Really SD...are you kidding us?

(fzl) #1

ok my resume after the launch of 1.0 is…

really SD?

you launch 1.0

40% of the servers are not connectable

ingame server browser is a joke

face it dont works …game freezes…kicks…etc…etc…

your “weapon balance system” is “paltry”

quick join …haha 6 attempts and always the same …you join a empty server ( not funny)

i join db 2 weeks after starting…i pay so much money for this game…and now this…

you should be ashamed of what you do with the players…

over and out


(Press E) #2

To be fair, these server issues weren’t happening before 1.0, they only showed up shortly after. Hell, it might even be more Multiplay’s fault than SD, they don’t know yet. Yeah it’s annoying, but it’s hard to blame them for something they couldn’t have predicted.

Server browser is fine, not sure what your issue with that is. It’s had some issues connecting to servers, but that stems from the other server issues, not the server browser itself.
Weapon balance is more or less fine too besides shotguns, but even they aren’t ruining the game

(SM83 Power Operative ) #3

Haven’t ran into any problems with FaceIT yet.

(kittz0r) #4

If you say something about the Weapon Balance and how “paltry” it is. How about you go on Detail?


aren’t Community Servers fine?

(K1X455) #5

Even EAC is now full of false positives.


Yea, I myself am starting to find other games to play instead of DB because the fun that once was there is gone and until I and we, as the community, don’t see a change, I strongly recommend pulling the plug on DB or keeping it alive till any new games is released from Splash Damage.
The only thing I really wanted from SD was some gratitude to the veterans of the game, I mean, let’s be honest here right, just getting some trinket as a “thank you” doesn’t feel right to many people that supported the game since the beginning. If the vets got an obsidian card, or maybe 6k RAD’s or ANYTHING worth it then people would have been happy.
The server problems are still continuing to this even day after the hotfix, the game crashes randomly, and this isn’t only coming from me, many others have gotten random crashes without the bugsplat window showing up right after to report the crash, nothing, just a random crash and verifying your game files doesn’t do anything about it.
Again, all in all, I feel like the game was much better before the “1.0” update, this more feels like a quick way to rush the game out to it’s “official” launch so SD can finally be done with this “nightmare” of a game.

The game has potential, but unless something get’s done differently, not even the biggest giveaway and marketing push won’t help this game… or in other words, R.I.P Dirty Bomb… you will be missed!

(Press E) #7

Apparently so long as they keep getting reset.

Still not ideal when a lot of them have weird settings on when you’re just looking for a normal game. 5v5 FF on with shared cooldowns and almost no lobby time can be fun, but not so much when it’s pretty much your only option, since there are barely any open community servers. So I can definitely understand the frustration, especially if you don’t even know to try community servers for no lag in the first place.

(Begin2018) #8

?? The goal of a beta is to fix everything before releasing a fully working and stable 1.0 version. Everyone here knew 1.0 will be a failure because the game development is chaotic since years. Then yes we have to blame SD for this and it was totally predictable.

(Press E) #9

The game was working fine before release though. Hell, these server issues didn’t even show up at 1.0, they only started appearing a couple days after.
If you set up a great model city, reveal it to your friends, and then a couple days later one of your buildings that seemed completely fine and stable just falls over, that’s not really something you could have predicted.

SD didn’t ship the game with these issues, they appeared after full release. And from the details we have gotten, it sounds more like UE3 and Multiplay’s fault than SD. Yeah it sucks, but screaming at SD over it is just silly. I highly doubt they would have released the game in this state if they had happened earlier.

(Begin2018) #10

Ridiculous. Tell this to people who died in Genes when the bridge falls over.

Everything fine before 1.0 release? The known bug list was already as long as my arm.

And sure, the UE3 devs are sh*t while the SD ones are very good. Have a look on the game list using UE3 in Wikipedia…

This is just the result of a chaotic development.

(Press E) #11

Did you die because you have to deal with some lag on a public server? This is a far bigger deal to SD than it is for you. Having your game break after 1.0 isn’t a good first impression, and I somehow highly doubt it’s something they foresaw but decided to ignore.

I’m the last one to support some of the decisions SD has made with DB, but being angry at SD these server issues is just irrational and doesn’t help anything.

(Begin2018) #12

It help to point development problems. To change their chaotic workflow on DB. Probably change some devs on this project too, especially the main one.

No need to hide all the mess saying “it’s the UE3 fault!”. No, it isn’t the UE3 fault. It isn’t the player fault. And it isn’t just the “only one minor bug in this game”.

It’s the result of a broken development, as all the well known bugs who were never fixed.

(Vanphuccity) #13

Haven’t ran into any problems with FaceIT yet.

(fzl) #14

haha eu servers not joinable…some fixes changing nothing…

clans remove his servers (why pay 4 this lag shit)

gg dirty bomb…deadly game

(ASD) #15

everything has an end… sad that its ending like this!

(Mc1412013) #16

I can understand a halt on development for now but realy pull all the non maintenance devs from the game before u fix all the bugs. Seriously the game gonna die new players will uninstall after a few matches from lag. Vets will get annoyed and leave. Now that theres no developement there will be no events to look forward to and no reason for vets to grind or care about finishing contracts cuz theres no point to curancy if we have nothing to buy

(Xenithos) #17

I have to make a point here, whenever a company makes third party integrations those should NEVER be a launch-point for the game as implementing those services ALWAYS runs into issues. Splash Damage should have known this as every implementation they’ve done has taken some time, dx11 still gets a little buggy from time to time, EasyAntiCheat took months for full implementation to work, and as we can already see Face-it started with stock rewards and terrible pricing and the server thing with Multiplay is underway. They at a minimum should have held off on advertising and presentation of 1.0 until they’d been able to test their 3rd party integrations in a community environment.

This was a VERY poor decision on their part. All game developers with any salt know this.

(D'@athi) #18

Two possibilities.

  1. They are trying to be a part of Guinness World Records as the most incompetent devs, ever.
  2. They simply don’t care anymore for at least two years, and are simply cashgrabbing what’s left with minimal work invested to keep it going.

Chances for the first one are slim, to be fair.

Edit: I forgot about the third possibility… It’s all Nexon’s fault, CMM wil fix it, and the troubles we see, are only perceptional thingies, the game is fine.

(Press E) #19

FaceIT is another matter entirely, but SD had been using multiplay for it’s normal servers for a long time before 1.0 with no real issues though, and those are what messed up. Realistically they’ve been testing multiplay integration since nexon left and there have never been any issues like this, they only showed up shortly after 1.0.
I could talk a lot about FaceIT too, but ultimately the server issues in general really don’t seem like SD’s fault

(Xenithos) #20

Your gripes aren’t exactly beneficial to the conversation here.

They made an excellent game, with rather decent balance. And though some may not like the shared weapons, or this or that, it’s still one of the best shooters on the market and it’s FREE.

Just the most recent crap and changing promises and priorities with a full drop of communication since Shoe’s leave has resulted in a very real and very correct community outcry.