in NA but that was it

(3D Printer & Splash Fanatic) #14

The game is still pushing around 600~ players daily, so it’s far from dead. Still quite a lot of community servers running and the few times I’ve played recently, I’ve always got a full game.

(Nail) #15

there’s these 3

(ASD) #16

whats wrong with my two servers?

(K1X455) #17

too far from Australia

(Lora9x) #18

In Viet Nam,it not loading.

(ASD) #19

but near to austria… but we dont have kangaroos :frowning:

(Mc1412013) #20

When ubsay not loading do tou mean game wont open or cant load into server

(Jl001) #21

Nothing wrong except"

  1. I already know they were 8v8
  2. Too high ping for me…lol

(Nail) #22

then just the one in Frankfurt

(alphabeta) #23

OCB has an 8v8 server in US East

(ASD) #24

sorry about that…