Old quake wars vids!!!!!!!!!!

(DanDares) #43


(edxot) #44

(light_sh4v0r) #45

Thanks for linking that, just watched all of his physics test videos again.
Rather amusing :slight_smile:

(Runeforce) #46

Reminds me, I got a game to install…

(REA987) #47

Da hack did I just watch? :armadillo :

(Shiv) #48


Miss the dogfighting.

(Szakalot) #49


Miss the dogfighting.[/QUOTE]

awww, good old times

(CaliberWorkz) #50


A great video that should get some recognition.

(light_sh4v0r) #51

Yep, the ultimate flying guide was great, as was dogfighting :slight_smile:

edit:"Who did the narration? it’s mesmerizing… and I’ve apparently watched it too often, I still remember most of the lines…

(ED209) #52

By the Makron I miss Quake Wars so much. It was so much fun. I almost feel inspired to edit some demos.

(_milla) #53

yeah sadly I threw away old PC with tons of frag movies on HDD…

shame on me

(tokamak) #54

Same thing. Which is terrible as it had all the ones from the Vimeo channel. The ones that Vimeo instantly removed without notice when they decided to no longer host video game material.

(cloudhalo) #55

I aint trying to de-reail my own thread but does any1 have murka’s HQ cfg by chance? If they do can you give it to me, since the link he originally posted no longer works?

(REA987) #56

I found this in Splash Damage blog;



(Nerwitz) #57

Yeh yeh, flying school lessons missed… lift up that thing! :armadillochase:

(REA987) #58

Still not legendary as my crushed Trojan by a GDF APT at the other side of the first bridge while 4 people inside at Valley. :smiley:

(gangstarN) #59

EYEballers | gangstarN frags from the start of etqw

(ED209) #60

Join the GDF!

(REA987) #61

Dude, that’s not old, it’s new and shiny. :wink:

(REA987) #62

It looks like EnemyTerritory.TV has started to reupload its old, competitive ETQW videos thanks to @kloud’s initiative.

New channel:

Old channel:

@kloud’s information video: