Millionaires Club

(Major_Slapnuts) #1

Been grinding for a million.

finally got it.

(Begin2018) #2


By the way, any Special Edition event planned to spend them??

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #3

You should celebrate by giving me those weapon skins

(pr0nflakes) #4


(Teflon Love) #5

That’s the spirit! Show them kiddies that bronze is all you need! :grin:

(die_PaPPe) #6

(geefunkster) #7

I can has?

(ZaZa) #8

Ooooh, a lot of cash, fragments and rads, good job!

(Major_Slapnuts) #9

for my fellow millionaires, I see that all of us quit opening cases.

If dirty bomb sold something for 1 million, would you buy it?

something unique, something that stands out that signifies you made a million?

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #10

56 ghostclips and I only got one. :vassadly:

(Ptiloui) #11

@die_PaPPe what’s the saddest thing about those old events cases is that they may not even give any special edition loadout :laughing:

(Your worst knifemare.) #12

Now open them all.

(Teflon Love) #13

What makes you think that? You can still don the event skills, so everything you need to open them is still in the game. Technically cases just have a pool of possible loadouts assigned to them and once you open them, a random loadout is picked from this pool.

(Begin2018) #14

@teflonlove : Because the percentage to get a Special Edition card was 2%.

(Teflon Love) #15

Oh, that.:confounded: AFAIR with some of the early events like the Dickens cases it was even worse and only 1%.

(Kirays) #16

Looks like I can contribute to this thread. :skyhappy:


Both containment war and what the dickens cases feature a 0.3% chance to drop a special edition loadout card, apart from the guaranteed ones of course.

(jemstar) #17

Really only $1m???

(Xenithos) #18

Man Ya’ll got issues.

I have this weird feeling that a couple of you have spent money on the game.
But then I see THIS. And all I want to know is what stinking level are you?

Also, back when this game was in Alpha making money was an insanely easy thing to do. I know a couple of my friends still have millions left from THEN.

(Major_Slapnuts) #19

seeing if I can get 2 million before this game goes under.