Need help with bullet lag in ET

(Gel) #21

Target Name: N/A
Date/Time: 13/08/2006 2:38:40 PM to 13/08/2006 2:39:29 PM

Hop Sent Err PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [IP]
1 50 0 0.0 0 0 0 [***.***.***.***]
2 50 0 0.0 12 424 27 []
3 50 0 0.0 12 130 15 []
4 50 0 0.0 24 169 29 []
5 50 0 0.0 23 26 24 []
6 50 0 0.0 23 98 26 []
7 50 0 0.0 23 105 28 so-6-2-0.XT2.SYD2.Alter.Net []
8 50 0 0.0 23 70 26 so-7-0-0.BR2.SYD2.ALTER.NET []
9 50 0 0.0 23 96 25 FastEthernet2 []
10 50 5 10.0 25 1505 109 []
11 50 3 6.0 37 1039 99 Bundle []
12 50 0 0.0 36 251 42 []
13 50 0 0.0 36 40 37 []
14 50 50 100.0 0 0 0 [-]

Destination not reached in 35 hops

I dont understand tech stuff, but some of these numbers look pretty poor I am guessing

:frowning: :frowning: :’(

(inf3rno.hungary) #22

[QUOTE=EB;145015]I have the same issue quite OFTEN.

2.8 ghz
1 gig ram
6800 nvidia
5mb/384kbs connection

no lagometer issues…no system resource issues …it happens somedays and other days it just doesn’t happen.
This happens on every one of my computers.

Jaymod, I could shoot a head, point blank…wait 5 seconds and then hear all of the hits 3 times as faster than they should have been relayed back to me.
BUT THAT IS ONLY WHEN THE BULLETS HIT…which is barely ever with Jaymod.

Etpub, this error type rarely shows it’s ugly head but if it does appear- soon after the bug clears I go from having a horrid time playing with a “lag-like” game to playing with an “I can’t miss heads even if I shoot bellies” game.

Etpro follows all of the rules above except that when I shoot a head point blank, more than 50% of the bullets actually hit after the odd lag second or so, Jaymod: 10% hit, Etpub: random percentages.


Some days, I shoot, wait .5 second for bullet to appear,wait .5 second, watch it hit, wait .5 second for hit to be seen(smoke), wait .5 second , listen for hit sound.
Some days, bullets hit the instant I shoot.

This DOES change after I reconnect to the server, most times.
Sometimes, this changes on a per-map load basis.


I wish network code and transmissions were a perfect science. :p[/QUOTE]

Same here since 2010 when I changed my PC, my opsystem from XP to Win7 and my ISP. I am still not sure which one is responsible for this experience. I was a high skill player with more than 50% acc, now I have around 35% or even less. I play only etpro. I am pretty sure this is not config related, since I used the same config with XP and it was fine. The only thing I changed is “r_primitives 1” for nvidia graphics card. I managed to rule out most of my hardwares from the suspects (I built 2 new PC-s since then, but the problem still persists). Only the monitor is the same Dell device, but this does not seem some kind of display lag. I think it is something network related, but I am not sure. According to my modem and online tests the connection is fine. Low ping, low jitter.

I shoot clear headshots on my screen, but none of the bullets hit. Not even panzer or rifle nades hit enemies properly. All I can do is preshooting with rifle to the common places. It kills the enemy sometimes and ofc I am accused with WH. On the other hand when I see a grenade coming to my direction there is no time to jump away. It’s like if everything on my screen would be in delay compared to what happens on the server, so when I see the nade coming on my screen, it have already blown up on the server and killed me. Other strange things, that sometimes I go into a room and ppl are not displayed for a few hundred msecs. I have a small yellow shark sometimes when people hit me on the head and after that I can’t move and I am killed in a sec. It’s like if the game would got the info that I was killed in time, so it does not allow me to move, but the info about what happened would come a sec later. I experience the same “delayed bullets” and the “things happening faster than usual after a delay” stuff too. Sometimes enemy is shooting at me, I go behind a wall or tree and 1 sec later bullets start hitting. Same things happen with my bullets too. The hitbox it totally off too, sometimes it is 1 meter before fast moving ppl, sometimes it is after them. Only rarely is the hitbox on the proper place, maybe 5% of the cases.

Another interesting stuff, that with my current config I have more than 200 FPS with Battlefield 4, while I don’t have stable 125 FPS on some of the bigger maps with ET. I doubt the problem is with my PC, I have i5-4670k and gtx 750 ti currently. It should be able to handle 125FPS in ET I think. I set memory usage to maximum in ET, so even that cannot be a bottleneck, but nothing helps. Maybe it’s just that the game uses only 1 core and current CPUs aren’t that strong on 1 core as old ones. I don’t know. DPC latency measurements are all green, so the drivers and everything should be ok. Really I could not come up with a way to debug this in the past 8 years. All I could do is checking the hardwares and now that I am mostly done with them, I’ll check what happens when I change the opsystem too, for example to Ubuntu or Mint with a low-latency kernel. I no longer trust Windows.

(I realize this is a very old thread, but maybe somebody managed to solve this in the past decade.)

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Interesting information, because everyone is complaining of the same these days.

  • First: 2010. this date seems to have some meaning. I have noticed that some ET:QW players changed their nicks and now it includes this date. Looks like they are aware of some change introduced to the game at that point in time.

  • Second: While having the same sort of problems back then, I used to be asked to install the game at some friend’s home, because they were not so expert in the matter. Every time, I would be amazed how I would finish the installation, and the game was running perfectly, and I could play it better than back at my own home, where I had a much better computer, better connection, etc …

  • Third: Just as a side note, I used to think that windows 10 had the most retarded license agreement ever. But now I believe that it may be a little different. Probably they were the only corporation that decided to let people know how vulnerable to on-line attacks they were. Unlike others that pretend to be beyond government control.