Raffle! #3

(ZaZa) #5

Cool! :slight_smile:

(Mc1412013) #6


(M3N70Z) #7

I like these kind of raffles and event to fire up the community again. Thanks!

(Kenpachi) #8

BEST FPS F2P GAME IMO. I started playing db somewhen around 25june18 and i installed fortnite ,paladins, csgo, pubg. And DB got me. Literally.

I have played it since then each day, atleast 2hours and uninstalled all the others. People want perfect games rather than keeping up or just being patient. This game is real. Wall jumping, ability colldown, long jumps. Objective bases and teamwork is the priority rather than those shooter games - just kill kill kill. Variety of mercs ie around 12-15 MIND BLOWN. such diverse players and WOW to nader. When i discovered the game i was astounded by the realism and quality of the game. Team fortress 2 is more popular and got more number of players but this game is far better than that and deserves much more. i was at 7 level and cant even kill a sawbones and now i am givin headshots like hell. :smiley:

IMHO CSGO IS SHIT. All the players are literally your clones in terms of speed and health. just a little itsy bitsy jumping and running here and there. Only shooting and killing. Pros - more maps, better community, etc but all that has been established since it’s father cs1.6. Csgo is just a son who is living on his father’s legacy and business. In a parallel universe, if DB’s got that, I’d like to Live there. This is by far most unappreciated game I’ve encountered in my life, not that i’ve played many. I dont know what went wrong, but this game deserves far more attention. I wish i had discovered this game sooner and played it instead of cs and other useless kill and win games. This game is so fast paced. For a moment it feels like fortnite. Cs and battlefield players cant even keep up with the kind of Parkour moves in this game. Man, I’ve learned so much team-building skills and co-op tactics from this game. Pubg csgo ain’t got nothing compared to it. Sadly to say but the ignorant and idiotic, mediocre, sheeple World Is the one killing this game. Once the players increase, the world will seriously love this game.

just speaking what i feel and to all the people reading up till now, don’t give up on this game and stop playing bullshit games that just eat your time and money and only provide skins . play the ones that teach you make u great and a better person.

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(Hadden11) #9

That’s so kawaiiiiiiii

(Jozy P) #10

I wanna win.
Pick me, pick me!!

(ASD) #11

insert code here :stuck_out_tongue:

(belstgut) #12

pls give serverfiles

(Your worst knifemare.) #13

What if we already own Kira?

Do we get some extra super secret obsidian loadout that has her say Kawaii every time she jumps?

(Meetrock) #14

I already own kira, please give me her obsidian card (I know she doesn’t have one).

(coruscate) #15

what the ■■■■? You new here huh? DB is literally ET with mods on a different engine.

CS and no team building skills, you must have not played much CS then :confused: I am rather confused as to why someone posts such an elaborate comment without any knowledge.

(Taj) #16

Free Kira would make my day!

(ASD) #17

please share them

this post does not count…

(HadronZodiac) #18

Wait we get a special skin or just the merc?

(DarkangelUK) #19

The merc, I dont believe there are any special skins for kira that can be redeemed via steam code

(Otton99) #20

Need it to give to my noob friend.

(Your worst knifemare.) #21

I was joking about a skin

(Bela Lugosi) #22

give me…

(Kirays) #23

(Kirays) #24

Congratulations @KENPACHI you win! :kiraface:

Until next time…there is still a Guardian code lying around. :smiley: