Rank games

(Fuumok) #1

Will rank games return to the game? I really think people were leaving in Dirty Bomb because they were ranking games. Question and support and players, would you like the return of ranked games?

(Press E) #2

“Ranked” still exists in DB in the form of Faceit. Idk how many people actually used it though. Development on DB has stopped too, there aren’t going to be any more updates sadly.

The game has been on a downward spiral for a long time. CMM, ranked, execution, etc were all removed because there wasn’t a large enough playerbase to properly support them. Naturally it would be great to still have them, but it’s pretty hard to play a game competitively when there are only like 50 people playing competitively on a regular basis

Sidenote, I honestly wish they just fixed a lot of the things people hated about ranked instead of giving up and switching to faceit though. I’m sure there are lots of hardcore players who’ll fully defend ranked as it was but it was just… so frustrating sometimes.

  • If you didn’t queue up you’d get stomped by everyone else who did because everyone just got thrown in together, the minimum level to play ranked was 7, ranked was filled with afkers and wins/losses were still counted the same even if people left, how much you ranked/deranked was entirely dependent on if your team won and not how much you contributed, FF on only existed in ranked so you couldn’t practice it in casual, players could be easily boosted in large queues leading to unbalanced matches if they went solo, you could get hopelessly spawncamped for 12 minutes straight, merc stacks in an explosive spam meta, etc

I could keep doing, and that’s not even including the bugs. But even though the community was pretty vocal about what they wanted from ranked, SD absolutely refused to make any significant changes to it. You basically ended up with people mostly playing to get ranked cards, and when ranked cards could potentially take up to 100 half hour matches for a single CHANCE to get the merc you want, let alone the card you want, I’m not at all surprised that people stopped playing, and DB just didn’t have enough hardcore comp players to keep that afloat I guess.

But even then, I’d love to play old ranked again, but you need the playerbase for that. When ranked matches went well, it was great, and I have a lot of amazing memories from it, and I loved the intense coordinated atmosphere. It’s just that usually they didn’t go well, and It’s a shame SD never improved that

EDIT: also sorry for the wall of text lol, this is just one of the things that always really bugged me

(Kirays) #3

Faceit is playable during the evening (eu time). Notable differences between Faceit and ranked is the inability to stack multiple of the same merc and that the captains choose their players instead of the matchmaking deciding. See this guide for a full rundown:

(Your worst knifemare.) #4

Ill forever miss going 3 Rhinos and a Medic on attack

(alphabeta) #5

Ranked will never come back without further development. What is sad is that this game has so much potential that is going to waste due to SD’s decision to stop working on it. There are still ~500 hardcore players (including me) who love it and play every day. I’ll stop when I find another team based and objective based game; I hoped DB would be the next ETQW but sadly no.

(Mc1412013) #6

Or the phantom triplets or sky hammer triplets

Or the proxy twins

(Press E) #7

Ranked during the stark thunder meta was where it’s at.

(Your worst knifemare.) #8

Those dont count since those were meta

(K1X455) #9

Do you still remember when we were on the same team and I had 420+ ms ping :frowning:

(Kirays) #10

The triple Arty and double Aura combination still haunts me in my dreams. :nadurr:

Yes. Did we win? I feel like we did, but I don’t recall.

(K1X455) #11


It was my tipping point in FACEIT.

(Your worst knifemare.) #12

If only Guardy was allowed in