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(ronboy) #7

I’ve finished my 100 subscriber special! Check my website for more information:

(ronboy) #8

My Rtcw SP project called Castle Wewelsburg is still alive! Check my website for more information:

(ronboy) #9

I’ve finished the intro cutscene level for my Rtcw SP project called Castle Wewelsburg! Check my website for more information:

(ronboy) #10

I’ve posted a large update for my Rtcw SP project called Castle Wewelsburg! The update talks about disabled cheats, easter eggs, and more. You can read it on my website here:

(ronboy) #11

Today marks the 1 year anniversary for my Rtcw SP project called Castle Wewelsburg! I’ve posted an update with some new information about the project. You can read it on my website here:

(REA987) #12

Cool, will it be compatible with iortcw?

(ronboy) #13

Actually, it’s running on the ioRTCW engine right now. The latest version of the RealRTCW Realism Mod by WolfETPlayer runs on this engine, and I’m using that mod for my project.

Thanks for your interest. :smiley:

(REA987) #14

Well, I am looking forward to play some RTCW SP mod on GNU/Linux, that’s why ioRTCW is important. :slight_smile:

(ronboy) #15

I’ve reached 200 subscribers on Youtube! To celebrate this occasion, I’ll be doing a 200 subscriber special! There is a poll that I encourage everyone to participate in, and you can find it on my website here:

(ronboy) #16

Rtcw SP won the 200 subscriber special poll! I’ve uploaded a playthrough of the vanilla game, and you can watch it on my website here:

(ronboy) #17

I’ve reached 300 subscribers on my Youtube channel! Check my website for more information:

(ronboy) #19

Αντώνης Ρίσκος has uploaded a playthrough for Christmas Map! You can watch it on my website here:

(ronboy) #20

Hello. First of all, I want to apologize if I’ve worried anyone with my several month-long absence. You see, something came up in my real life in early July, and I’ve been extremely busy since then. Just recently, I found some spare time to finally show myself again at the usual forums and other websites.

From here onwards, I probably won’t be nearly as active as I used to be, once again due to real-life reasons. However, all is well with me, so nothing bad has happened to me.

My website updates (advertisements) probably will be discontinued, due to the reason mentioned above. I simply don’t have the time for them, when combined with visiting the usual forums/websites and occasionally finding time to work on my project called Castle Wewelsburg.

Speaking of my project, I haven’t abandoned it, despite my several month-long absence. It’s just temporarily stopped, until I can find time to resume working on it more often.

I’m happy that some people were concerned for my well-being when I suddenly disappeared one day, but it wasn’t intentional. Once again, I’m sorry for suddenly disappearing.

In addition to my project mentioned above, I have several other treats planned for the Rtcw community. I am looking forward to revealing them and I hope that everyone else will too.



(Ray Wolf) #21

Really nice to have ypu back, m8!

(ronboy) #22

As promised, here’s my Christmas present to the Rtcw community! Be sure to check the readme.txt file (included in the download) for installation instructions.

Mod DB link:

Gamebanana link:

Merry Christmas everyone and have fun! :grin:

(colvin3001) #23

thank you so much bro:sunglasses:

(ronboy) #24

And thank you for your support! :+1:

While my Castle Wewelsburg mod for Rtcw SP is temporarily stopped, I have something much smaller planned! Please take the time to read this article:

(ronboy) #25

Hello and long time no see! I have reached a decision that, due to my far too busy real life, I will be putting a stop to all of my projects for Rtcw. This is a sad decision that I didn’t want to reach, but real life is very important to me. However, I am not trashing all of the hard work that I have done thus far. Therefore, very soon I will post download links that anyone can access. These downloads will contain ALL of my mapping content (custom sounds, music, textures, models and of course, the source .map files for everything that I have collected).

This means that, if someone here wants to finish Castle Wewelsburg or my unfinished Christmas-themed map called Jerry Christmas, then they can finish it if they want to. I won’t make the mistake of leaving my mapping content hidden away to be lost forever like some other mappers have done with their abandoned projects.

Thanks for reading and wait soon for the download links that I mentioned.

(Ray Wolf) #26

Indeed long time no see. I guessed that you were busy, since I haven´t heard from you form a long time.
This is of course sad, but real life is more important.
Thank you for sharing your work with others.:grinning:
Hope you´re alright there and if you need a chat, you know where to find me. :wink:

(ronboy) #27

You’re welcome, @WolfWatch and thank you too for your continued support over the years. :grin:

As promised, here’s a download link for all of my mapping content, seperated into folders for the maps, sounds, models, textures, shaders, etc…

If anyone has any questions, then feel free to contact me.