I3d.net control panel buggy af

(jemstar) #1

Anyone else have issues using the i3d.net control panel?

I have to log in 3-4 times just to do anything. Then if I try to change a config or restart the server iy has a red banner saying process failed.

Eventually it always works but it is sooo annoying to have to log in multiple times to do basic stuff.

It has been right from the start but has finally broken my patience.

It does not occur on any other website so is something to do with i3d.net.

So0o0o frustrating!

(ASD) #2

i would be happy if only my panel was broken.
I3d moved my server to new hardware on friday! since then the server is unusable
and they only replyed one to my ticket with some “blabla we take care” but since then no working server nor any other reply

(jemstar) #3

Haaha I will take a laggy c panel over that!!!

My main issue is restarts often mess up the voting on the server so have to restart 2-3 times to get it to take, but to restart 3 times you have to log into the c panel/website 9 times!!