"Post your screenshots" thread. Humor not required, but appreciated

(Your worst knifemare.) #730

This ones actually mine

And this ones an oldy

(Otto) #731


(Your worst knifemare.) #732

The sad thing is that i need more

(Otto) #733

What, you have no 383?!

(Your worst knifemare.) #734

Thats overated, plus its in bronze

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #735

New mystery merc?


(Press E) #736

The Chad. All he does is hover ominously and glare people into submission

(Your worst knifemare.) #737

Chad has fallen

(Your worst knifemare.) #738

(ASD) #739

dont shoot his balls

(Mc1412013) #740

Nope gotta shoot the females in that area then it looks lile there having a realy bad period


(Your worst knifemare.) #741

We all know Skys bloodline is about to end

(Your worst knifemare.) #742

Rad soldiers easter egg? Or mabye just Rads

(Mustang) #743

I think this was answered before, and was more intended as a take on the FEMA X used for search and rescue operations, where RAD just refers to radiation.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #744

Doggy style Aura?

(Your worst knifemare.) #745

Killfeed is weird

(Your worst knifemare.) #746

(K1X455) #747

it’s called “I must jump” over the the tactical block

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #748

New merc has quite the package…


(ASD) #749

he’s farting blood :dash::dash::dash: