Phantom Cobalt Achievment

(SirOrionDrake) #1

Hey guys!
Ever since the Phantom Rework patch, I’ve been wondering why I didn’t get the achievement for crafting a Cobalt card for him, since I ALREADY had one.

It doesn’t seem fair to us who have been playing longer, having to craft yet another Cobalt, just so you can get an Achievement.

Isn’t there a way to fix this?


Did you actually craft the card or get it in a case? I managed to get the achievement for crafting a cobalt guardian, but I haven’t tested it with already having a card so idk. But maybe crafting it is an actual requirement?

(SirOrionDrake) #3

It is a 1st Edition one… I really don’t remember whether it has been crafted or gotten from a case ^^’

Edit: Yeah, never thought it could be related to it, though…

(Kirays) #4

I don’t think it works retroactively.

These cobalt achievements are lame, you have to craft cobalt cards for mercs you might not enjoy playing, would rather have them fused into one and the requirement changed to craft x amount of cobalt cards for whatever merc.

(Teflon Love) #5

The most efficient way is to do them during a crafting week. Once you have the achievement you can scrape the card again and reuse the fragment for another crafting. During a crafting week, you get all the fragments back. Provided you have enough credits you can do multiple achievements without an insane amount of fragments.


The “play x hours with ___ in your squad” ones kinda suck too tbh. They could do so many cool merc specific achievements, and instead all we get are “waste credits crafting a card on a merc you dislike, then waste a squad slot with them for 20 hours”

There should be achievements for owning a merc, but if all your achievements are just grindy ones then at that point you might as well not even bother.