In Loving Memory of Sven ‘c4te’ Metzger

(Moobabe) #1

Dear Dirty Bomb players,

Last week Sven ‘c4te’ Metzger passed away.

The news has rocked everyone at Splash Damage, but we cannot imagine how the news has impacted his family, with whom we share our thoughts, prayers, and support at this difficult time.

Sven was well known to many of you in the community. He was a very talented game designer who passionately drove many of the features, characters and maps that you all love in Dirty Bomb. Sven’s professional career began at Crytek where he worked on a number of notable titles before becoming part of the Splash family.

We understand that many of you were close to Sven and would like to offer your support, but please remember that this is a very difficult time for Sven’s family and we ask for you to respect their privacy.

He was a dear friend to many people, a supportive mentor, and a force for good in the games industry.

He will be sorely missed, and never forgotten.

In Loving Memory of Sven ‘c4te’ Metzger

1987 - 2018

(Mc1412013) #2

I know you guys abandoned db developement but i think there should be some kind of memorial added to one of the maps.

(Mustang) #3

:heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

(mrdisco) #4

31? Damn, that’s young.

It’s a real shame. Hope his family can find some comfort.

(DarkangelUK) #5

Such sad news, will miss hearing his shouts as he rockets himself from a window, my best moments in db were playing with c4te and others in voice. He was a vibrant, friendly, comically loud, funny and engaging man and was always a pleasure interacting and playing games with him, my only regret is that I never got to meet him in person, he will be sorely missed.

(Kirays) #6

It’s disheartening to see such a wonderful human pass away, I’m grateful I was given the opportunity to get to know him. May he rest in peace. Best wishes to his family.

(Ptiloui) #7

I encountered him in a few games, was always playing Javelin :smiley:

Requiescat in pace :disappointed_relieved:

A hall of fame in the tutorial map would perfectly fit imho.

(Toorumi) #8

It’s so hard to believe ;/

I do also hope that you’ll guys memorize him in Dirty Bomb

He will be missed and he will never be forgotten, may his soul rest in peace.

(Mc1412013) #9

There need to be something done either way. It sounds like he was the heart amd soul of db and needs a proper memorial in game. Something bigger than what they did for the girl in vault. Maybe put a big statue of him in one of the maps @Moobabe can this be part of the final bug patch???

(Moobabe) #10

We’re discussing internally about what we can do to honour his memory :slight_smile: We need to see what’s possible etc

(rookie1) #11

RIP and make a trincket mb

(F McD) #12

@Moobabe, perhaps it could be the statue in the first objective of Vault?

(Mc1412013) #13

You mean wont do. Anything is possible. If you guys were willi g to take time out to add a little spot for a fan of db then some one that was a major player in the developement of the game deserves a huge tribute

Add something meaningto a current map or release one of the unused maps or old maps with some kind of dedication put somewhere to him.

In hope you guys go big with his memorial in game he deserves it

(Raviolay) #14

Would you guys think it would be in bad taste, if after a reasonable amount of time, maybe a memorial cup was played. Streamed with players taking part paying to take part. With all the participants and the stream revenue going to the family or a charity of there choice?

Maybe a skin or trinket also that could be brought also adding to the pot?

(Greka_v_reke) #15

Rest in peace…

(Corpse) #16

Recuiescat in Pace.
A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.
GNU Sven ‘c4te’ Metzger.

(mrdisco) #17

Dude, stop.