New SP Map - test map of the addon for rtcw

(ronboy) #329

Me too, melc_av. It’s great that Dialog has finally Returned to Castle Wolfenstein. :heart_eyes:

Dialog has uploaded 5 videos that showcase some prefabs that he has created for Rtcw! You can watch them on my website here:

(melc_av) #330

Indeed. Maybe this project will be finished soon

(Dialog) #331

work on it )

(melc_av) #332

Can we test crypts? 1 and 2?

(Dialog) #333

catacomb 2

create house )

(ronboy) #334

As always, nice video, Dialog. I’ll advertise it soon via one of my website updates. :sunglasses:

(melc_av) #335

Hi Dialog,
I’m glad because you listened my suggestion about these videos for begginer mapers.

(melc_av) #336

I’m ready to test catacombs 2.

(ronboy) #337

Me too. We will be waiting for your next map for testing, Dialog.

(ronboy) #338

Wolf Enstein has uploaded a playthrough for Steinvillage and Station! You can watch it on my website here:

(ronboy) #339

Yo$hik has uploaded a playthrough for EscapeCastle and Citadel in “extreme quality”! You can watch it on my website here:

(melc_av) #340

Hi Dialog,
Any news?

(ronboy) #341

Wolf Enstein has uploaded a playthrough for Green Forest and The Enemy Castle in “Real HD”! You can watch it on my website here:

(agerix) #342

very good beginning
not every nazi flag can be destroyed
viking and mummy too easy to kill

(Durilo) #343

Dialog, I want to give you advice on inverted textures. In all your maps, there are obvious problems with some textures.

Horizontal Stretch in the texture settings you need to put a minus sign -.

(melc_av) #344

Hello Dialog,
Any news about project?
Can we test crypt/catacomb?

(agerix) #345

let him alone dude
another things be priority

(ronboy) #346

Nice advice, Durilo. I never knew about the solution to fixing a backwards texture, such as a poster, sign, or a flag. Thanks to you, now I know. I’ll share this advice with other mappers, for sure, because I’ve seen that many of them don’t know about this solution. :sunglasses:

You are right, agerix. Since early July of this year, I was absent from the Rtcw community, due to real life reasons. People must not forget that mapping is not a career, instead it’s something that most people work on in their spare time.

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