Looking for the next game

(Major_Slapnuts) #1

Looking for the next game to get into. FPS
something not too mainstream. no COD or Battlefield.
nothing too futuristic.

what else is out there? something similar to DB.

(Mc1412013) #2

Dunno dont think there is any thing that is equal to d.b

(geefunkster) #3

This looks interesting, haven’t tried it: CityBattle Virtual Earth

Your “not futuristic” requirement might rule it out though,

(Floris) #4

Looks fun, hope they get more players though…


(Begin2018) #5

Black Squad : https://store.steampowered.com/app/550650/Black_Squad/
IronSight : https://ironsight.aeriagames.com/

(Major_Slapnuts) #6

Started playing Black Squad. it’s more dysfunctional then DB. 32 players at a time and half of them not caring about the objective. The game mechanics are pretty good, I guess most games that use the Unreal engine will be pretty good.

(K1X455) #7

Black Squad is more TDM than Objective.

(Floris) #8

Anyone tried BFV? It seems to have some fun mechanics like classes and constructing stuff (e.g. barriers/barb wire). Sadly my PC won’t be able to run it :frowning:

(Nail) #9

first screenshot from Portal Xmas

(REA987) #10

How about another title from Splash Damage?

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars :wink:

  • Not too mainstream at all.
  • Not COD or Battlefield.
  • Takes place in early 21st Century.
  • Shares many mechanics with DB.

(Floris) #11

CS:GO went free to play. Nothing like DB, but pretty solid and there are a bunch of mods (Zombie Escape!) you can play (plus a Battle Royale mode now, lol).

(henki000) #12

My next 1000 hours looks like this:

Star Wars: Force Unleashed 1 + 2
Mafia 3
For Honor
Dark Souls 1 remastered + 2 and 3
Tekken 7

And then I will give CS:GO shot, unless list changes. Closest match to Dirty Bomb is Quake Champions in my opinion.

EDIT: And it seems that Company of Heroes 2 is now free, I dont know when I have time to play that…

(Major_Slapnuts) #13

Black Squad is ok, people play it and there are games to get into.
Iron sight is hard to find games and no one is playing Company of Heros 2.

(Floris) #14

Company of Heroes 2 is played by thousands of people, even before last weekend (when it was a free download). But it’s an RTS so completely different from DB. If you want to play another competitive RTS, check out StarCraft 2, it’s also free to play.

I wish Valve made a DoD:GO (Day of Defeat on Source 2 engine!).

(Nail) #15

for a shooter with tons of customization, Brink is free on Steam