My suggestions for the game to be reborn

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It hurts me to see such a good game die due to updates totally useless (for my part, I will explain in more detail). It’s been a while since I think about different solutions to improve different aspects of the game and I think I have found some solutions that may bring life to Dirty Bomb.

Things to change:

The balancing of the game, of course how to think about the points to change without going through the balancing completely nonexistent of this game.

The different nerf and buff really helpful, whether on weapons in general or even mercs.

To bring back the ranked system (and maybe even the casual matchmaking).


For the moment, the game’s balancing system is based on the levels of the players, a low level player will automatically be put with a high level player. This system, for my part, I find it foolish, yes, foolish, I explain myself.
You arrive on the game, you are new and you face 100+ level players in front of you (I speak in therm of old levels). Of course, you can not do anything, we agree? But in a few cases, some new players release other FPS (typical example: CS: GO). These players also have the experience of the FPS, and even if they do not know the mechanics of the game, they know how to aim and most of the time, they also know how to play as a team. These players are very good at exploding the Dirty Bomb veterans, and yet they are not even level 7. Personally, it has happened to me already and I’m not ashamed to say it. This is why the balance of the game is also inactive, so do not balance according to the levels of the players but with other criteria that can affect each player on a case by case basis.

  1. The average EXP rate per minute, a medic specialist will necessarily have more points than any other player. Its EXP rate per minute will be very high. On the other hand a player who is a specialist recon, or even assault will have fewer points than the other players (in most cases). The assaults are mostly based on the damage, so look for the kills first, and even for the recon even if they help their team to spot the enemies but you understand the idea. New players usually have a very low EXP per minute while veterans are around 1K per minute.

  2. The average number of kills per minute, exactly the same as the average EXP rate per minute, no need to explain it again.

  3. The general aim of each one, a new players who does not know necessarily aim will be often between 20% and 25% of precision, whereas a good player will be at 30% + for the less good ones which can go up to more than 40% for the most experienced players.

  4. Make a mix of these 3 exposed solutions to have, not a perfect balancing, but at least a lot better than the present one at the present time.

Nerf and buff:

With the update of July 24 it seems to me, a lot of things have been nerf and buff. For my part, I think the shotguns are very good at the time of today, so that, not to touch, on the other hand there is a weapon that must really be nerf, and I speak obviously of the Hochfir … This weapon … is the definition of the ultimate noob simply, you with 55 balls in a mag, with weak damage but I’m sorry, what do you want against someone who uses this laser beam in front of you ? The rate of fire is much too high, you shoot for just 2 seconds and 1, you emptied your charger, 2, you inflicted more damage than any other SMG available in the game in record time. And I’m not even talking about mercs who have this weapon … (Proxy, just a bunnyhop or running around like a decapitated chicken and doing drop mine, Phoenix, well I think it’s the only one who No problem with this weapon, Nader, grenade launcher … Hochfir … an ideal combo to get the entire community of Dirty Bomb, Turtle … guys, what made you put a Hochfir on this merc ??? You have just a camp behind your shield on Underground with a healstation and here is a free win, and if by bad luck there is a Nader or a Phantom to break them, it is not is not a problem, you just have to smash it with your laser beam straight out of Star Wars and the turn is play!) No, more seriously, just lower the gun’s firing rate, not necessarily make it too slow than the Blishlock, but a just find a happy medium that makes it useful, but not OP. With regard to weapons, I find it ’ There is that that can be problematic. As for mercs, most of the major nerf has been listened to and executed, Javelin and Rhino. On the other hand, there is an URGENT nerf to do, I feel that I will pass for a kid who crying but fuck off, I’m not the only one to say it and it just becomes unportable … Phantom! I know you’ve reworked it not long ago, but really …? Do you think it’s fun to play against a merc we do not hear, and that we do not see? Even if the sound has been slightly increase, it remains inaudible in the middle of all these explosions. And I’m sorry but less than eyes of lynx, we do not see it at all. I once read a solution to Phantom that seems really good, make it slightly more visible when in motion (it all depends on its speed) and as audible as now, but against when it does not move, make it TOTALLY invisible not even a single visible pixel but with a loud enough sound to be heard amid explosions.
After the other mercs, it’s bearable since it’s part of the game

The return of the ranked system and matchmaking, I know that FACEIT is close to your heart, but I tell you that, there are not many people who are excited about this new “competitive” system. I just have a question to ask you, you say that Dirty Bomb is a competitive game, so why have you removed the only competitive system from the game? Ok we agree that the ranked ones were not necessarily a f_un part for the less experienced players_, but that’s the goal! It’s a competitive mode, it’s not for low-level players. With a new balancing system, it will make all the difference, and above a level limit before I can access the ranked system, I will still talk with the old levels, before it was a restriction up to level 7, but what to do, since it’s a basic competitive mode, so for experienced players, limit the minimum level required to at least 15. Or to make a system of divisions according to the ranks (Bronze with Bronze and Silver, Silver with Silver and Gold, Gold with Gold and Cobalt, and Cobalt with Cobalt and Elite). These are just nice suggestions but I think that with a new balancing system, there is a way to get the ranked and even the casualmatchmaking back!

I’m not a developer, but there’s one thing you do not necessarily have Splash Damage, it’s experience on the game. It’s been a year since you listen to the suggestions of low levels for supposedly “improve the game” of what they said, but you made him die slowly. We do not need new mercs for the moment, no more new weapons, maybe 1 or 2 more maps but clearly, the maps are the same we do not need them at the moment and we have even less need of cosmetics with your weapons skin or melee weapons skin, clearly we do not care about all that. The things what we want is a balanced game, with real opposition and not to roll on the opposing team or to be rolled over, that we want is a real motive for we had to continue to play, a real challenge, the ranked was part of it, a real way to spend our credits through events like in the past, where we had to farm to get what we wanted. You have made the game easier for newcomers, it’s one thing but you’ve gotten the loyal players off the ground.

I’ll give you an example, it’s been a year since you listened to new players who do not necessarily know the game, you’ve integrated the system weapons weapons CS: GO mode, you have buff Phantom to such a point that he became one of the most OP mercs in the game, you took out the ranked system because the low levels complained of getting screwed in a competitive mode reserved for experienced players because they could not get past the bronze master rank and where did all this lead you? All this led you to a game that is dying, everyone leaves the game because there is more interest to play, no more challenge,no more fun,no more farm, NOTHING. I do not know if you realize it but a year ago we were more than 2.6K on average per day, now we are only 834 on average per day.

You made mistakes, who does not do it in his life? But you knew how to catch up, with the update of July 24th you made buffs, nerf and added useful things and why? because you have listened for the first time veterans and since this update, as if by chance there is a slight increase, but a rise of 1.5% more players.

It will soon be 3 years that I’m on the game, and I do not count left now, and frankly it would hurt me to have to leave because no one is playing, so if I can give you advice, listen to what low levels demand, but listen to what veterans are telling you because we know the game and do not know what to improve because we play it and we have experience. Hoping that I managed to open your eyes and give you some possible solutions to improve the game.


FlawLess of the Wi.Bi team

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I hope that SD will consider your post there is good ideas :wink:

(SM83 Power Operative ) #3

I agree about the return of Ranked, but it’s for the same reasons they removed it and Execution that you’ll never see anything along these lines implemented:

It won’t happen - nor do I think it’s even necessary in the first place. Sure, a better matchmaking system and rank progression algorithm could have been nice, but I’d wager anyone who knows how to dissect some game code can take a look and tell you that they already attempted to (probably successfully, to be fair) improve said matchmaking algorithms by a bit.

The problem is the game does not have enough players on DB concurrently for things like this to work. You cannot sort players into multiple categories and modes when you only have a handful of players to choose from. It’s that simple. I am the most bitter person in the world about the removal of Ranked/Exe, but even I can see it from this angle. But just as I’ve said a lot recently, it doesn’t mean I, or anyone, should be happy about it. Understanding it does not make it ‘okay’. For whatever reason (subject for another thread), SD has failed to retain a large enough playerbase for us to have all of these wonderful goodies and fun stuff we’d like. A perfectly polished matchmaking system, tons of customs and privates with settings, multiple different game modes with varying lobby sizes, etc. It’s a pipedream at this point.


I just skimmed through your post tbh, but most of the problems this game has stem from its low player population. Ranked, CMM and execution were removed specifically because there weren’t enough players to support it. The devs have mentioned they might be brought back if the game grows, but until then they just don’t work well. Just look at how painful ranked was for example.
I feel that a lot of DB’s problems could be fixed with some good advertising, and by extension, a bigger playerbase. I really hope SD does a large advertising push for their full release, maybe even sponsoring a few streamers like pubg did, since considering how effective it can be at making crappy games popular, imagine what it can do for an actually good game

Other things like balance are more subjective based on what you’re actually looking for in the game. Like, just with your hochfir and shotgun example, there are a lot of people who I know would disagree with you. Most of DB’s playerbase hate shotguns, yet usually prefer other SMGs over the hochfir.
It’s not as clear cut as “nerf this, buff that”, because what needs a nerf and what doesn’t also depends on what your community wants the game to be. But when everyone wants different things, it’s hard to keep everyone happy.

(K1X455) #5

you forgot balancing by latency distribution

(Manu Mitraan) #6

Totally agree with you !

(Meerkats) #7

I know a lot of people who used to play Dirty Bomb from various skill brackets ( mostly better players though ).

Here is an approximate breakdown of why they stopped playing / why they still won’t return / correlation to quitting. These are of course approximations, but let me make this clear to you: I am not self-inserting; I do ask people why they quit and why they won’t return.

100% / 75% / Strong - Poor merc balance
Big offenders: Aimee, Hunter, Phantom, Redeye, Vassili ( see “Recons” below ). Javelin ( personally, I think complaints against Javelin are least warranted ), Sparks, Thunder, Turtle. Truth is a lot of these mercs can be removed and the game would not be worse for it. A lot of this ties into “game isn’t what it used to be.” As a note: the 25% of players who won’t return to DB, but don’t cite poor merc balance as a reason why they won’t return? They don’t think merc balance has improved, rather they think: “that game is such utter garbage, I can’t be bothered to give a shit anymore.” This is a recurring theme. Rip.

90% / 100% / Strong - Phantom
This one is so big, it gets its own blurb. Nobody likes Phantom. When Phantom first came out, DB suffered such a mass player exodus DB’s playerbase never recovered. There are analytical articles online debating how Phantom is a terrible idea. The most popular streamer for this game, Kudochop, quit because of Phantom. I know almost an entire clan that quit DB over Phantom. Bottom line: He’s not fun to play against and he drives players away. Stop trying to make him work. Put him into the ground, where he belongs, and wash your hands of this abortion of an idea.

Just to be clear: xx% / yy% / [Strong, Moderate, Weak] means 90% ( the xx% ) of players who quit DB specifically cited Phantom as one of the reasons why they quit. 100% ( the yy% ) of those players refuse to return to DB because of Phantom. Their dislike for Phantom is strongly linked to why they quit.

70% / 60% / Strong - Explosives spam
There’s a lot of it.

67% / 50% / Strong - Weapon balance
Improvements in this area have been made, but shotguns and sniper rifles are still highly controversial with most better players thinking they are too strong. As opposed to things they simply didn’t like, this aspect contributed greatly to whether a person quit. My personal opinion: Anything that one hits for over 60 damage should be closely reevaluated, especially the following: nade direct, sniper rifle, hard melee, shotguns, stickies. Closely related: “explosives spam.” Additional personal opinion: I’d like spammable explosives ( nades, stickies, mines ) to do less damage, but for all explosives’ blasts to no longer be blocked by deployables ( improved consistency ).

60% / 67% / Moderate to Strong - Game isn’t what it used to be
Dirty Bomb used to play faster. Overwhelming prevalence of deployables and hard counters have altered the core gameplay to be significantly worse than heyday circa mid 2016. Add explosives spam and bewildering perceived lack of direction.

60% / ??? / Weak - Stability / performance
When a lot of the aforementioned players quit, the stability and performance were worse. For some players, the game would microstutter ( I had this one ). For others, the game would CTD after 30 minutes. A lot of these issues have been addressed. Good job.

55% / ??? / Weak - Gamebreaking bugs
EV collision is the big one here. But I guess that’s not ever getting fixed ( “Not happening” ). Still, it’s better now than prior, so good job again.

50% / ??? / Strong for those who cared, Weak for those who didn’t - Competitive
Tbh, I don’t blame SD too much for this one. Small playerbase is hell on matchmaking. Unfortunately, even stalwarts like Lightning have now quit… so clearly a significant point of contention.

40% / ??? / Weak to moderate - Poor direction / poor communication
A lot of the players that quit feel like SD is increasingly catering the game toward casual players while failing to be forthcoming with what’s being considered for the future of DB.

40% / 25% / Weak - Loadout system / RNG progression
I don’t think anybody has actually ever stated they liked the loadout system. It’s been improved a lot, and amongst the players I know, who are typically better players, not a huge deal compared to players who think the loadout system is pay to win. Still, it could be better.

40% / ??? / Weak - Poor match balance
Tbh, a lot of the players I know who quit tended toward being better players anyway, and as long as they themselves performed well in a match, didn’t stress out too much over this one. Many did complain matches could get boring and repetitive. This isn’t something I particularly blame SD for either due to small playerbase and lack of matchmaking in pubs. Noobs just need to grow some balls. I expect this one is significantly more important to the vast majority of players.

33% / 33% / Strong - Recons
Mostly only really good players complain about this one. Look, getting one shot is never fun, but when you get one shot by an ability, you can at least say to yourself, “well, he’s burned his cooldown” or “he had to burn his ability to kill me.” Snipers one shot with no cooldown from across the map, while have wall hacks as a core ability. This punishes aggressive players by forcing them to stick to cover or get one tapped. Then you have Redeye smoke and Phantom. Ever heard of #removeallrecons? It’s a thing.

Probably forgot some stuff. Oh well. I doubt SD cares anymore anyway so I’m not even sure who I’m addressing this to.

(Kirays) #8

Although we don’t know the exact parameters on how the team balance system functions, it’s safe to assume that levels are not the only part of it, there are already a bunch of variables that pour into it.

I’m not holding a grudge against the hochfir anymore now that aimpunch has been nerfed quite significantly. Shotguns on the other hand are too rewarding for the effort you need to invest, they go against the core, skillful gameplay and should be nerfed. By the way, under ideal circumstances (no damage falloff, 100% accuracy and all shots are headshots) apparently the crotzni deals higher dps than any of the smgs and assault rifles. Phantom is a thorough failure; the devs should either drop him entirely or at the very least remove the whole invisibility gimmick and give him something else.

Both casual matchmaking as well as ranked required a larger playerbase to support them effectively. No matter how many times you alter the algorithm, if there are not sufficient amount of players for the system to work with it won’t help much.

(LifeupOmega) #9

Soon as I read that Hochfir is the strongest gun I stopped ngl. It has a lower DPM than the Blish, and lower DPS than the KEK and Crotzni. It’s in no way broken outside of what was the aimpunch problem. The gun is a laser but so is the SMG-9 and various other guns lol.

Turtle is his own problem, not an issue with the Hoch.

(Kudrow) #10

In my opinion there are few things that needs to be improved in order to keep current players ingame:

  1. Team balancing system - absolutely terrible.

  2. New maps - very little progress made in that field.

  3. Ingame voting system - currently it is very unlikely that teams will be shuffeled or map restarted.

  4. New gamemodes - objective and stopwatch gamemode are basically the same. Execution was nice but besides that it will come back next week we need more gamemodes.

  5. Reduce the time needed to get in battle. Every time when I want to start a battle I need to wait 1st loading screen, then it turns me back to the game lobby where I can change mercs and loadouts and then I need to wait for 2nd loading screen and after that time to spawn in new turn. I suggest to remove the game lobby screen when I am entering match which already started.

(hoyes) #11

Yeah I gotta agree on these. However, I don’t think people are leaving because of the hochfir . It may be slightly overtuned (I would say from the summer squash balance that upped its rate of fire a tad), but nothing major. Good players would leave due to lack of competitive format and broken/op characters (recons, thunder, sparks, turtle), which slowed the game down and made it much easier to defend, making the game more stale due to higher chance for a map lock/spawn camp. Bad-Average players would leave due to bad matchmaking system that also doesn’t allow you to play with your friends as easily. This does not give players incentive to play and get better.

(Eox) #12

Very solid breakdown of the main reasons why people leave DB. Poor match balance should probably rank higher though as it’s a very common source a complaints from my own experience. There’s literally not a single day on Discord without someone complaining about that as far as I can remember.

I was guenuinely surprised to see that Phantom ranks so high in the main reasons why players are leaving DB too. In all honesty, he’s also one of the main reasons why I left. That character is just a truckload of bullshit since the rework and doesn’t fit the core gameplay of DB in any way. It’s sickening to have to die to mediocre players with no aim whatsoever that just rush at you with a big stick. Phantom is also still heavily affected by your graphical settings, which is just utterly unacceptable : I have to disable HQ materials in order to be able to see him at a decent level, which is messing up a lot of skins. I paid for those bloody skins! I shouldn’t have to choose between countering a bad player using a broken character or enjoying the skins I paid for ! Don’t even get me started on the Katana : that thing is an ugly crutch.

However, I never heard about that Kudochop guy, and upon inspecting his youtube channel I could only find two videos of DB. I would also be very interested to see some sources of those masses leaving due to Phantom. Would be a great argument to finally make SD handle that issue for good.

(Meerkats) #13

I mean… literally ask almost any player who plays this game to list things they hate right… except Phantom-“main” trash I suppose.

Kudochop was a member of zFz, I think the only NA clan to win a Dirty Cups. He played alongside SureFour against Taimou iirc in that tourney.

He’s even still listed as the top community figure on the very out of date Dirty Bomb wiki:’s_Guide#Streams_and_VoD.27s

Though to be fair, nobody has yet to beat him on concurrent viewers. I think he was holding down ~233 viewers in his prime. As an additional note, he quit soon after Phantom was released, when Phantom’s shield provided 120 HP protection and he was really, really broken.

I think I might eventually repost that single post as a new topic. Hearts or likes or whatev on it keep steadily rolling in, so it might be significant enough to warrant not being buried in another topic. I figured I’d wait for 1.0 first and all that. Give me your blessing Sir Mod!

(l2c) #14

lol, solid argument, bringing up people who quit years ago, before Phantom was nerfed, reworked, nerfed again, and again, and today, indirectly, again.
Phantom’s cloak being buggy is all on SD. Instead of fixing it, so everyone sees him equally well, they instead nerfed most melee in 1.0. Should be sign enough that they don’t intend on doing anything but patchwork nerfs whenever someone cries loud enough.