Merc Extended Origins via My Headcanons

(MuddyGrenade) #1

Most of these DOBs and names are based off of the ones I created in this thread: Merc Place/ Date of Births


Born in Bordeaux to a single mother and a father who left before she was born, Amelie Leblanc spent most of her time by herself while her mother worked long nights designing clothes. This led her to develop both an affinity for fashion design, as well as a severe sense of introversion. Most of this culminated in her studying her mother’s scrapped designs, and attempting to recreate the one’s she liked. While working with rusty and old sewing machines, her frustration led her to start taking up tinkering and engineering. She eventually managed to design minor flotation devices to hold up fabric in manageable positions. This caught the attention of her estranged father, who had been secretly monitoring her for some time, without her mother’s knowledge. Her father confronted Amelie, but didn’t tell her that he was her father. He offered her a chance to make some real money by helping develop tech for his criminal endeavors while she took a cut of his earnings. Amelie accepted this, longing to get back at her mother for never being around to appreciate her creations. Her father taught her to use guns, and she turned out to be a natural sharpshooter, and her comfortableness in loneliness made her an excellent sniper. During this time as a sniper/recon in her father’s organized crime business, she developed the Third Eye camera, and eventually the prototype SNITCH Device. However, Amelie’s time spent with her father was cut short when her mother found out that her former lover had returned and turned her daughter in to a fugitive and a killer. The confrontation between Amelie’s father and mother revealed to Amelie that the man she had been working with for the past few years was actually her father. When her father slapped her mother, Amelie was sent into a rage that led to her brutally stabbing her father to death. She apologized to her mother for everything, and left to Paris. She began working as a gun-for-hire, until she ended up getting the attention of Max Bashki. He hired her as his personal bodyguard, using her SNITCH Device and eye for details to aid him in keeping him safe as well as designing high-end fashion. All was perfect, until a certain British combat engineer ended up killing Bashki. Amelie was without a mentor again, and was tired of being left alone after becoming attached. She put herself into the MercServ system, and became a mercenary running around the irradiated London.



Born to a family of poor rice farmers Luoyang, China, Wen Gang Zhou spent all of his childhood working hard in the fields. Wen’s parents told him that people like them never move up in life, and must accept the fact that he will raise his own family the same way they raised him. But Wen longed to move on from these rice fields, and every time his parents crushed those dreams, he only got angrier. On his 18th birthday, Wen stole his father’s old and worn out car and ran away from his home, never to return. He eventually reached Beijing and enlisted in the Chinese Army. His anger finally had a true outlet, and the challenges of the army shaped him up. Wen eventually met a woman, whom he fell in love with. They began dating, and would eventually marry. All was well for Wen. He had proved his parents wrong, he had a loving wife, and a child on the way. However, these good times would be cut short with two things: the Dirty Bomb incident and an altercation between Arty and his higher-ups. Despite being a respected and accomplished soldier, his commanding officer informed him that the Dirty Bomb incident had created a sense of unease throughout the militaries of the world and that Wen would not be able to be promoted, out of fear of trust being lost with officers retiring. Arty understood, but latent angers had finally reached the boiling point. He never wanted to hear someone tell him that he won’t be able to succeed again. Wen made the decision to leave the Army with his wife, pregnant with his daughter, and his son, and move to the UK. There he enlisted in the MercServ databases, using his military connections and experiences as credibility to become a well-respected fire support. His brevity and strictness made him a perfect choice for most contractors, and became a go-to choice when a payer needed someone to kick the other more immature mercs in the ass. Arty didn’t need to move up anymore. He had already made it.



The only girl in a family of 5 children, Henrietta Temple was taught by her mother that while the boys spend their time trying to become sports stars and professional athletes, it was up to the girls to actually get things done for the world. So while her father and brothers spent their time outside playing football, basketball, and soccer, Henrietta stayed inside studying in her room. However, her mother made sure that she was no pushover. When she wasn’t studying, Henrietta’s mother made her run track and even race her brothers on weekends. Despite their athleticism, Henrietta’s brothers rarely ever beat her in their races. Eventually, Henrietta enrolled in the University of South Carolina for her nursing degree. 4 years later, Henrietta was sitting pretty with her bachelor’s degree, and she moved on to med school, using her brilliance and work ethic to get through. Her name had gained respect, and her no nonsense attitude made her a perfect candidate for an experimental BioTech company. However, an altercation with the CEO of the company left him dead and her name tainted. She didn’t kill him, and everyone knew that, but the board of directors still didn’t want her name on any of the research papers she’d written. They didn’t want to give any credit to someone involved with the death of the CEO. Without a job or credit to her name, and student loans piling up, Henrietta was running out of options. However, Henrietta wasn’t one to sit down quietly and let people walk all over her. Her mother had taught her better. So she took her healing technology to the streets of a newly irradiated London, and a new name to to gain respect for: Aura, Healer of the Ill, Shooter of the Healthy.



Born in Denton, Texas, Clive Fitzmorgan learned to repair and tinker from a young age, working in his father’s auto repair shop. It didn’t take long before Clive surpassed his father’s technical and mechanical skills, and even ended up getting accepted into MIT. After graduating with a Master’s in Engineering in Manufacturing, Clive returned to Texas to teach Industrial Arts in a rough high school, preferring to use his tough demeanor to keep kids in shape where he felt he belonged. However, his teaching career was cut short after a student was severely injured during an experiment that Clive was overseeing. Yet, this setback wasn’t enough to keep Clive’s creativity down. He was already longing to expand his technological mastery past car engines and vacuum cleaners, and attempted to develop something a little bit more… aggressive. He began developing his signature automatic, anti-personnel turret. Prototypes varied from having four legs over its current tripod, two or even three barrels, and even a semi-mobile hovering system. Eventually, Clive decided that simplicity was his best bet in this situation. Tripod mounted, single-barreled, and auto-locking, Clive had finally finished his own auto-turret. But now he had another decision to make: Should he sell his invention to the military, or use it for his own endeavors? It didn’t take long, however, for Clive to make his decision. The Dirty Bomb incident had happened in London, and opportunity had reared it’s head, staring directly at Mr. Clive “T-Rat” Fitzmorgan. Clive knew what he had to do. He moved to the UK, signed up for the MercServ database, and took on the moniker he had gained from his first mission in the newly irradiated London: Bushwhacker, combat engineer.



Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Gaspar Akingbola started his to the top from the very bottom. His father was a poor petroleum worker, and his mother died of disease when he was an infant. The youngest of 8 other siblings, Gaspar was heavily protected by his father. He wanted Gaspar to move on and above this poverty that had plagued himself and his 7 other children. Yet, Gaspar’s father couldn’t afford to not have him working on the oil rig with his older brothers, and he was forced to begin working in a dangerous environment at a young age. However, Gaspar proved to be a natural when it comes to hard work in even harder environments. Unlike his brothers, Gaspar rarely got injured at the oil rig, and his father often commended him for his natural strength and intelligence. This encouragement eventually turned to ego inflation, turning Gaspar from a hard-working young man, to a narcissistic tycoon. He would have his chance to move up from the petroleum business when an explosion at his father’s oil rig led to the death of Gaspar’s six older brothers and father, leaving only his older sister and himself alive. His father’s earnings were split between the two, and this is when Gaspar decided to make his move from the petroleum industry to a business where his talents could really shine: Arms Manufacturing. Gaspar borrowed half of his sister’s earnings, telling her that he’d be able to make it back to her and more, and put it all into developing his own firearms. It wasn’t long before his analytical and business-centric mind brought him up the ranks of the arms dealing industry. The Fletcher Arms Co. was as successful as it could be, with Gaspar only getting more and more egotistical with each successful sale. He only cared about two things in this world: His older sister, and himself. However, Gaspar wasn’t comfortable with his position as a simple arms dealer. He knew that he could do more, and, more importantly, make more. And the Dirty Bomb incident was just the opportunity that Gaspar was waiting for. He made MercServ an offer: Put him in their database as a high level mercenary, and he’ll supply them with his firearms at a heavily discounted price. They accepted, and it wasn’t long before the Fletcher’s SMG the Crotzni was all over the streets of the irradiated London, firing at and alongside Fletcher himself.



Born and raised in Montpelier, Vermont, Ryan Brown grew up with a pretty normal life. His father was a security guard at a local bank, and his mother was a baker. In high school, Ryan played football as a star tight end, almost single-handedly winning multiple games, according to his coaches. After high school, Ryan went straight into the Navy, where he gained ranks quickly and excelled particularly in urban operations. However, an injury resulting from IED caused to be honorably discharged from the military. But Ryan couldn’t accept leaving the militaristic lifestyle, even if he was covered by the military, financially. He decided the closest thing to being a soldier, was becoming one digitally. He became a motion capture performer for computer games, where his experience as an actual soldier made his movements and actions incredibly accurate. Still, Ryan longed for action, real action. He tried his hand as a masked vigilante for a time, calling himself “the Dazzler”, using makeshift flashbangs and his favorite device, fragmentation grenades, to control crime throughout Chicago, where he was residing. Luckily, Ryan ended up having a fallout with his private supplier, preventing him from continuing vigilante where he would inevitably arrested. Ryan would continue his mo-cap work, until the Dirty Bomb incident changed everything. He saw his chance to fire big, belt-fed guns, and throw around frag grenades, once again. He made his way to London, signed up for the MercServ database, and started his merc work. MercServ appreciated his use of simple and cheap(er) frag grenades over the more complicated and dangerous flashbangs and miniguns, and the contractors saw his experience in the military as a deciding factor when it came to looking for a frontline leader of operations. And, best for Ryan, he didn’t have to worry about discharged or arrested. All he wanted to do was fight, and if he got hurt while doing so, the only thing that can stop him now from coming back is his own body failing him.



Jisoo Song’s father was rarely around to care for her in her home of Seoul, Korea. A traveling inventor, Jisoo’s father spent most of his time in other countries, attempting to sell his inventions to private militaries around the world. To aid in raising her, Jisoo’s mother asked her own mother to move to Seoul to raise the young Jisoo. During this time, Jisoo grew up as a pretty normal child. She went to school, excelled in sports and mathematics, and had plenty of friends. According to her, her friends considered her the “funny one” in her cliques, and as such decided to try her hand at standup comedy. However, her career never took off, and she decided to fall back into the military. She trained to become a combat medic, and excelled in her endeavors. Her bravery caught the attention of the 707th SMB counter-terrorism unit. But before they could make her the offer of joining the prestigious White Tigers, Jisoo’s father returned with amazing news. Even though they had not seen each other for years, his return made Jisoo all ears to whatever offer he had for her. He told her that he had managed to sell his X-14 AA Defense Drone and X-23 Defibrillator System to a company called Pirin, who specialized in private military medical technology. The only stipulation from the company was requiring someone to test these technologies on the field. Concurrently, Jisoo’s father returned to Seoul, asking her to join Pirin and test his technology on the field. She accepted, using her combat experience, frontline bravery, and quick wit to keep her teammates calm in stressful situations, especially ones that aren’t exactly legal. The Dirty Bomb incident created a new opportunity for Pirin to test their technologies. Along with the REVIVR Gun being tested unauthorized by a mercenary, Pirin felt it was time to show the MercServ database what other technologies they had ready to be used on the streets of the irradiated London. They sent Jisoo into the danger zone, Sky Shield and Bionic Pulse at the ready, along with the newly designed Incoming Detection System. Failed comedian, combat medic, and now a mercenary. Just another notch in the belt for Jisoo Song.



Born in Allakaket, Alaska, Thomas Kallyhocus Jr grew up without a mother, who was killed by a bear only a few months after Thomas Jr was born. Instead of falling into an alcoholic depression over the death of his wife, Thomas Sr found strength in caring for his son. He taught Jr to hunt, feed, and clothe himself at a young age so he would never die the way his mother did. The two grew up together, father and son, teacher and student, and eventually as partners in hunting. Unfortunately, the good times would be cut short, when Thomas Sr found out his father had cancer, just a few days after Jr’s 18th birthday. To support his father, Thomas Jr enlisted in the US Army, sending money to Alaska from whatever military base he was deployed to. His aim with a crossbow was able to naturally adapt to firearms, making him an excellent sniper. Jr would be deployed in Operation Desert Storm, where he was forced to kill an unarmed man by his commanding officer. This would be the beginning of a growing hatred for following orders, especially if they were inhumane. This would culminate and fester for the next decade until Jr would be deployed in Iraq after 9/11. Despite being ordered to leave an injured squad mate during an ambush operation behind, Thomas refused and went back for him. During the rescue, Thomas’s arm was severely injured. Nevertheless, Thomas managed to rescue the injured squad mate, and return him to safety. Thomas’s arm was injured beyond repair and required amputation, and an eventual honorable discharge. Upon returning home, he was greeted by his father who had beaten his cancer a few years earlier, who had began engineering and tinkering in his free time. Seeing his son with a missing arm inspired Thomas Sr to begin developing a prosthetic one that could function like a normal, and maybe even more. A few prototypes and failed attempts later, and Thomas Jr had a cybernetic prosthetic arm on his hands… or shoulder, per se. Unfortunately, Thomas Jr’s last attachment to humanity would be severed when his father’s cancer reemerged and eventually took his life. Thomas Jr was now truly alone for the first time, and he had nothing but anger within himself. He needed an outlet, and decided to return to hunting, sharpening his aim with his new crossbow arm. A few years later, he began expanding his horizon to the highest member of the food chain: man, stepping into the mercenary/hitman market. The Dirty Bomb incident did not phase Thomas until a bounty set upon a particularly sneaky mercenary fell into his hands. Thomas decided it was once again time to venture out of Alaska to a foreign country. But this time he wasn’t doing it to serve his country or support his father… it was to make some cold, hard, cash.



Inga Hunstad was never considered an athlete. Born in Fredrikstad, Norway to two fishers, Inga spent most of her youth sitting in a boat waiting for something to tug on her father’s fishing line. Her parents had high hopes for her, but never really had the time nor the funds to push her past this fishing life. So, the overweight and unathletic Inga spent little time trying to push herself to greatness, and preferred to just sit around and read. That is, until, an experience with a bully at school sent her to the library in tears. Angry, upset, and in need of empowerment, she checked out a book about the brave Valkyries of old. The stories inspired Inga to make herself better, stronger, and tougher. She put her books down and picked up the weights. It wasn’t long before she had slimmed down, bulked up, and was putting some of the guys around town to shame. She even confronted the bully who put her into tears, and thanked him for helping change her lifestyle (then promptly broke his nose). Her love for the more traditional ways of life led her to become a participant in the Olympics in the javelin and shot put events. During her training, she even impressed her coaches so much that she gained the nickname “Kastespyd” (Javelin in Norwegian). Meanwhile, the experimental military technology company Ghostclip based in Scandinavia was looking for participants to test their new equipment, and Inga Hunstad was on the top of their list. Upon returning from the 2016 Olympics with a silver medal in javelin toss [I don’t care who actually won it, ok?], Ghostclip was prepared to make Inga an offer: Work for them and they will take care of her parents financially for life. Ready to take on the next challenge in life, Inga obliged. The Dirty Bomb incident was Ghostclip’s first real time to shine, with plenty of mercenaries in need of ammo in their clips. All they needed was someone to be willing to plant their boots on the streets of London, and Inga Hunstad was once again on the top of their list. It wasn’t long before Inga, re-nicknamed “Javelin” to make it easier to spell, was stomping around London ready to test the M72 LAW Rocket Launcher and the Smart Ammunition Dispensing Armor, and Ghostclip couldn’t be happier.



Hailing from Shikoku, Japan, Kira Yamamoto was always outside of the social norms. While other schoolgirls would spend their time talking about boys and cringing at school work, Kira spent most of her time reading and watching anime. She wasn’t introverted or shy, in fact she was very outspoken and had no quams against going outside with her cliques. However, her intelligence made her a bit abrasive and arrogant, often alienating potential friends. Kira didn’t care, though. She knew of her negative traits, but saw them as her being simply above most people’s emotions, and surrounded herself with friends who she knew could take her strong personality. After graduating high school 2 years early, she went straight to Tokyo University on a full ride, majoring in World History. She took a particular interest in the history of the Cold War, and the technology that went into space between the two world superpowers. Conveniently, the Dirty Bomb incident gave Kira a new opportunity to do some… “research”. After some, legally questionable, work, Kira made her way to London after hearing about an experimental weapon that gave her knowledge of frequency-agile aerospace telemetry a run for its money. Unfortunately for her, it wouldn’t be as simple as asking someone for directions to the nearby orbital laser designator farm, and she had to squirm her way into the MercServ database without any prior combat training or experience, really only banking on the fact that she is probably the smartest person to ever step on the irradiated London soil. Nonetheless, it didn’t take long for Kira to be on a mission that would lead her to the orbital designator. After obtaining the designator (and field testing it on the spot), she had finally completed her mission and was ready to return home to Japan. However, a good number of mercenaries now had their sights on Kira and her giant space laser, and Kira knew that she would not be much safer by herself in Japan. So she decided the only way to take on mercenaries in London was with other mercenaries in London, and now Kira is spending time in the hotzone making ties with mercenaries she trusts and smiting down the ones she doesn’t.



A Munich native, Nadine Schönbein grew up with a normal life. Her parents were both teachers, but she never really had an intention of going into education. In fact, she never really had any idea of what she wanted to do with her life. She always knew she wanted to do something challenging, but rewarding. She decided to go into the German Army, spending her time as a frontliner and vanguard [I don’t know military stuff, ok?]. She excelled in her work, and she enjoyed every second of it… until she met Hilda. Nadine fell in love with her and realized spent every second away from her thinking about her. Hilda loved her to death as well, but couldn’t stand thinking about her being in constant danger, or worse. Hilda gave Nadine an ultimatum: Leave the army, or they will never be together. Nadine left the army in a heartbeat, quickly marrying Hilda and moving to London to study law. Nadine was happy. She was in love. She was successful. Everything was perfect for her… then the Dirty Bomb incident happened. Luckily, Hilda and Nadine were well outside of the blast zone, but Nadine couldn’t help but long to make ways into the epicenter. She saw opportunity, not for her law firm, but for herself. Sure it was selfish, but it was all Nadine wanted in life. Challenge and reward. It was all right there, waiting for her. It was hard explaining to Hilda that she was about to leave comfortability and happiness with her to go into a radiation infested city full of criminals and mercenaries, but Nadine knew she had to do it. Hilda was the love of her life, but Nadine could only see the little girl she used to be staring wide-eyed at a mushroom cloud, waiting to go into it. Adopting the moniker “Nader”, she left Hilda behind and signed up for the MercServ database, Grenade Launcher in hand and gruff personality at heart. Will Hilda accept her back when all is said and done? Probably not. But, just like leaving the army, Nadine knows that when she wants something, there is nothing in the world that could stop her from getting it… not even love.

Merc Extended Origins via My Headcanons (3/3)
Merc Extended Origins via My Headcanons (2/3)
(MuddyGrenade) #2

Had to make this a three-parter because of the character limit.


Nobody in MercServ is as proud to be an American native as Jesse H. Pierce, aka Phantom. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Jesse primarily occupied his time in detention or the principal’s office. Considered by many to be delinquent, considered by others to be misunderstood, Jesse simply considered himself to be an adventurer. Inspired by his favorite stories of superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man, and his personal favorite Deadpool, as well as classic stories like Robinson Crusoe and Tom Sawyer, Jesse just wanted to do his own thing. Rules and regulation were foreign concepts to him, but his parents believed they were what he needed to get into shape. One summer, they sent him to a Marine Boot Camp to get his act together, but all it did was make Jesse find instruction and orders more annoying. However, the allure of combat and weaponry did catch his eye. As a surprise to his parents, Jesse enlisted into the Marines shortly after graduating high school with a C average. Despite being an annoyance to his commanding officers, Jesse’s natural athleticism and charisma made it hard for them to discharge him. Disrespectful and abrasive, Jesse never let himself move too far up in the ranks, but he made sure that everyone knew his name. He just wanted to find a way to make himself into those heroes that he read about when he was a kid, and with enough effort he got his chance. After finding out about an experimental technology that could bend and refract light around a material to the point of nigh-invisibility, Jesse kept pushing and applying to be a test subject for the tech. His commanding officer was hesitant until Jesse showed him a picture of a certain late night hookup that his commanding officer did NOT want to get out. Threatening to release the picture to the public (including his commanding officer’s wife), Jesse was eventually accepted into the experimental program. After the experiment proved to be a success, to Jesse’s delight, he proceeded to steal the armor that he was tested on, and promptly released the picture of his commanding officer, anyways. Jesse spent the next few years staying off the grid to keep away from the FBI hunting him down, as well as becoming a hitman-for-hire on the underground market, using his invisibility to get in and out of places that most hitmen couldn’t. The Dirty Bomb incident helped get the FBI off of Jesse’s back, or at least alleviate the pressure a bit, as well as gain his attention. A land full of radiation and anarchy, and plenty of stories to be told and not be blown out of proportion at all? Sign “Phantom” up.



Calling Jonathan Ropa resilient would be an understatement. Born in Granada, Spain, Jonathan had already attended 4 funerals before he was 4 years old. His father was killed in a car crash, his aunt drowned, his older brother died of an infection, and his younger sister was stillborn, leaving only himself, his mother, and his mentally disabled older sister to the Ropa name. These harsh first 10 years of his childhood taught Jonathan two things: One; life will never stop knocking you on your ass, and two; Ropa’s never stop getting back up. Jonathan decided he would go into medicine, hoping he could at least stop others from dying the way his brother did. However, Jonathan had one major problem: respect. He only cared about his family and saving lives, he didn’t care how he did it. He never failed a test or exam in med school, but he always clashed when it came to hands-on exercises. Personal safety? Meaningless. A Hippocratic oath? Pointless. But, rules are rules, and he knew he had to accept them to be accepted into the medical community. Eventually, Jonathan obtained his medical license, making his sister and mother proud. But before he could move into becoming surgeon, a certain Turkish engineer that he had met on a trip to Istanbul called him up about a new experimental technology that needed a medical expert to evaluate. Always one to make saving lives easier and more reliable, Jonathan made his way to Turkey. The experiments may or may not have caused Jonathan to need his leg amputated and be rebuilt by that Turkish engineer, Jonathan doesn’t really like to talk about it, but it did leave Jonathan with millions of regenerative nanites flowing through his bloodstream. A few months later, Jonathan returned to Spain, ready to save some lives. However, he decided it was probably smarter to use an experimental technology on a procedure that wasn’t someone in need of emergency surgery. Jonathan’s first ever surgery was a facelift, and after trying to use the nanites during it, he had his medical license promptly removed. Disappointed, but not surprised or phased, Jonathan called up his Turkish friend once again, now in need of work. He returned to Turkey, taking on more grueling and excruciatingly painful experiments, all to perfect the nanites. The experiments reached to the point where Jonathan was getting shot in limbs, major arteries, and eventually vital organs. Painful, yes, but worth it. It was all about saving lives to Jonathan, no matter how much he had to go through to make the science perfect. The Dirty Bomb incident gave Jonathan a brand new opportunity to test his nanites where they would be most useful. on the field, bullet wounds fresh and flowing blood. Now the hardest person to kill on Earth, Jonathan applied to the MercServ database under the appropriate codename “Phoenix”. Now Jonathan is right where he wants to be. Saving lives, taking names, and proving just how hard it is to keep a Ropa down.



The infamous combat engineer from London was not always as competitive and impulsive as she is known to be today. Elisabeth Wells was the middle child of two other sisters. Her older sister was a swimming prodigy, winning championships since she was old enough to compete, but was proud and arrogant to the core. Her younger sister was nice, respectful, and beautiful, and was entered into beauty pageants by her mother. But Elisabeth was simply… “Lisa.” Not unattractive or untalented, but she was unimpressive. She rarely entered into competitions for anything, because she never saw herself as exemplary or competitive. She kept to herself, rarely ever expressed her feeling to anyone, except for her father. An electrician, Mr. Wells had a brilliant mechanical mind and tinkered in his free time. While her mother was out with her sisters at competitions, Lisa would spend time with her father in his workshop, watching him disassemble and reassemble radios, car batteries, and whatever else he get his hands on. She was a quick learner, too, aiding her father in his little experiments and she even began inventing in her free time. After high school, Lisa attended the University of London, majoring in Electrical Engineering. While most of her four years spent at university were generally tame, a night of drinking at a party and a game of beer pong gave her a sudden surge of competitivity that lasted through her hangover. It felt good to win, no- to dominate. She wanted to be the best at everything she did. Why was this night the sudden push that Lisa needed to overcome her mediocrity? She doesn’t really know. Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was the boys. Maybe it was the sex. She tries not to think about it too hard, because she doesn’t like to think about that “p*ssy ss wnker” she used to be, according to herself anyways. Upon returning home after graduating with her bachelor, Lisa planned to become an electrician like her father, and maybe even become an inventor like she always wanted to be. Her new impulsive and quick-witted personality shocked her entire family, but she was immediately welcomed back into the family. A new member of the household, her grandmother, surprised Lisa until she heard the news of her grandfather’s passing. Some of her favorite childhood memories were with her grandfather, a WWII combat sapper veteran, on his boat, listening to his stories of how they used to prime explosives just minutes before Nazis would step on them. Lisa decided to start inventing in her grandfather’s image, developing multiple different explosive devices, much to the dismay of her family, but her father was impressed and proud. However, the Dirty Bomb incident made everyone appreciate Lisa’s on-the-spot engineering. Near the epicenter of the bombings, Lisa managed to save her entire family, including her older sister who was visiting from New York, by creating a makeshift filtration system. Impressed with her own work, Lisa saw a new, bright future through the haze and radiation. Mercenary work felt like a perfect home for her. Blood-pumping, dangerous, and in need of a combat engineer. MercServ didn’t ask for a foul-mouthed, quick-witted, immature brat as an engineer, but Lisa didn’t care. To her, “Lisa” didn’t exist anymore, at least not on the battlefield. The streets of London are home to “Proxy” now, a nickname given to her by her father for how often she would stay in “close proximity” to him in his workshop. Lisa denies this, saying that she took the name after her signature Proximity Mines, but her father took a lie detector test and Lisa did not… so, we have reason not to trust her word.



Hailing from the land down under, William “Billy” Edwards was always covered in smoke… cigarette smoke. Both of his parents were chronic smokers, but loving and caring. Despite this, Billy still had a naturally hot temper, often exploding into rages that only cigarettes could quell. By the time he was sixteen, he was just another smoker, puffing clouds into the Edwards’ household along with his parents. Yet, Billy was still a good hearted kid. He made good grades, had friends, and even had a long-time girlfriend throughout high school. It broke his heart that he broke hers by his smoking habits, and she broke up with him on the last day of senior year. For the next month and a half, Billy sat in his room smoking, drinking, and crying. He was lost, he was angry, angrier than he had ever been before. But the anger wasn’t quelled by the smoke; it was caused by it. Billy needed a new purpose, a new calming agent, and that came in the form of physical challenge. And there was no greater challenge, than that of the military. He quickly moved up in the ranks because of his bravery and determination to break old habits and was even considered and accepted into the Australian SAS. However, Billy began running into issues. Despite his bravery and skills, he was starting to drop ranks as quickly as he would gain them. And it was all because of his resurfacing anger, but it wasn’t coming from just his naturally short temper, now it was coming from the horrors of war. He hated being seen as the good guys, when they would do things just as horrible as the bad guys, just with the “pursuit of justice” written alongside their name. He disobeyed what he felt was wrong, and made sure everyone knew it. An altercation with his commanding officer led Billy to begin researching the pasts of the SAS’s members, should he need to use them as dirt against them in the future. By this time, Billy had already accepted that he actually had no problem doing what he did with SAS, he just didn’t like getting praise for it where he felt wasn’t deserved. As a surprise to no one, Billy was eventually discharged from the SAS, returning to his home in Geraldton. Both of his parents had already died by his return home, his father of lung cancer and his mother of a stroke, and on the day of his return he visited both of their graves. He thanked them for all they had done for him, for being loving and caring, and forgiving of his rage-fueled outbursts. He lit one cigarette, smoked it and put it out on his father’s gravestone. Then he did the same, putting out on his mother’s gravestone. He made an apology for what he was about to become, and left the graveyard. Billy had accepted that he had a good heart, but wasn’t a good person. He had no problem killing anymore, no problem gunning down an unarmed man, and no problem shooting someone in the back. He just had a problem hurting people he cared about. But by his 50th birthday, Billy was spending it sitting alone in a bar on his phone, drinking and accepting hit jobs just for fun. He had nothing to lose, anyways, so why not? But his didn’t turn Billy into a depressed alcoholic with a dark past. He was cynical, sarcastic, arrogant, but still lovable and kind, if you get close with him. However, he didn’t really have anyone close to him. And with the Dirty Bomb incident happening not too long before his 50th birthday, Billy made a choice that he relishes in to this day. He moved to London, infrared goggles and concealing smoke at hand, and entered the MercServ database. The thrill of the SAS had returned to him, and the grueling and dangerous work of being a mercenary in London gave Billy purpose and drive again. People may say that everything in Australia can kill you, but as Billy, now known as Redeye, has proven, you don’t have to be there to meet your end by the Land Down Under.



Nobody expected a 15 pound newborn to become the smartest person in their town, but Oswallt Poyner proved them wrong from a young age. His parents were both professors at universities, and they decided to home school him, out of fear of the other kids bullying him for his weight. But Oswallt had little fear or resentment towards the other “healthy” kids. Oswallt knew that his weight didn’t define him, even from a young age. So he began working out along with his studying, and it wasn’t long before he was usually the strongest and smartest person in the room. Other kids still tried to bully Oswallt, but they usually ended up with broken bones as well as an on-the-spot medical report as to exactly what bones were broken and how much pressure he applied to break them. Oswallt was accepted into Cardiff University on a full ride, majoring in Business Administration. His intimidating intelligence was matched by his arrogance along with his imposing stature. When he walked into a room, people took notice, Oswallt made sure of it. He had no problem being the center of attention, in fact, he relished in it. His other classmates, however, didn’t like to see a big, fat, unattractive asshole running the class. One night, while Oswallt was returning to his dorm room after a working out at the gym, a group of students confronted him. They explained that they didn’t appreciate how he set a level of expectation for the class that they couldn’t reach. They wanted him to dial it back, let some of the other students have some input; make their lives a little easier. Oswallt refused, saying that they simply aren’t intelligent or brave enough to make an impact in the class, and if they wanted to make one, they’d have to start making an effort. The group tried to “make an effort” that night, but they all just ended up in the hospital. Some had minor injuries, like cuts and fractures, while others had multiple broken bones, and one even spent the night in ICU with a ruptured lung. During the court hearing, Oswallt defended himself, and won the case. Although he had gained respect throughout the school for kicking a group of jealous students’ asses, he didn’t feel comfortable around his own age anymore. Not because he feared them or felt outcast, but he was bored with being stronger and smarter than everyone else. He didn’t feel above them anymore, he felt like he was just… accepted. Everyone accepted that he was better than them, and the ones that didn’t worked too hard to try and get on his level. Oswallt no longer laughed at these people… he pitied them. Oswallt decided to move on to a group of people closer to his level of intelligence, and began pursuing his MBA, planning to move on to a doctorate afterwards. However, the Dirty Bomb incident changed Oswallt’s mind. Even while pursuing his MBA, Oswallt still felt like he was simply better than all the other students. There was no challenge to besting them on a consistent basis anymore. So, Oswallt dropped out of college in the middle of the semester, and moved to London. Using his imposing stature, genius level intelligence, and inhuman level of strength, Oswallt accepted the only moniker that made sense for him: Rhino. One giant minigun later, and Oswallt was on his way to the contaminated zone, a MercServ mercenary of the highest caliber. It is often debated between MercServ members who is more arrogant between Fletcher and Rhino. Some say that Rhino’s credentials make his arrogance have more weight behind it (no pun intended), while others say that not being able to back up arrogance makes it even stronger. Either way, no one can argue the results that Rhino puts up every time he signs up for a mission. After all, it’s pretty hard to argue when your lungs have been punctured by dozens of bullets.



The tough and gruff combat medic known as Sawbonez was not always like this. Born in the slums of Brooklyn, New York, Dashon (pronounced “day-shawn”) Grey was the last hope for his family. His father was imprisoned for murder, and his two older brothers were always one wrong step from ending up in the same position. His mother, a hairdresser, just wanted to get one of her kids right. Dashon was pampered and showered in love. He was smart and kind, and his mother wanted to keep it that way. When he would get bullied in school, it was mandatory that Dashon report to his mother so she can report it to the school. He wasn’t allowed to walk home alone, ever, out of fear of getting attacked by gangs and bullies. He wasn’t allowed to participate in contact sports, and was only allowed to join the baseball team after hitting 10 home runs in a row. Indeed, Dashon was naturally athletic and physical, and excelled in every sport he played. Out of respect for his mother’s wishes, he didn’t push football or basketball as an agenda, even if all of his friends wanted him to join in on pick-up games. He stayed out of trouble, got good grades, and made sure he could get into a good college. Dashon planned to go to Princeton University, until he had a conversation with one of his older brothers. When discussing the idea of joining the military, his brother believed that protecting a country that didn’t want to protect him was counter-productive and pointless, while Dashon saw serving one’s country a high honor that gains respect through race and ethnicity. To prove his point, he abandoned his idea of a Business degree, and joined the US Army as a medic, to his mother’s dismay. Dashon knew it was going to be tough, tedious, grueling and dangerous, but he never knew it would be like this. After completing his medical training, he was deployed to Iraq after 9/11. During his tours, he found himself covered in his own teammates blood as often as his enemies. But, this didn’t disturb Dashon nor did it make him resent the country he fought for. It just made him stronger… and angrier. Despite feeling respect and drive from serving his country, the disrespect that his lower squadmates would receive made him begin to see what his brother was saying. One fateful night, he would do something that he had been longing to do. Before being deployed on a search and rescue mission, Dashon learned that the brother that he had joined the military for had just been shot and killed that day. He wasn’t drawn to tears, but he was deeply saddened. However, he refused to let it get to him… but it still did. A sudden ambush left multiple American soldiers injured, including his commanding officer. Despite having respect for him, the disrespect he showed his lower ranked squadmates led Dashon to do the unthinkable. Since he wasn’t in as severe a condition, Dashon surgically removed his commanding officer’s kidney on the battlefield and implanted it into a severely injured squadmate. Neither of them died, because Dashon was just that good, but Dashon did end up getting discharged after the mission. By this time, though, Dashon had lost his natural kindness. He just wanted to save lives, and take the ones that tried to make that job harder. The Dirty Bomb incident gave him this opportunity and much more. An irradiated London was full of lives on the battlefield that needed to be saved, and many more to be taken. All Dashon, now known as Sawbonez, needed was a knife and some cash to make it happen.

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Three-parter because of the character limit.


A Scotland native, Lùcas Gutraidh was a pretty average guy. He grew up with normal parents and a younger sister, and was always a pretty stand-up guy… until he developed a drinking problem. There were many nights where Lùcas would be found asleep in a bar, drunk off his ass. His family was heavily disappointed in him, and confronted him outside of the bar he would usually hangout at most nights. They explained to him that they didn’t want to see him fall into alcoholism and poverty when he was all this potential. It took him awhile, but Lùcas accepted that he couldn’t just quit cold turkey and decided to enroll in the Scottish Army. The military quickly shaped him up, and he excelled in everything he did. His bravery and problem solving made him a perfect pick for the new Scottish Spec Ops Division “The Orange Masks.” Specializing in large-scale search and destroy missions, Lùcas thrived with the Orange Masks, and he smiled big every time he called down an airstrike… maybe a little too big. Lùcas had gained a new addiction, and it involved more drones and explosions and less alcohol and bars. He thrived in combat and may have enjoyed it a little too much. Lùcas didn’t want to have to deal with restrictions or regulations anymore… he just wanted to call down airstrikes and put bullets between eyes. Luckily for him, the Dirty Bomb incident happened soon enough for Lùcas to do exactly that. He dropped out of the Orange Masks and moved to London, enrolling in the MercServ database. It wasn’t long before Lùcas’s on-field expertise and experience in leadership roles made him a must-pick for many contractors and squad-builders. As Lùcas, now known as Skyhammer, says, and proves, “Nothing goes just a little bit wrong with an airstrike.”



Little is known about the silver-haired combat medic, Sparks. Her real name has been redacted from all federal documents, and it is unknown how old she is or where she was born. It is assumed that she was born in either Bulgaria or Russia and she is in her early-to-mid thirties, but her mastery of deception, disguise, and impersonation makes it impossible to truly know who she is. All that is truly known is that she has assumed more than 5 different identities, and that the REVIVR Gun that she takes her name from does not belong to her. She has had multiple conversations with Pietro Borshkacev, aka Thunder, the only merc in the MercServ database that she seems to have any amount of trust in. Relaying the information that she has given him to us, we can piece together a few things, assuming she isn’t lying to Pietro. One, she has a twin sister (not identical). Two, she did actually spend time in med school, so her medical experience comes from more than the papers that says she went to it. And three, she has no intention of moving on from merc work. Which makes us happy, because MercServ could always use someone who can bring someone back from near-death from a football field away. At the same time, however, she could be lying and she may drop off the database the second contracts stop coming in. But as long as she is here, there’s going to be a lot less mercs dying out of position and a lot more getting their heads rocked from someone they can’t even see.



A UK native, Harold Sands doesn’t really like to talk about his childhood. His parents apparently died in a fire, that may or may not have been a result of arson, and it hit Harold hard. He saw fire as dangerous, evil, and uncontrollable… and that’s what attracted him to it. The allure of a simple spark creating a storm of heat and death was so fascinating to Harold, and he began studying pyrotechnics and arsonism. Most believed that it was to become a fireman in the future, others believed it was to specialize in an arson unit in the police force. Harold didn’t really know why he started studying them, other than to understand fire even more. Eventually, his research led him to join the military as a napalm specialist. His knowledge on incendiary weaponry made Harold a favorite when search and destroy missions were on the list. However, Harold’s affinity for fire started making his higher-ups a bit suspicious. He seemed to enjoy throwing scolding napalm on human beings too much, and they considered discharging him for his inhumane actions. However, they couldn’t deny the results that Harold brought with each mission, and decided that they would have to do more psychological evaluations on Harold. But, these evaluations revealed nothing towards Harold’s deeper thoughts, and was seen as a waste time to both Harold and his commanders. Harold did, however, begin to distrust his higher-ups, knowing that they didn’t trust him, not anymore. Harold’s commanders decided the only way to properly get rid of him was to put him into the most dangerous and suicidal missions they could find. But, mission after mission, Harold came back, emerging from the flames like an unkillable phoenix. His commanders couldn’t seem to get rid of him, and they decided he needed to be discharged… after one last mission. Everyone knew it was a suicide mission, a fortress filled to the brim with tangos, but it had to be done. If this mission didn’t kill Harold, then they would just discharge him when he returned. Many soldiers in Harold’s units lost their lives that day. The mission was a failure, and in an evacuation was called for. They just needed to survive until it got there, since the anti-aircraft defenses had been taken down. This was Harold’s commanders’ opportunity to finally get rid of him in an “honorable” fashion. They ordered him to stall the other tangos in anyway he could. They didn’t tell him to use all of his molotov grenades to hold down all the sightlines to his unit, but both they and Harold knew that was what was going to happen. The room that Harold was holding down went up in flames, the scorching heat could be felt by his squad hundreds of feet away. A few minutes later, Harold’s unit was greeted by an escape helicopter, and they flew off watching the fortress crumble in fire and heat, mourning the loss of Sgt. Harold Sands. But, to his commanding officers surprise, it would later be learned that Harold didn’t die that night. He escaped the fortress, face horrifically burned and scarred, and managed to find his way home. Harold no longer had a position in the military, but that’s what Harold wanted. He knew that his former commanding officers were hoping he died that night and would’ve stayed dead. But, he didn’t, and now Harold needed something else to do. The Dirty Bomb incident would be that thing. He returned to London, ready to enroll in the MercServ database, and ready to scorch the earth. Adopting the codename “Stoker”, Harold took a good look at the irradiated London, knowing it was about to become Hell on Earth… just how he wanted.



Was the loud and proud mercenary known as Thunder actually born in Russia? Is his name actually Pietro Borshkacev? Is he even Russian? Who knows. According to him, both of his parents were killed in a car accident when he was young and was adopted by his uncle and his family. While loving and caring, they were also strict, tough, and loud. If Pietro wanted or needed something, he had to make sure they knew, and the only way to do that was to yell. This is where Pietro gained his infamously loud voice and obnoxious nature. His impressive size and stature made him a perfect fit for the military, and as such, his bravery and strength got him quickly accepted into the Spetsnaz. While in the Spetsnaz, he excelled in breaching and entering with his signature concussion grenades and his resistance to them. Unfortunately, his time in the Spetsnaz would be cut short when Pietro was shot in the head during a mission. Before passing out, Pietro supposedly managed to kill 4 other tangos with one pistol, but that’s unconfirmed. Since Pietro’s body was never found afterwards, he was considered either MIA or dead. Of course, Pietro didn’t die and managed to crawl his way to safety while still bleeding, before passing out. He woke up in a hospital and the doctors told him he had minor amnesia, which is why he, conveniently, can’t recall some specific events from his past. This amnesia made it to where he can’t recall his specific regiment or when exactly he got shot. Either way, Pietro managed to find his way to London after the Dirty Bomb incident, ready to enroll in the MercServ database. Taking on the name Thunder because of his loud and booming voice, Pietro took to the streets of London, using his Spetsnaz experience, that he conveniently still remembers, to lead teams and finish missions in a flash… his joke, not ours.



There’s a lot of things that can happen to a man in less than 30 years, and no one knows this better than Gulhanim Yalgi, aka Turtle. Born in Istanbul, Gulhanim grew up as a pretty normal kid. He had an affinity for American rock and grunge as well as their technology. However, these angry and mean albums didn’t turn Gulhanim into some angsty and rude teenager, he stayed mellow and level-headed throughout his childhood. His attraction to technology led him to begin studying mechanics and engineering, and eventually his studies got him accepted into Istanbul Technical University. While there, Gulhanim’s knowledge and skills increased even further, all the while still keeping his mellow attitude and humility. However, his relaxed character showed to be a liability on a few occasions. During a training exercise, Gulhanim’s calm nature almost got his right arm blown off… luckily it just left a minor scar on it. During the whole situation, he remained totally calm, and that attracted the military. The Turkish military offered him a spot to continue his education for free, if he joined as combat engineer. Never one to turn down a challenge or a new experience, Gulhanim accepted, also hoping to get a chance to work with better technology. The battlefield was harsh and brutal, but it didn’t phase Gulhanim. Although he was scared out of his mind for the first few missions, he grew out of it soon enough. Every time he would be deployed, he was ready to risk it all if it meant keeping others safe, and finishing the missions. When not on the battlefield, Gulhanim was taking classes in advanced engineering and mechanics. This education led him to begin wondering how he can use his knowledge in technology to aid him on the field. Thus, the first prototype of the deployable cover was created. It was much smaller and could only be shot through from a small hole, but it was an effective product. Other militaries and private businesses took notice, but a tragic event would take place before Gulhanim could accept any offers. During a mission, Gulhanim was tasked with defusing over a dozen bombs within 5 minutes, an assignment too stressful and difficult for most, but Gulhanim had no problem taking the risk. He defused them all, except for one. He tried to escape as quick as possible, knowing there was no way he could defuse it in time, but the explosion caught up to him. Gulhanim survived, but his right arm was severely damaged. When he woke up, his arm was missing and he had been honorably discharged. Most upsetting and stressful things would do nothing to Gulhanim, but this one really shook him up. The pain was unbearable, and the lack of a job or purpose just dug him into the ground even more. He ended up developing an addiction to painkillers, sitting around his apartment in loneliness and depression. But he wouldn’t stay in this haze of tears for long. A near-death experience via overdose shaped him up quick, and he began looking for new work. A technology company in Istanbul caught his eye, speaking of a new nanotechnology to aid in repairing tissue. During his stint at this company, Gulhanim rebuilt his arm as well as built a prosthetic leg for his Spanish friend, Jonathan Ropa. He also used a variation of this nanotechnology to advance his deployable cover, now a shield that is almost completely transparent and bulletproof. However, Gulhanim would eventually have to leave this company in favor of a new challenge: mercenary work. While he was still working with the company during the Dirty Bomb incident, a call from Ropa gave him an offer that he couldn’t deny. Gulhanim left the tech company, left Istanbul, and left behind his life on the legal side. Mercenaries in London needed protection, and Gulhanim needed money. Win win.



Another London native, Leanord Cummings grew up in a cramped apartment with his older sister, mother, and father. Although they didn’t have much in terms of money, they were a happy and loving family… until Leanord’s mother died of cancer. It hit all three of the rest of the family hard. Leanord’s father began drinking more than usual (although he never developed any severe case of alcoholism), and Leanord himself shrouded himself in video games and pornography. Leanord’s sister was the only one who truly tried to overcome this tragedy, devoting herself to education in business and medicine. All the while, Leanord was still descending into laziness and procrastination, however he did begin to gain incredible hand-eye coordination and aim in his gaming endeavors. When his older sister got accepted into Cambridge University on a full ride, it was a wake-up call to Leanord to start moving on in life. After graduating high school, Leanord enrolled in the military. Although he had talent and ambitions, Leanord’s natural laziness made his training harder. So, his commanding officers decided to use his incredible aim to make him a sniper. Leanord excelled at sniping, his laziness turning to patience and his procrastination turning into pro-activity. In fact, Leanord was such a good shot that he became part of the MI-6, one of the youngest members to become apart of it, and gaining the nickname “Vassili”, named after the Russian sniper from WWII. Meanwhile, Leanord’s sister had graduated college with a master’s degree in political science and became a major supporter of the use of private military use. They had made his father incredibly proud, and it seemed like everything was finally going great for the Cummings family… until the Dirty Bomb incident. Unfortunately, Leanord’s father would end up being killed in the bombings, deeply saddening Leanord and his sister. But, they both had jobs to do, and were quick to get moving to help out in the clean up effort. Leanord’s sister began calling for the use of mercenaries within the newly irradiated London to save money within the government, outsourcing the work to the MercServ company. Much of the public voted for this idea, since they would rather have random mercenaries die in the contaminated zone instead of their beloved soldiers. Parliament did not like this idea, however, and ordered Leanord to take her out. But he couldn’t stand to lose another family member and deliberately missed the shot. Disappointed and upset, Leanord’s commanders discharged him from MI-6, and his sister’s idea for MercServ to initiate mercenaries within London went through. In appreciation, Leanord’s sister helped get Leanord to the top of MercServ’s list of recon mercenaries. Leanord, now going off his codename from MI-6, Vassili, says he would have made it to the top without his sister’s help, but we’d like to believe that Mia Cummings played a bigger part than he thinks.

Woo, finally finished this. It took me like a week to finish this, since I could only bring myself to work on one or two origins at a time before I got bored and/or tired. But hey, I think it was worth it, and hopefully you did too. If you managed to read through all of these, I appreciate 'cha. It took me way longer than I thought it would.

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Poof! :skyhappy:

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These are some fantastic stories you’ve got here. It does really shed light on how bleak the DB universe is, under the hood anyway

Now I’ve got a Spanish desperado with a nullified medical degree, hundreds of thousands of potential violations against the Geneva Convention streaming in his body, and a childhood with more feels than your average dystopian film.

Oh, and a psychotic arsonist who has more or less committed a list of war crimes longer than a hamplanet’s grocery list, and the calmest, most polite demeanor to boot.

I also just hired an ex-soldier then ex-lawyer who left her ex-wife for the sake of having fun and exterminating desperate mercenaries in the irradiated streets of London, because she felt like it.

The entire DB roster may as well be in an asylum.

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Good backgrounds when it comes to having to create most of the parts to it.

Fyi I think SD confirmed that Kiras real name isnt Kira.

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Really? Can you remember where?

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Think it was somewhere on the forums a while back.

Plus @Kirays says that the dev’s plan on adding more lore to the website

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Well, these aren’t yet canonized, so I guess this thread could be the Paradise Lost to the OG that SD plans to release.