Problems on Dockyard and Trainyard since Javelin update

(Begin2018) #1

On Dockyard, to be able to repair the EV for the first time, there is a secondary objective : Close the gate. It take some times to do, especially while attackers push here. But a Javelin in defence just need one rocket to instant re-open it. And she can do it at defence side!

Same in Trainyard, it take some times for attackers to close the gate and then plant. But now Javelin can instant open it (it was already possible with Arty/Kira but it take a bit longer and require some knowledge about the map).

It make this secondary objectives totally useless and mostly ruin the chances for attacker to complete their first objective.

(HELGA_bunga) #2

so she’s finally a fire support and not an assault ? great

(Begin2018) #3

Yes on some maps it’s good : Underground as attacker, you can instant open South door (and pray your team isn’t totally garbage and will follow you to plant). On Bridge you can instantly open the barrier (way faster than molotov), etc.

But on Dockyard and Trainyard, this ruin the attack, especially as it was already not easy at all. Lots of people were already spawnkill in Dockyard or unable to plant in Trainyard.

(Your worst knifemare.) #4

Defender Jav now has to wait 35 seconds for another rocket, which can make a large difference.

I barely see spawncamps on Dockyard, mostly because attackers have a distance advantage to the Ev.

(noonenew) #5

actually the 2nd obj bridge gen is a 2 shot

(HadronZodiac) #6

Tbh i think shes fine now. I wanted her to be more focused on destroying secondaries less than EV (because of how her ability works, and keeping her still an assault hybrid)

(Begin2018) #7

Yes I think she is fine too. The problem are this maps since the Javelin buff.

Dockyard need a real generator at the attacker side and not too easy to shot at. Currently that’s just a door and you can shot it from defender side! When you “push” 2 or 3 minutes to close this gate, you don’t want to see it instantly open…

And in Trainyard, I feel like it’s too accessible from defence side too, especially when you can instantly disable it. Or it has to be closed when the map start and the defence have to open it.

Are you sure? Why this one is different than the others?

(Jigstraw) #8

I consider dockyard’s EV repair one of the easiest repairs in the game, to be honest. You just have to communicate to your team that the door should be repaired first, then the ev. I usually try to bring an engineer on attack and do it myself just to be damn sure it gets done. here’s a pretty useful tactic for getting the door closed once the defense has already pushed in and taken control.

Btw javelin can’t “instantly” destroy the generator on bridge, it’s the high HP variant of generators, and takes two rockets to destroy, not one. I can’t remember what all specific objectives are the 1000HP variants but i know all the generators on underground are 500hp variants, and I can’t remember which is which, but trainyard has one 500hp, one 1000hp generator.

(Begin2018) #9

That’s the problem. Now you close it and one second later Javelin reopen it without any effort or skill requirement.

(HadronZodiac) #10

I mean… to be fair, holding f to repair isnt very skill needy either

but i see what you mean, i think doors should naturally have +10% health (just because they are doors not generators)

(Begin2018) #11

Except you are under attack. You aren’t pressing F in a perfect world full of love. At least half of the defence team is here to prevent you repair this door. And it takes some times, it isn’t as pressing F half a second (or give me instant repair).

While Javelin can fire her rocket at defender side from 50 meters in a very calm area. And it takes only half a second.

Really, I don’t understand why I have to explain things during days every time I say something in this forum, as everything is really easy to understand for people who already played this game.

(Mustang) #12

I’m also not a fan of the one hit door(/generator) takedown first objective Underground.

I hate all the OHK’s that are/were in the game, shotguns, snipers, melee, etc.

(Ptiloui) #13

Well, I’d say that at least, she’s using her rocket to do something useful rather than cheap kills.

To be fair, it all depends on which side you’re on. It is as boring to repair door on Dockyard as it is to repair generators in Underground.

(HadronZodiac) #15

Yeah but tbh you are thinking it as everyone has javelin (except on all merc weekend loll).

In most situations, the best way to take out secondaries is C4 which takes a long time for the c4 to explode. While holding f for ~8 seconds gets it back up and running. Imo shes balanced if you consider the larger spectrum

(noonenew) #17

most gens have 500 hp but on second obj bridge it has 1000 health. I tink there may be a few more 1000 hp ones and there may be some 750hp ones but yeah. on second obj bridge that gen has 1000 hp and is a 2 shot

(Teflon Love) #18

That’s why C4 rarely is the “best” way. :wink:

If a generator isn’t covered by a roof, use Arty’s artillery or Kira’s laser. If there is a roof, use any combination of Nader’s grenades, Stoker’s molotov, Javelin’s rocket and also fire at it with your guns.

Proxy’s mines can be useful too, but it might be hard to get close enough. Fragger and Fletcher can also use their grenades but it seems to be more common to reserve them for combat.

(Begin2018) #19

It isn’t the same thing. In Underground doors are closed at the beginning and it gives something to do to engineers in defence if the attackers open them. Otherwise it’s boring to be an engineer in defence when there is nothing to repair/defuse.

While in Dockyard you are in attack and have to close it first, while defence is pushing at the same place. Then instant open is just too easy for defence team.

I play a lot Proxy on this maps and the feeling is very different between both map. This door should have 750 or 1000 HP as the Bridge’s generator, or its own generator at attacker side as I already said.