(edxot) #1

Considering all the efforts I been seeing around the world, trying to make internet better, it really feels that I should be doing the same. However being somewhat realistic, it would just look like another fool in the global “snake oil” market.

Btw, it’s easy to pretend the fault is somewhere else.
Considering that technologies can be seen as defensive or offensive (as being different things), it’s easy to see that the correct approach should be to expose the offensive technologies and keep defensive technologies secret. However this is very different than what we see almost everywhere.

Even so, if one still tries to get some sort of solution for the problems the internet faces actually, eventually he will end up in the privacy vs security paradox. To increase one of the factors, you must decrease the other and vice-versa. There is no way around this.

So, I believe that instead of keep moving forward as fast as possible, with increasing numbers of hardware and software things (making the problem worse), the internet should take a step back. And split in two internets. One driven for security, and another driven for privacy.

Such solution would not be perfect, of course. People would complain about not being able to use their work computer to browse the web anonymously. Or needing to have 2 internet connections back home, one to browse the web, and another to perform on-line banking and IOT for instance.

Anyway, my 2 cents about this. Since I had nothing better to do.