Dirty Bombings Date (Roughly)

(MuddyGrenade) #1

I’m assuming that we don’t already know when the Dirty Bombings happened, so here’s this.
In the attacker’s first objective spawn on Vault there’s a poster in the subway tunnel entrance that looks like this:

Now, I’m not saying that the Dirty Bombings happened on September 12th, 2018. but we know that it had to have happened at least after then, since the last Service Update in this subway was in September.
I could be wrong, maybe the date of the bombings was already announced and I just didn’t know, but hey… here’s this. Hell, this could be old news to most, since Vault came out a year ago, but I haven’t seen anything on it so… yeah!

(Mustang) #2

Glad you’re not saying that, because for a start the date is 12th September 2018.


I’m curious, where was that mentioned?

(Mustang) #4

Was just a joke about how USA writes dates backwards from the rest of the world.
I just know how to read London dates because I’m British.
So it wasn’t mentioned anywhere, I just read the poster “correctly”.

(bgyoshi) #5

The joke is that only americans would read that as December 9, 2018

The literal rest of the world writes dates in dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd order

So the date on that poster is September 12, 2018

That being said, the rest of the world is excused, because I think English is the only language to announce dates in month/day order. All the other ones say them as “(day) of [the] (month)”

This does imply that the English have no excuse. It’s just them being pretentious (as usual)


(Ptiloui) #6

Is this a 1.0 release date ? :open_mouth:

The funny part is that the color matches some underground lines you can see on a map close to this wall and, AFAIR, two of thoses closed lines are the Canary Wharf (Underground map) and Victoria or Waterloo (Terminal map) ones.

(AlbinMatt) #7

To be honest, we don’t know why the bombings happened? I doubt it was entirely Jackal because they want to retrieve a bunch of fishy documents/technology alongside crushing CDA, and CDA didn’t do anything fishy pripr to the bombings.

MercSERV seems to be out of the question. They’re just a hitman racketing organization and they might not have the funds or motivation to do all of this.

SD has made so many plot holes that every sliver of it gets us closer to patching this mess of a storyline swiss cheese.

(MuddyGrenade) #8

Ah shih, you right. Totally slipped my mind. Me and my stupid American pride.


It’s suggested DB might take place after the events of one of SD’s mobile games, Tempo, where some guy threatens to “blow up London unless he gets paid a trillion pounds”

(AlbinMatt) #10

Any idea as whp this “guy” is? A nuclear weapon, much less a bombardment vehicle/agents isn’t exactly inconspicuous.

(MuddyGrenade) #11

Probably @stayfreshshoe.

(Runeforce) #12

That question would be better directed at the lead writer, aka the Jackel announcer, aka Ed Stern, aka @Bongoboy


Idk, I haven’t played it, but he doesn’t look familiar to me. The flag in the background of his video definitely isn’t Jackal’s logo either, so I don’t think they’re affiliated.

Has anyone here actually played Tempo tho? I don’t have an iPhone so I couldn’t if I wanted to, but is it even still up? I can’t seem to find it.

(D'@athi) #14

I kinda like they seem to be into recycling. +1

(Nail) #15

Tempo was set in the DB universe, it released 2 years after DB Alpha, don’t think it ever did much outside of being an iOS game exercise. Rad Soldiers was their best mobile/PC game and I hope the new Gears Tactics will be even better

(Mc1412013) #16

Release date confirmed for sept 12 2018??? Maybe

(AlbinMatt) #17

One of these days we’ll wake up to BBC and CNN reporters pissing themselves stuttering out “Russia has declared war on NATO for control of the Arctic. ‘This time, the war won’t be cold, it will be very warm soon enough.’ says Emperor Putin.”

SD HQ gets caught in a nuclear bombardment two hours later and almost all of the workers die except for Shoe who goes to the underground bunker and grins as he releases the game publicly.

(MuddyGrenade) #18