Renegade X - #JustDoItUp

(rookie1) #1

Beta 4 is freshly out to download :slight_smile: :penguin::stroggbanana:
Awesome Game and all 100% Free ,Great Job from Totem arts :cool:


and (if you havent see ) this trailer for the game


(rookie1) #2

A preview of Renegade X’s mapping and modding tools. For more information, go to



(Mustang) #3

So what is the reason to play this over C&C Renegade?

(rookie1) #4

KANE’S Order! and …

so much more :cool:

(rookie1) #5

If you who read this topic and not Familiar with Command and Conquer and would like to Know the Basic to play the game RenX here it is :
And see you ingame :slight_smile: 100% Free


(tokamak) #6

Awesome. Renegade was way ahead of it’s time. And sadly, still is.

(rookie1) #7

RenX Dev tested Titans in RenegadeX


(FobbyGen) #8

This is an excellent PC FPS game, and best of all, it’s free.



(rookie1) #9

enjoy latest video from LavaDr4gon:cool: