Right my final list of changes for Javelin. I want these done sd

(noonenew) #1

So Javelin is widely complained about and I think that people massively blow her out of proportion. People complain about her aoe being too big and Fragger’s being too small when her aoe is already smaller than his. People talk about 1v1 cheese. I mean her charge is 1 and a half seconds man just hit her with a few headshots it’s really not hard. Fragger’s charge is normally around 2 seconds and it is silent. Fragger’s grenade also flies faster and he has a less obvious trail and it can’t be shot down. He also has more health to him as well as a shorter cooldown. His cooldown is almost half. Javelin is slightly better when it comes to team play and objectives but with all the upsides to fragger there is no reason to pick her. Look. she needs changes I agree but not a buff or a nerf. The way I want to see her fixed is to make the rocket Really powerful and increase its cooldown. So here are the changes I want to see

  1. Player’s, Equipment, objectives and small map objects like low walls will no longer block the path of the explosion. (basically at the moment, if a player stands between a group of 3 or 4 players and the rocket, the rocket will do no damage to the larger group as players block the explosion. just remove this)

  2. Increased area of effect so that the rocket will do 250 damage (yes more instagibs) within a 3m area of effect and from 3m to 5m the rocket’s damage will drop from 250 to 0 damage

  3. Increased rocket cooldown to 40 seconds

  4. Javelin now holds an extra spare magazine

  5. Javelin now gives 1 third of a magazine to friendly players every half seconds that they stand within the ammo generator’s aoe (was half a mag every second)

  6. reduced delay between player standing in the ammo generator’s aoe and getting the first tick of ammo to 0.5 seconds

  7. Increased ammo generator aoe by 1.5m

  8. ammo reach augment now buffs aoe by 20% (was 15%)

  9. Increased equipment damage multiplier to 1.25X (so it can 1 shot a steady turtle shield on direct hit)

  10. so that the obj damage per minute stays the same, Increased objective damage multiplier to 1.4X

to be honest these changes are my final set as they will put Javelin in the best spot she can be in without needing a nerf. Her rocket should be stronger than a grenade. by a ton. It just should. It should also be a hell of a lot more versatile. Stop crying every time you die to a character just because they where op a launch. she is relatively balanced right now. She just needs these charges and that’s it. The instagib is fine on a long cooldown ability. every other fire support can do it and many have a shorter cooldown so deal with it. She will still have the least instagibing and she will be balance. I highly doubt that she will be op after this.

(Jigstraw) #2

comparing javelin to arty in the last paragraph of this made me realize a really simple, effective fix without requiring any other changes would be setting up javelin’s rocket similar to arty’s artillery designator or kira’s laser designator; taking damage interrupts the casting time and sets it back to zero. No more noob rockets, all you have to do to shut her down is hit a few shots.

with that change made, other areas could be buffed, such as the cooldown or aoe.

I an VERY against the idea of more instagibbing though, it’s a big “fuck you” to medics everywhere. Killing players is good enough, they don’t need to be instagibbed.

(HadronZodiac) #3

OH god yes, its so annyoign when a full team is in a tiny spot but u only get one kill becuase of this stupid game logic

These arent really that neccessary imo, you are basically changing an objective frag grenade to an objective nuke (which is less assault-y if i might add)

Im pretty fine with her current ammo output tbh

Babysitting teammates just to give em half a mag is annoying



I think all explosives should naturally do 1.2X

(noonenew) #4

so jigstraw. That wouldn’t make much sense unless you lower charge up time back to 1 second. Or make the damage required to cancel 60. Tbh both would make sense too. I really disagree with this. However the instagib thing. I see what you mean. However, I can just shoot at them to finish them off especially with the get up timer.

Hadron. you seem to mostly agree with me but I do want to address the ammo thing. She does need to give out more ammo. Currently, there is no reason for someone with a brain cell to use Javelin (ammo wise). This overall allows her to actually be useful to her team. If I had the choice to go to an ammo crate or a Javelin, I’m already at the crate as I would have to take the same movement pattern as her. The increased aoe and ammo giving potential would mean I actually have a reason to go to her instead of an ammo crate. I’d also have to follow her for less time. It allows the game to flow better for the entire team without making it unfair to fight against.

Javelin also has to be alive to give ammo. This is incredibly annoying as no other fire support has to. I think that a cool update would be for Javelin to be able to pick a place an ammo station that gives a third of a mag every seconds (yes even less than her). This would actually give her the potential to give ammo while dead. This is just an idea but It’s better than nothing


The problem with Javelin is that she simply doesn’t fit in with DB. Even if it weren’t for the plethora of other similar explosive mercs, an RPG merc really doesn’t fit well with a high TTK team based shooter. That basically means there’s nothing you can do to make her balanced and keep everyone happy at the same time. Yes, I do feel she needs some minor buffs, but your suggestions are definitely excessive.

You have to remember, DB is still a game, it’s meant to be fun, not just “balanced”, which is why she was nerfed. Sure, call everyone who complains a whiner if you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that most people simply don’t find random instagibs enjoyable.
Javelin was nerfed because the community found her annoying to fight against. It’s fine if you don’t, but that doesn’t mean you can write “i WaNt ThEsE dOnE sD” and expect to command around the devs over everyone else’s feedback.

(DarkangelUK) #6

I agree but the nerfs were the wrong nerfs. The most complaints were cheesy kills mid-combat, the changes didn’t fix it, but drove it more TOWARDS the single cheese shot than away.

In ET and RtCW the Panzer was devastating, in comp we purposely spread out so we wouldn’t get wiped by a Panzer, but in the same vain a Panzer player didn’t use it against one player because it was a waste. It had a high wind up time, switching to it took longer so there was no way to get a cheese shot off if you switched mid firefight, and also all you had was a pistol when it was on cooldown.

I’d prefer the cooldown to be increase, the blast radius increase, the switch time to raise it before you can even hit fire increase, the wind up time before it shoots increase, and her only other weapon be a machine pistol. It will make the player think twice before using it, it can’t be fired off quickly mid-fight because they’ll be dead, and more thought will be put into it’s use.

(noonenew) #7

No. Javelin should have rifles. She would be trash without them. She wouldn’t be able to do anything.