Small random DB tips you've picked up?

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This forum is pretty empty so here’s something:
What are some small Dirty Bomb strategies you’ve picked up over the years, but rarely see anyone actually use?

Here are some of mine:

  • You can wall jump on top of the EV. The game tries to slide you off, but if you strafe around in a circle you can stay on pretty easily. Because you’re constantly sliding, it basically means you can strafe dodge really quickly. That, plus the cover of the turret, a 360 view, and an easy slide-assited dropdown if things get hairy makes it a pretty good way to escort the EV. A lot less predictable than standing behind it, and you aren’t a headshot magnet like you are in the turret
  • You can place medstations on top of objects that are under around twice aura’s height and still have them work on ground level. There are only a few spots where it’s actually useful, but it usually takes enemies a lot longer to notice since people rarely look up. Also medstations are thinner on one side than the other, so placing facing the thin side towards where enemies are going to come from makes it a slightly smaller target
  • There are lots of small floor objects that proxy’s mines can be partially hidden inside, mostly bushes and things (also applies to aimee). Proxy’s mines can also be surprisingly effective if you hide them behind a wire out in the open too. A lot of high level players just memorize the usual mine spots around corners or on top of stairs and let their guard down elsewhere. Putting a mine somewhere no one expects a mine to be can help a lot. Also there are a lot of spots where vassili can just stuff his heartbeat sensor into some void where it can’t be shot at, always look for weird geometry
  • If you’re almost done planting and someone starts shooting you, start t-bagging. It’ll make your head way harder to hit and can save you an extra half a second to finish planting the C4
  • When playing sparks or sawbunz, if you reach 3/3 or 4/4 medpacks, toss one on the ground for your team to use when they need it. You’re probably not going to need to use that full stack of medpacks at once, so you might as well keep that cooldown working for you and toss out the extras for your team instead of leaving it to sit in your pocket. Also applies to nader.
  • Crouch randomly when you’re melee dueling with someone. You can actually dodge under the quick slash attack of a lot of melee weapons if your enemy can’t correct their aim in time since most people are used to aiming for your head, even while meleeing. It also makes new players panic for some reason

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Last attackers spawn on chapel Kira can aim her kawaii beam on the final objective building to spawn her laser from behind the defenders

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Also another EXTREMELY important and INCREDIBLY useful tip:

If you melee javelin’s rocket with pineapple juggler it freezes mid air indefinitely and you can shoot it to tactically blow up enemies. Like shooting a proxy mine but with more style

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I may have convinced the server to meme with juggler a while back…

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take care to not share it with the enemy team… I see alot of medpacks and ammo spam everythere… also for the enemy team… :frowning:

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You can also boost yourself forward by using enemy grenades, but your more likely to die.

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Also another one I just remembered, Sparks can revive two people at once.

Basically position yourself up in a line with your two downed teammates and angle the revivr so that you hit the very top of your closest teammate’s body. If you do it right the beam will go through them and revive the player behind too.

It’s actually pretty easy to do, the angle seems fairly generous. It’s a pretty niche situation, but when it does happen it can be really useful when someone tosses a grenade and you need to quickly get your team back up. You might be able to do it with more than 2 people at once but I’ve never been lucky enough to have everyone die in a line lol

Here’s a pic:

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Here’s a tip…stay away from the servers that are loaded with cheaters…

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If you kill an enemy medic near an enemy Thunder


(Mc1412013) #10

Dont try to knife a full health rhino as a proxy or aura. Damn noobs

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Always do it if the rhino is a new player though, it’s hilarious.

For some reason every new player ever has super low mouse sensitivity, so you can just run laps around them and keep meleeing and they’ll keep trying to catch up with their minigun. Works 9/10 times

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Another tip is to never trust a proxy to do the objective