Help i made my own textures but whin i start ET i dont seeit

(Liquid Snake) #1

I have made my map with my own textures but you don’t see then in ET.

(DWM|Commando) #2

in the editor or in game?
if its in game then make sure you have a textures folder with the same subfolders(if any) as you do in the editors texture dile(that is assuming you have 2 dif ets, one for mapping one for palying). the whole point is to make sure you have a textures folder in etmain, with a subfolder and textures inside. if that dosnt work i don’t know why.

if its in radiant, same as above. textures folder in etmain, with subfolder and textures in it.

(Liquid Snake) #3

Thanks for you’re reply. I have the textures in a folder in Et main/textures/sleepy. Or does it have te be etmain/sleepy then? But its in the game

(Loffy) #4

Yo, snake!
Take a custom map, any map. Like “loffys_ctf_prefab” which I did, or any custom map. rename it to .zip like this:
Old name: loffys_ctf_prefab.pk3
New name:

.pk3 files are really zipfiles, but you knew that.
Then take a look inside the folders. Also study the .shader-file (“loffys_ctf_prefab.shader”). Study the way the custom images found in the “textures” folder are described in the .shader-file.

Try, and come back later with follow up questions.
Keep on mapping

(Liquid Snake) #5

Ok i wil do that thank you

(Liquid Snake) #6

But i dont understand al that. i begon 3 weeks ago with mapping so im not so good. but could you send me a link where i can download that map?

(Loffy) #7

Here is the map:
It comes complete with the .map file, which you can open in the editor (radiant).
There are other mappers out there, that have released .maps-files and stuff that you can open and look around. Check out this mapper for example:
Or this one: (click “Files” for map sources).

(Liquid Snake) #8

Thanks a lot

(Apple) #9

That’s the right directory.

Did you remember to make the dimensions of your new textures, a power of two? i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 etc.?

For example a custom texture that has a resolution of 200x370 won’t show up in game, but one that’s 256x256, or 256x512, or even 2x1024 will.

(Loffy) #10

Here is another important thing:
Whenever the the editor (radiant) starts, it looks at a document called shaderlist.
Shaderlist is somewhere in your ET folders. I think it is in the folder called “scripts”.
Shaderlist is just a list of shader names.

If you ever create a shader of your own, you must list the name of that shader in the shaderlist document. Or else, the editor will not understand that it exists.

Just rename a custom pk3 to .zip and unzip it, then have a look around in the folders to see if that mapper has created any custom textures. Then look to see if the mapper has created a shader for that texture.

Study the way that mapper has put it all together (custom texture in folder called “textures”, then a shader for that texture in the file called mapname.shader).

Read shader-tutorials: have a look at (click “Tutorials by Iffy” on the left side, then click “Making Custom Textures”).
Good luck!

EDIT: fixed teh mistaked

(SCDS_reyalP) #11

The radiant and q3map look at shaderlist. The game does NOT.

As an aside, you should NOT include your shaderlist.txt with your map file, as the tools read every shaderlist.txt that they can find, including in .pk3 files.