Old Games - Replaying any games from your childhood?

(stealth6) #7

OpenTTD (transport tycoon deluxe remake)
Two point hospital (Theme hospital remake)

(rookie1) #8

Renegade X FTW

(Mustang) #9

Love text adventures! Started to code one a couple of years ago, need to get back to that at some point. Played a bit of one last year, but nothing this year, also technically not a childhood game/genre for me as I didn’t play one until I was in my 20’s. My favourite challenge from the Ready Player One book was the Zork one as well.

One of the podcasts I listen to has done some pretty cool Christmas special episodes where they play text adventure-esque games in a D&D kind of style, pretty fun to listen to.

(Moobabe) #10

I d on’t do this very often, I think many of the games I liked don’t hold up so much any more sadly :frowning:

I did pick up Book of Demons though, which is a “Diablo-like” - seems pretty cool so far (and on discount if you own Darkest Dungeon).

(rookie1) #11

Apart Renegade X
One of my older game That I like of lot for the arsenal Variety and so much …It can only be redux one day .
is —>Project: Snowblind <-----
From Steam’s Comments :

“One of the best older FPS-games I ever played, due to the sheer number of weapons and attacks, ways to kill the enemys and deal with the missions it is nearly a sandbox game but gets really hard later on and challenges the player. Rarely had this much fun with an older FPS in recent years, worth the exploration, time and money!”

"2) Along with the above, and the addition of many game elements like alarms, being able to hack terminals and so on, you have many options for how you want to defeat your enemies. This ranges from a full on berserk attack to stealthily creeping around or hiding. Lots of air ducts to crawl through.

  1. Plenty (and I do mean plenty) of weapons, additional equipment you can use and augmentations to you personally. Some of these are

-Increased vision abilities
-Spiderbots that follow you around, like the insects in Half Life, and help you out.
-EMP, poison gas, and frag grenades
-Cool shotgun, Carbine, Sniper rifle, and pistol
-Reflex augmentation that functions like the reflex boost in F.E.A.R.
-…the list goes on. This is only a very small part."

You see the type of game Old But Before his time …

(Floris) #12

Me and some friends have been playing a lot of Age of Mythology at LAN lately. It supports 12 player matches with multiple teams :slight_smile: usually we play with between 6 to 8 players though.


I really enjoyed playing Age of Mythology back in the day. It was like AoE, but with “god powers” where you could turn your enemy soldiers into pigs and exciting things like that.

I might put that back on my list.

(Mc1412013) #15

Jazz jackrabit thanks for reminding me. i forgot the name of that game

(Mc1412013) #16

Corridor7 was a game i used ro play alot i had the cd version that had a sound track with it so you listen to the ingame music on a cd player

I still remember having to type corr7cd.exe /noems noxems or the game would crash or not boot

I had a bunch of doom and wolfstein wad files. Had simpsons barney bevis and but head ones just to name a few i remember.

And i remember playing duke nukem 3d in school off a projector in the suply/storage cage in my electronics class

Other ones i had were

I beta tested every version of you dont know jack including french and rusian which i just hit buttons cus i had no clue what they said
Fun fact anouncer gets agravated if you type f#ck you during gibrrish questions.

Head rush beta
I had a ton of shereware cds so i played a lot of gamea

Still have a few peices of my old 486 dx machine back when turbo buttons were a thing but every one used turbo all the time anyway.
And 66mhz was comsidered a beast of a chip

(Mustang) #17

I’ve still got all the pieces of the 386 I used to game on as a kid.
Turbo buttons felt like they were just a placebo to me, but as you say, everyone kept them always on regardless.

(Mc1412013) #18

Only time i noticed any thing was during mem testing during post

(Runeforce) #19

While not quite a quote from Colossal Cave Adventure, it made me think of Scanner Sombre. It is almost as one thought, how would a geologist make that game today?

(Nail) #21

CCA begat Zork, where the quote is from

(Kirays) #22

The black & white games by lionhead studios. A shame they were closed down, I was hoping they’d release a third game someday.

Oh, and of course the classic AoE2, that one is timeless!

(Nail) #23

still play AoE3 most days, seeing how fast I can get to level 131

(Mc1412013) #24

Cammander keen gets played once in a while. Though the e3 trailer for the games revival looks horrible


It gets Olayed? You mean, this stuff?

I’m only winding you up. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mustang) #26

Na, it’s this one…

(Jonaskapitonas) #27

stronghold crusader anyone? :smiley:

Or maybe old school runescape ? I managed to earn 1k cash for selling osrs gold at Eldorado.gg

(Nail) #28

still on my comp, haven’t played in a couple months though