Enemy Territory gets mysterious lag (with dual-core)

(Vigilante) #141

ill give that a try thanks guys.

($omator) #142

check your firewalls and antyvirs - best way is to disable those during gameplay

you might want to check lil soft called PBPrior, watch out for infected ones tho!!!

it is very hard to determine ping problems not being physically infront of “affected” pc
it was looong hours of browsing searching and experimenting for me…

try to type also those for a ping improvement(?):

snaps 40
rate 25000
cl_maxpackets 60
pb_sleep 500
pb_security 0
pb_system 0

(Demanufacturer) #143

+1 for disabling threaded optimisation for fixing the lag

(Scarhand) #144

try to type also those for a ping improvement(?):[/QUOTE]

Snaps should always be left at 20, so that it is the same as sv_fps. If your connection is DSL 256K or faster, you can use 100 as your maxpackets instead of 60 for possible improvement.

(inf3rno.hungary) #145

Same here in 2018. I have this issue since 2010, when I bought a new computer (dual core) and upgraded XP to Win7. I have lost instantly 15-20% acc and my pro gaming carrier ended there. I suspected it is mouseaccel, because mouse movement feels weird too, but none of the accelfixes worked and buying a new mouse did not help either. I bought a totally new computer since then, but it did not change anything, ET is still unplayeable. Ofc. I can still play mortar, rifle and fieldops on pub just for fun. I suspect now that this is some kind of input lag. Sometimes by close fights I hear the enemy from a different direction than I have on the screen, when I turn around fast, so the sound and the screen are maybe 1-200 ms out of sync. I use to follow the sound, that way I can find the hitbox sometimes. :smiley: Disabling threaded optimization or anything else config related did not help either. I had the exact same settings on the old single core computer with XP and it was just fine without vsync. Now I have tearing and this input lag stuff too. I usually got 2hs before I can see anybody on the screen. I tried it out on Fedora once, it was a lot better if I remember well, but I am not sure. In don’t want to change my desktop to Linux, at least not for now.

(dots123) #146

mouse problem since 2010…
download rinput (raw input) https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1656-rinput/
unzip dll and exe into your et folder.
run rinput via a bat file like:

set PATH=%PATH%;c:\et;
start rinput.exe et.exe
start et.exe %*

also, in console/config for stable fps:
r_primitives 2