ETQW Canceled login / Connection reset issue

(Moobabe) #15

Hey all,

We’ve been made aware of this (thanks Mustang) and are looking into it.

I’ll keep you all posted when I know more.


(tokamak) #16

Any chance this game could hit Steam like it used to, or even The only way to obtain this game right now is through old cd keys.

(Krish ) #17


got a reply from SD on facebook, too:

[Splash Damage] Hey there,
We’ve been made aware of this issue and are looking into it.
Keep an eye on our social channels or forums.

(Moobabe) #18

Sadly not. I’m not 100% on the issues surrounding this, but it’s been a few years since ETQW has been available on digital distribution services.

(tokamak) #19

Cheers, at least I can stop hoping then.

(Zergling 47) #20

I cannot login. I got unknown error. My last login was 6 months ago…

(Zergling 47) #21

Now, with my old account, I got “Canceled” errror

(<{BBA}>Sissyboy) #22

Any updates that I’ve missed?

(REA987) #23

Splash Damage re-commented on the issue yesterday on Facebook and Twitter.

However, there is still no visible development regarding the issue. I hope it will be sorted out soon.

(TAW_OldWolf) #24

Investigating and looking into it isn’t much help !!
We need a fix for this !!

(Moobabe) #28

Well, there’s only so much we can do - and we are looking for a fix, but there’s a number of people and companies involved so it’s rarely that simple.

(Xylon) #29

Thank you for investigating at all. After all this time since the game was released. We appreciate it being kept up as long as it was. (And Dirty Bomb, too!)

(TAW_OldWolf) #30

First time this problem occured was back in July 2012, then there where some minor issues with authentication(master server in 2016 and latest one in March 2018.

The problems where fixed in a couple of weeks.
Let’s hope that this issue also will be fixed asap.

Maybe someone could have look on what happened then ??

(falloutdc) #31

Just a heads up the console versions are down too (tested the ps3 Version) demonware issue

(REA987) #32

Were console versions (PS3 & X360) playable online up until now?

(falloutdc) #33

The playstation 3 version worked before demonware got issues.

(ressected) #34

Are you able to provide a screen shot / video of the error so we can continue trying to escalate this?

(DarkangelUK) #35

Not looking good

(ressected) #36

1/8 is just before it went down, so it looks like this was planned?

(REA987) #37

Google Cache of the page in 20th Jan 2020;|lang_tr&client=ubuntu

The authentication server went offline in 9th Jan 2020. Since 20th, they added 11 games to the list.

We better kindly ask if it is Activision made Demonware shutdown the authentication server.

I also made a Wayback Machine mirror of the page just in case: