Post your weapon skins from locked cases

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@Zolerox how did you manage to get so many screenshots of pristine skins especially high-rarity ones like Golds and Cobalts? Considering how few poped-up in this thread there was no way I was going to start hunting those down for the DB Genome so I stuck to the cards’ pictures…

Anyways, got to admire someone braver (or crazier) than me when it comes to collecting this stuff, so I’ll help with what I can:

Good luck with your project!

(HadronZodiac) #72

1st - Its worn, so i forget its cobalt lmaooo
2nd - Mierda
3rd - not bad ig
4th - not bad ig
5th - Pristine, but ugly in general
6th - Honestly i kinda like this one

(Zolerox) #73

Would like to get that last screenshot in 1920x1080
(I have a few rules for screenshots all listed in the guide.)

@Djiesse There was no way in hell i was gonna get more tapir screenshots (never got into PTS) thanks for those you single handedly finished a section for me (and my first one) Thanks. Funny story i actually had to tell someone to lower their resolution as i prefer 1920x1080 He was screenshotting at 4k.

The project is alot of work (ranked skins and nuclear winter) Doesn’t help that RNG is evil so screenshots are hard to get and then they have to be usable. No 860x640 screenshots No 1.3 brightness and No Rotated the gun soo much all you see is the barrel.


I really hope we get polishing soon. Love the skin, but bleh, worn :frowning:

Also caulden is like, my least favourite pistol too, and I only use like 2 cards with it so rip me

EDIT: I never noticed it before but holy shit the caulden looks so massive in guardian’s hand when inspecting it

(Zolerox) #75

Think polishing is taking so long because they want the “rare” one’s to be valuable.

What if Polishing made the skin untradable? just an idea. (or it just costed like 30k credits to polish)
And Caulden’s my Pocket sniper pistol.
Selbstadt .40 being my favorite pistol overall.


Idk, those weapon skins are already pretty rare. And I’d imagine SD is gonna make polishing pretty expensive, so it wouldn’t really devalue the market. Sure they could make polished weapons untradeable, but they really don’t have to.

Idk why I hate the caulden either, it just feels… weird I guess. maybe it’s the animation and sounds. The magazine just feels too small for the amount of damage it actually does. Even the DE. 50 feels better to me

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Add me on steam i could use some better screenshots (steam name: Zolerox

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How are you guys finding the new Credits for keys system and increased case drop rate?

Getting more stuff? Better stuff? Happier? LESS HAPPY?!

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Can a bronze ever have the chance to become a cobalt by polishing?

(ThePigVomit) #80

I like being able to get keys for credits, .

However, trading won’t be a consideration until the polishing mechanic is outlined/finalized.

Get on board with polishing as a progression path for those whom have already got all the mercs, cards, and trinkets they wish to acquire.

I’ve got scarred skins that I want to make pretty, skins for weapons I’ll never use. Don’t tell me to recycle them, as I’ve got 350k in fragments that I can do nothing with already.

It makes no logical sense to trade something if I don’t know what it will cost to make it pretty.


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wish regular loadout cases would drop as often as the old days

(ThePigVomit) #83

RNJesus smiled on me that day as well.

Though when trading opens up, I may try to swap it for a Driess. I just don’t play cards that have the crotz all that much.

(XsnipergirlX) #84

I don’t know… I feel like you’re trying to drain my credits.

(Bloodndeception) #85

Everyone hates me for this one

(Teflon Love) #86

More useless junk piling up in my inventory that hopefully one day I can sell on the Steam market.

(HadronZodiac) #87

Imo its nice that we have more crates, but imo the keys for credits was a way better move. Im sure you guys are keeping the whole wearing of the skins, and skin rarites. So opening that up to people who dont spend money is the right thing. If there were no wearing of the skins, and better rng in it, i could see why its exclusive to people who support the game financially.

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Take a look at these beauty’s.

(ThePigVomit) #89

Either RNJesus has favored you immensely, or you’ve done a crap-ton of recycling…

(Your worst knifemare.) #90

Roughly had 5-6 recycled at most and most were duplicates.