[Question] Used Copy / Key Tied to Account?

(Marc) #1

Hey folks,

New to these parts. I saw a post on Facebook about the Server for ET:QW, and I thought the game had been shut down! I’ve always wanted to play it, and was informed I by Splash Damage I could find a copy on ebay or amazon.

My question is, if I buy a used copy, is the license key tied to the account you have to make? Like do I specifically have to buy a new copy to be able to play?

(ressected) #2

You can create new accounts with old / previously used license codes, but only one account from the same license code can be online at one time. However it won’t matter unless the master / authentication server is fixed.

(REA987) #3

Hello @Stry8993

You can get a second hand copy of ETQW form Amazon or eBay around 5 bucks. You could make a new online account by using the license code; as @ressected explained earlier, only one online account per license code can be used at one time. However, as authentication server for accounts is offline at this point, license codes are useless. Thankfully Splash Damage acknowledged the issue and working on it. Hopefully the authentication server back online soon.

(Marc) #4

I just got my copy in, its waiting at the post office for me right now, and apparently Activation just killed the Master Server sigh. That is incredibly upsetting. I don’t care so much about the money, but, I really wanted to play this game. I don’t know why we can’t, its so dumb. Tribes 2 is still going strong, killing a game that we could EASILY host ourselves is extremely disappointing.

(REA987) #5

Hey @Stry8993,

Why don’t you check TAW ETQW Discord regarding the issue? :slight_smile:

(Marc) #6

Yeah, I’m already there, thanks REA. Glad a place like that exists. Hopefully, in some way, there can be done whats been done for Tribes 2.